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    I have several runners, and several more that are not. I have not listed my non runners. Perhaps that's for another page. 

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    I started riding in fields in the early 80's. From French Two strokes, to C90s.  I am self-taught, learning to repair my machines by watching like-minded idiots on YouTube.

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Welcome to "Cloughies Blog and Vlog: Exploring the Classic English Motorcycle World"!

If your interested in the elegance and the thrill of the open road, you've come to the right place. Here, I celebrate the iconic motorcycles that have captivated generations of riders: Norton, BSA, and Triumph.

Join me as I delve into their rich history, unique features, and unforgettable experiences that these magnificent machines offer.

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just discovering the allure of classic English motorcycles, my blog is your gateway to a world of nostalgia, craftsmanship, and the enduring spirit of the ride.

Saddle up, embrace the beauty of vintage engineering, and read about my latest exhilarating adventures. 



David In Workshop

I am a professional in the field of enterprise computing, ensuring the smooth operation of large-scale computer systems for my employers. My days are typically filled with meetings, troubleshooting, and complex problem-solving, leaving me mentally drained and craving an escape.

That escape comes in the form of motorcycling. Most weekday evenings and certainly at sometime over a weekend I straddle one of my beloved Classic English Motorcycles. Motorcycling allows me to tap into a different part of my brain, one that craves adventure, exploration and pure enjoyment.

d1 green lane special

Over the years I have built a tight-knit cadre of friends who all share my enthusiasm for Classic English Motorcycles. We often meet at local pubs, our bikes lined up as we swap stories and laugh out loud, often forgetting the time and swallowing flies as we ride home. 

As time passes I have come to realise that time is far more important to me than money and material goods. The thrill of a winding B road beneath my wheels, the camaraderie of my fellow riders, and the simple joy of being in the present moment were priceless experiences that I couldn't buy.

after the rain 900px

My view probably changed post a life changing accident in 2019. Now my income allows me to focus on riding, rather than spending time actually nearly all my time keeping these old bikes running. I am active on all the major social media platforms, and have over 600 followers on my popular YouTube channel. I am easily found. Typically on Google - "Dave Clough BSA"

April 2023

My Norton near completion of a multi-thousand pound recommission. 

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 Now that I have passed the yard arm for middle age, my idea of bliss is quite simply bimbling along an old B road. Often on a 50yr old Classic Motorcycle with a couple of quid in my pocket for a pint and a sausage before riding home and repeating the process all over again the following weekend.


Twenty plus years ago, that was not my flavour of biking. I owned a series of fast touring bike and several times a year I'd save my Tesco clubcard vouchers to get on the Chunnel Train and off I'd go ride in Belguim and France, often exploring the battlefields of WW1 and 2.

DSC 0077

Over the distant past I  rode across all the major alpine passes.   My riding preference was to turn left from the off loading ramp in Calais, get quickly into Belgium and follow the Belgium border into Germany riding through the Black Forrest, eventually crossing into Austria, then Switzerland. With my destination Italy. 

king tiger

In my rare spare time I can be found riding, spannering or mixing with people who talk the same talk. Recently it has become apparent that my friends who were experts 20 years ago are starting to pass.

900px patina mill 30 mar 2023

Batons are passing to my generation and people are reaching out. I have in the past been chairman of my local branch of the Triumph Owners Club, County representative for the BSA Bantam Club, and am currently a member of the Norton Owners Club, British Two Stroke Club, BSA Bantam Club. As ever I keep saying i'll not renew. 

IMG 5738 result

I am the organiser of the Ramsey Classic, and this restarted in May 2022. Pre Covid this attracted 1000 bikes. It's held monthly from April to October every year.

patina storm 2

I also organise the  motorcycle meet at the Oak Pub. This is a relatively new meet and we typically attract 50 bikes. I started this to support my friend Helen who recently took over the local pub. 

david and c15

I suspect that like most lads my first ride was to get me to college. My hard working parents helped me with my first commuter motorcycle. A Yamaha RD200DX.

How many reading this can remember the iconic smell and sound of an RD racing a Suzuki X7. or the likes ? Our fast two strokes would often leave larger four strokes sat in our clouds of two stroke oil.

Ridden Not Hidden

Fast forward 30+ years. I now own several classics. 

david with d1

It started after being offered a 66 BSA from seven sheds ted  ( he has eight sheds ) we think his wife is in the 8th, as we are not allowed in the eight shed :-)

For Social Media

Over the years I have slowly collected a few more. Below is a short video of me riding in 2022. I throughly enjoy photography. Why not take a look at the Galleries on the links above ? 

Over the years I have travelled all roads to Rome. Exploring the Battlefields of Europe, often alone or with friends of clubs who share my love of riding, and some history.

I suspect like many people post 2019 My riding was drastically curtailed due to CoViD and the travel restrictions understandbly placed on the whole of Europe.

IMG 4527 good HDR result

So for the last few years I have toured locally on my T140, and when necessary I fitted my Craven Rack and Panniers. My first attempt was challenging, as I opted to go camping. My favourite motorcycle is my Norton. Which over the years has proven to be simply sublime. 

Norton Gallery 39

So, please have a poke around, and hopefully you'll feel the vibe that still gives me a buzz more than 35yrs on. 

david t140 first run

I have recently bought a 360 degree camera, and the video below shows an early attempt at Photography using my Insta 360. As the weather improves in 2023 I plan to use it more and refine its use. 

Patina and phone box

My Winter Jap Hack 

2005 Kawasaki ER5 - 500cc Twin

I've owned her since 2006 and use her when I'm between Brit bikes. She is used typically during the winter months, and in the height of summer for commuting to the Station and back. She is rough around the outside, but has new oil, plugs and filters annually. 

blog 1100px IMG 2282 HDR