Jan 2023


Sunday 1st Jan 2023

Whilst not as warm as Yesterday I was determined to ride. I had promised a friend I would visit, so it had to be before mid afternoon. So I dug the insta 360 out, and having discoverd a puncture yesterday I took along the Airman Compact Pump. I needn't have worried as the tyre was still up. Theirs a short video of my exploits below. Upon returning I decided to dig out the main stand. I spent a further hour in the shed girinding off the surplus weld. I then drove to the garage. I am hopeful of refitting the centre stand later in the month. Once the weather allows.

Monday 2nd Jan 2022

Drove to Screwfix, spent the whole afternoon drilling the 59 BSA centre stand. Took ages, went in for a cuppa and got chatting to Kev over messenger. Slow RPM and sharpening my drill bits did the trick. I'd have thought by now I would have known this. But I certainly learnt that welding can be hard. I am so looking forward to attaching the centre stand. TBH I'm fitting it for asthetics as the lean on the C15 makes most of my associated photos look very odd. I awoke very early 06:30 and completed my review of 2022. However wizard sleeve tells me that I've messed up some of the summer months activities. If that's the case I'll need to re edit. Grrrr. 

Tuesday 3rd Jan 2022

Well I struggled to initially fit the stand. As it does not fold up all the wall. Rather lets the stand sit quite low. Tbh I need to get my head around the profile. I could sort this very quickly if I had a profile to copy, and I could grind back. I have worked out the correct fitting, and i will no doubt when the weather allows get the bike home and keep offering it up and use the grinder on it. Presently the stand when up hangs too low. I am in the process of rebuilding the annual movie for my YouTube Channel. I has gone from 26 to 12 mins. Fingers crossed I can sort the Audio soundtrack quickly. As with everything I will become disinterested and move onto other things. Story of my life. 

Wednesday 4th Jan 2022

Planning on visiting the Elm pub. I continue on my search for a bsa c15 centre stand. Annoyingly I could not get hold of verities to ascertain they will be able to repair the rear wheel puncture on the C15. I have ordered some copper slip. I am very hopeful of getting to KDS sometime on Friday perhaps, during lunch to enable the front end of the Norton build to start this coming weekend. 

Friday 6th Jan 2023

Collected the parts that'll allow my Nortons front end to be rebuilt. 

Saturday 7th Jan 2023

Completed the fitting of my C15 Centre Stand. Works a treat. 

Sunday 8th Jan 2023

I had arranged to meet Simon at the Jolly. When we arrived Lou the land lady was not cooking. So we sat and drank coffee for an hour. Post this I went round Nikkis and confirmed the Alternator was working, and that the battery needed replacing. I then rode home via the duck pond and created another movie on the X3. 

Monday 9th Jan 2023

Started to remove the wires from within the headlamp shell. I will start the rebuild after the weekend. I am struggling for the correct bolt for the C15, and am thinking that the best method of shimming the bolt. 

Tuesday 10th Jan 2023

removed the old Headlamp on the Norton. Removed the ammeter. Need to take a close look at the ammeter as I think the face maybe damaged. 

 Sunday 15th Jan 2023

Spent a couple of hours sorting my T140 in readiness for seeing Trev off this coming Friday. I took several parts to the Garage, and spent an hour going over both the C15 and the T140. T140 needed some air in the tyres. She started fourth kick.

Monday 16th Jan 2023

Had the number plate holder delivered. Will spend sometime in the shed this evening marking the drilling points for mounting. I need to get the stay mounts painted. This will enable the guards, number plate, and lights to be mounted. 

spent the latter part of the evening fitting the nearside headlamp ear. It was tricky due to the rubber ring on the top. Dreading doing the next one. I'm going to ring Andover as I'm having sleepless nights re rear swinging arm on the Norton. Thus my push to get the front end back on.

Norton Parts Drawings - Genuine Norton Factory Parts - Commando Parts - (andover-norton.co.uk)

 Tuesday 17th Jan 2023

Headlamp - sent a private video to Andover. Sent it as a non facing link. Hopeful that Norton will replace this very expensive part. Work will be slow whilst I work through the challenges. However I am positive that the Norton can now be pushed out of the hall. This evening I will continue with a few small jobs. This weekend, now the Norton Rolls I will drain the oil and fit the modified Sump plug and checkout the rear swinging arm. 

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PM - Voicemail left by Steve at Andover. Andover accept the part is below parr. I will send it back on Friday. So one weeks delay. I have other jobs to be getting on with.  

Thursday 19th Jan 2023

Had confirmation from the Norton Social Media Page that the carbs only need the ring against the manifold. That does mean that I can wheel her out and rebuild the carbs and airbox. No doubt it'll be a swine of a job. I plan to do this over the coming weekend. 

Friday 20th Jan 2023

Trevors send off. Last minute change of plan. I am going on my faithful BSA. Roads are shocking. I am nervous about riding in such conditions. Well, I rode out on the T140, and my video is below. I need to sort low beam and the neutral light. 

Saturday 21st Jan 2023

Went to the Garage, and cleaned the T140, applied more oil. Discovered some excellent gloves. I drove over to Paula and Bobs and talked Spanish Motorcycling. It looked wonderful. 

Tuesday 24th Jan 2023

Sent the Commando Headlight back, measured the 52 bsa centre stand. Ordering steel, do not need a new brake rod. Phew.