Cloughies Classics

I have several runners, and several more that are not. I have not listed my non runners. Perhaps that's for another page. 

They are listed in no particular order. As someone pointed out. I actually own several more engines than bikes. Truth be known. Over a dozen regsitered bikes, and several dozen engines. With several Garages full of spares. 

A Short Bio preceeds each of the photographs.  Top Photo shows them as they look today, with a photo below that, showing how they looked at the time of purchase.

Black Betty - My 1966 BSA Bantam 

My first classic, bought simply because I could. Seven shed Ted was selling it for £500. I was told it was a runner. She certainly didn't look like the Photo Below.

black betty

Bantam As Found

Frank - My 1965 BSA Bantam

Short for Frankenstein. He's made up of many spare parts. For a number of years it's been Going through the DVLA Registration process I am hopeful of getting a plate in 2023.


Patina - My 1969 BSA Bantam 

Bought in two parts. I bought the rolling chasis from Mick, Bedford Bantams. And the engine from an insurance broker in north London. I married the two, went through the registration process. Got a plate. She ran fine until 2023, when upon turning a corner the gearbox locked up. After three atempts I shipped the bike to and from Rex fisher with a bill over £800 I am going to try and ride her more in 2023. I will struggle as I really enjoy my C15. 


20160811 193839

Ducky - My 1951 BSA Bantam

After a traffic violation I bought this 125cc fearful that I would have to take my test again. I needn't have worried. Bought from North London in three boxes. The mudguards are the most expensive parts. Won on an Ebay auction. I think for £500 

IMG 5734 result

d1 parts

UPDATE - Green Lane Riding. 

Having had a lot of fun riding my first green lane i decided to convert my machine into something different. A series of Photos will follow below to show you the conversion in progress. 

d1 green lane riding


Dripster - My 1959 BSA C15 Star fire

My cheapest motorcycle. Yet my goto bike. Its a lovely sounding bit of brit steel. Easy to ride, three speed and more practical being four stroke. I have rebuilt this bike from the ground up. I think i paid £500 for it, perhaps as little as £400

c15 today

C15 as received

My 78 Triumph Bonneville My First 750 Classic.

Bought at the same time as the C15. I paid £5K and £400 for the C15. It's blown a head gasket twice, and is typically triumph in the fact its hard to keep oil tight. Only around the rocker boxes. Very common. Due to a leaking UK fuel tank I converted it to the US Spec with the higher bars, new tank, new seat. I prefer the slimmer US Spec machine. I have of course retained all of the UK Parts should I ever change my mind. It has Norton spec peashooters fitted. They make a lovely noise on the rip. 

Ridden Not Hidden

t140 uk spec


My 1969 Norton Commando Fastback  

My Second 750 Classic and a completly different machine from the T140. Not for the unexperienced rider. Fast in the corners and fast out. It will either kill you, or throw you off if you get it wrong on this bike. Not for the inexperienced. Take a close look at the two norton photos. The top one is as she is today. She's had a new alloy tank painted. with the correct placement of the logo. New seat, and electronic ignition. Along with Stainless wheels.

IMG 7277

 20230514 163606173 iOS

20230514 163638927 iOS