I enjoy Photography almost as much as I enjoy riding Motorcycles. I enjoy not only photographing the machine, but trying to incorporate it within the bikes surroundings. Often this will be clearly evident in my photographs. It maybe as simple as the background I chose. Perhaps an old Garage , Period Fuel Pumps etc. Or the dramatic landscapes of East Anglia. 

D1 in barn

My Equipment

I favour GoPro, I own several my latest being the 11 Black. I use various gimbles and clamps. My preffered clamp is by Manfrotto. I use Manfrotto tripods and poles, and own a mini bembo, which is extremley useful, although its a tab bulky. 

When hand holding whilst shooting I use a DJI Osmo Handheld Gimbal. If carrying my DSLR I sometimes film my 
using my Nikon

Until very recently I alays shot at 1080p However in Dec 2023 I changed my default to 4k. 

I use an Insta 360 camera and this is always a 5.3K. I export using the apple prores422 again at 4K.

Mainly shot on my iPhone, always set at the highest resolution. If using a camea I try to use a tripod, my Benbo or Manfrotto.


I use a DJI Mini drone. Its resolution marries well with the GoPros. I do use alernative software, such as Lichi and Mavern. These help film whilst riding. I will not upgrade my drone until they are Mini, 4K 60fps and have atonomous flight natively. 


Post shooting I use the complete Adobe Creative Suite. PhotoShop for the stills, and masks. Adobe Premiere for video editing. I use the native Insta software.