Video Page - Updated October 2016

I own several helmet cams - Two GoPro 4blacks, a cheaper Chineese copy, for really using on my Quadcopter, and mounting where I dare not risk the GoPros, and I still own my Drift HD170 bullet camera, although I have not used this for a while.

All of my bikes have USB charging, and this proves invaluable in keeping these hungry devices fed with power. 

My video editing is done on a MAC using Final Cut Pro, On a Powerful PC using Adobe Premier, and I generate my titles with Adobe PhotoShop / Adobe Fireworks. I always try to keep the resolution at 1080p@60fps  

For my Hand Held Video I use a Nikon DSLR, or my faithful Samsung S6 Phone camera. 

I use a variety of onboard mounts, from Chest Harness to Helmet mounts. I highly recommend Manfrotto Magic Arm, ideal for filming whilst out and about. 
















All videos are filmed in HD - however Vimeo will not allow you to watch my videos in HD on this site, click the top left link if you wish to see it in full HD.  The majority of these videos are recorded on my GoPro 4 Black edition.

New 12v Lighting on the Bantam 


Green Lane riding on the Bantam


filmed using the GoPro Chest Harness


Filmed with the camera on top of the helmet

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