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    I have several runners, and several more that are not. I have not listed my non runners. Perhaps that's for another page. 

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    I started riding in fields in the early 80's. From French Two strokes, to C90s.  I am self-taught, learning to repair my machines by watching like-minded idiots on YouTube.

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About Cloughie

I started riding in fields in the early 80's. From French Two strokes, to C90s.  I am self-taught, learning to repair my machines by watching like-minded idiots on YouTube.

I am no expert, however if it's Gearboxes,  Electrics, Carburation, or converting to Electronic Ignition I will certainly try to help.

I've done pretty much everything, I have never laced a wheel or repressed a crank. Other than that I've done most other jobs. I suppose you could say I'm fairly confident as amateurs go.

If you'd like to reach out to me then please use the link on the top of the page to correspond with me. 

Like most lads, my first road legal ride was to get me to college. My parents helped me with my first commuter motorcycle.

A Yamaha RD200DX. Followed  by a Kawasaki Z200 my Father is sat on.  I went on to own two Z Kawasaki's


How many reading this drivel can remember the iconic smell and sound of an RD racing a Suzuki X7?  I recall with a smirk on how two-strokes would often leave larger four strokes sitting in our clouds of two-stroke oil.

Over the years I have owned lots of bikes, including twist and go scooters. Over the years I found myself interested in British Classics.

My initial interest was after suffering a stroke, during my convelesence

I found solace in recommisioning my first British classic.

A BSA Bantam. A 1966 D7 


Halfway through fitting an American Tank to my T140e ( note the missing tank badges )

I currently own several classics for me, one of the most wonderful things about motorcycling is that it is gender/faith/and politically agnostic.

IMG 2447

My XT660 packaged ready for my first travels abroad. I smile when I look at the size of our panniers.

20140601 125412

Once you don a helmet it matters not your faith gender or colour and in this crazy world that is so quick to judge someone who they call god or whom they love. I ride with male and female friends. I care not who you are, if you ride or have an interest in Bikes 

IMG 2448

Jumping on a bike with a mate is the best way to relax and allows only one thing. 


Once  stopped, I often share stories and a pint with friends who understands what it means to treat everyone equally and share the bond that is motorcycling.

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Over the years I have traveled all roads to Rome. Exploring the Battlefields of Europe, often alone or with friends who share my love of the smooth tarmac, and some history.

July 2022 I started touring locally on my T140e with Craven Panniers fitted. However, the bike once fitted with panniers attracted some comments and interest from biking and members at the camp site. 

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My favourite roads are those that lead to a coffee shop, or if I am stopping the night a Pub that offers bed and breakfast

However, I like nothing more than sharing a beer and stories with the Germans, Italians, and Belgium Bikers.

For me, they get the passion for biking. No matter how long or lonely the roads are heading south we all seem to end up at the same filling stations and l talking about Motorcycling.

Whilst I own famous Brands such as Norton, Triumph, and BSA my favourite bike is the cheapest bike I've ever bought.

Whilst out buying my T140e I spotted the rear of an unknown bike. Turned out to be a 59 BSA C15. She's called Dripster.

It's certainly been challenging keeping "Dripster" on the road. But I love her dearly.

c15 today

Whilst CoVid has been a terrible time for many, it has offered me the time to study and take on challenges that I would have walked away from.

Until Covid, I had pretty much limited myself to maintaining and rebuilding two-stroke motorcycles. Typically BSA Bantams.

IMG 4697

I was confident enough to separate the crankcases, and rebuild gearboxes, and cranks.

Electrically I have made my own looms and upgraded nearly all my bikes to electronic ignition, Bones, Boyer, and Pazon.

When COVID came challenges around an increased time at home and in the Garage, and time to study and watch social media videos of people rebuilding four-stroke engines.

My 59 BSA had when COVID struck sat on the workshop lift requiring a top-end and gearbox rebuild. With parts easily available and relatively cheap I took the decision to give the rebuild a go myself. 

IMG 4744

Through Motorcycling I have a significant social media presence, on all major platforms. My belief is that one only gets out what one puts in.

My questions asked and actions may help others dip their toe into Classic Motorcycles.

I am happy for anyone to reach out to me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If I can't help you, then I will hopefully know someone who will.

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So, have a poke around, and feel the vibe that still gives me a buzz more than 35yrs on.

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Once the weather in the UK allows I am riding one of my bikes nearly every evening. Typically  riding with my wingman Simon locally.

 I welcome all correspondence from friends old and new. I believe strangers are merely friends that I have not yet been introduced to.