My attempts to create a Green Lane BSA Bantam from my Plunger. 


My Story. 


For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to ride the many green lanes of Cambridgeshire. Due to a life changing injury in 2019 I can not ride off road with a heavy bike. Owning several Bantams my wingman mentioned that re-roling one to do this might be a good idea. 

I started back in August, removing the expensive parts associated with my D1, and the galleries on this page show progress, or lack of and my challenges to convert this old machine into a machine I can ride on the Byways of Cambridgeshire. 

My first attempt at riding a byeway can be found below. 

A Walk around my D1 prior to converting to Green Laner. 

Various Build Pics

Short Progress Video Mid October 2023