Thursday 1st June 2023


Friday 2nd June 2023
Completed the wiring on the Norton. Unfortunately she re-entered the hall to do this. By the end of the day i achieved this. Unfortunately I spent two long trying to mount the horn. 

Sat June 3rd 
Just perchance I came across an NCC Meeting poster and decided that after completing the wiring that I would ride the Norton to their meet. I arrived with no dramas. Although i felt the Norton was a little more vibratory than normal. I texted simon as he had a similar issue, and he advised slackening off the front isolastic members on the Norton. 

Sunday 4th June 2023 
Fitted a new seat cover to the C15 seat pan. Fitted a new front braket, time will tell if the new seat is an improvement. Late afternoon I rode the Norton down to the Crown at Broughton. I was robbed, paid £5 for a lemonade I then road through Oldhurst. Returned home. 

Monday 5th June 2023
Fitted a new rear brake switch to the Norton, and the extended Monobloc float chamber to the C15. I am hoping to ride alone to the Swann tomorrow. 

Tuesday 6th June 2023
Rode to the White Swann. Coor it was chuffing freezing. Went on the C15. Need to adjust the tickover and sort the tappets. Oh, and inflate the rear tyre. 

Wednesday 7th June 2023
Rode the Norton to the Green Man, met peter on the 24 and rode home after calling at the Bench to take photos. Nice to chat with Laura it had been a couple of days. Seemed longer. Fingers crossed for her schooling. 

blog norton in sunset

 Friday 9th June 2023

Saturday 10th June 2023

Sunday 11th June 2023
Ramsey Classic - Heat played a large part. I personally struggled with the heat. I took Laura on the back of the C15 it was already very hot by 10am. Numbers were down, but entirely manageable. I wore my Newly printed T shirt . I need to get a female version printed. I noticed on the way home the speedo was dithering. I am hoping it's a lose cable and nothing more. Need to sort footpegs out for the Norton, and start focussing on my T140. It'll be winter before she's sorted if I'm not careful. I know blobs prefers the T140

Video of Junes meeting below. 

Tuesday 13th June 2023
Rode the D1 to the Swann, lots of machines. I had a lovely evening. Spoilt the following day by receiving a phonecall from Chris asking me to remove the video as I had breeched GDPR. I have not removed the video. Even more dissapointing is the fact that Pete gave out my personal mobile number. I am so very dissapointed. 

Wednesday 14th June 2023
Late ride to the Green Man. Took the C15. Need to sort the tappets and speedo. Once the weather is cooler I will give her a good going over. She if very oily and dirty. 

Thursday 15th June 2023
Rode the Norton to the Oak, it was my June meeting. A lovely evening. Looking at the video, at the end It was apparant I was not focussed. I was thinking of my friends in Preston. Not great. 

Friday 16th June 2023
Like a Daft sod I went out after work, and fitted the Ebay carb to Lauras Machine. But simply didnt improve things. Its very very curious because it will rev on the centre stand but not on the road. Back to the drawing board. I am going to try and take a look at the Variator this coming week. 

Sat 17th June 2023
Spent an Hour looking for the S3 Intercom for the Davida. failed. I really need to hire a skip and clear out my Office. Looks like a computer graveyard. I'll never use some stuff again. First wet period I will clear it out. 

Sunday 18th June 2023 
100 miles on the Norton. Simon and I rode to Tempsford barn, Norton behaved impressively. Need to look at the forks. They seem a little soft. Whilst it was Hot storms were due. We beat the thunder by an hour only. A lovely day. I need to wire for the Quadlock. Something in me was not entirely comfortable with not knowing where I was going. Simon did an excellent job of navigating. I’ll publish my short video below. 

Monday 19th June 2023
Collected two tins of Castrol Classic, and Trev threw in a free T shirt. I then went to attempt to Start the T140 and like most women started to do something after the first kick .... She's noisy but I am going to ride until October. I ordered a new coil and CDI for Lauras Scooter. fingers Crossed.

Tuesday 20th June 2023

Took Patina to the Elm, had a right laugh with Jay, Simon, Peter and Carol. However last weeks problems with Chris and my Video put me off filming. Simon met me at the garage ( roundabout) and we had a laugh riding. I outran his 750 on my 175, knowing Simon is too nervous on bends. A Couple of Photos below. 

david with patina

Wednesday 21st June 2023

Rode the C15 to the Green Man, numbers were down I sat with friends. Simon turned up later on. Rode home via the Broughton Bench but missed the wonderful sunset. 

Thursday 22nd June 2023

Shattered, but felt I had to get out of the house. As I drove to the garage, I decided to change the airfilter housing. I struggled to find my 10mm spanner, this slowed me down. I had to remove the oil lines. I am at an enpasse due to the loom coming through the cover. But at least I have started the job. I plan to complete the swap on Sunday afternoon when I return. 

Sunday 25th June 2023

Rode to the Swann. Simon turned up on his rarely seen Triumph. A lovely evening after a Hot day. Talked mainly about me pulling the T140 engine apart and focused on getting the rocker cover sealed. I am going to use copper gaskets. 

Patina and Boneville 

 Monday 26th June 2023

Temperatures have dropped. After a long day with the headset on I spent the night completing the wiring on my C15. It was challenging as the larger piece of work is actually to tidy up the loom in its entirity. 

Tuesday 27th June 2023

Took the Norton to the Swan, filmed the occasion. That lovely Diesel Generator made an appearance. Rode with Kev, Simon and Peter. 

Wednesday 28th June 2023

Spent the first hour after work finishing the C15. It was extremely close and muggy. Hoping to ride my C15 to the green man this evening. I'll add an airfilter retaining spring to the shopping list. My Triumph has been delivered to Verities. Collection on Friday. 

Thursday 29th June 2023

Had noticed when watching a YouTube Video that when I was pressing the rear brake lever the running light was coming on. So after dinner I went to the garage, and confirmed this. Not having a multimeter I disconnected the running light. I then noticed that the battery / lights were weak. Never having had a battery charging problem I pulled the battery and checked wiring. Nothing visually diferent or broken.

I checked all connections and reseated the battery to then note that the lighting was sorted. I inherited the loom and need to plan in a new loom on this bike too many wires change colour mid run, too many are not actually used. I think an Autumn Weekend I will rebuild the loom.  After sorting my electrical gremlins I took the bike for a ride for fuel, then the river, then onto the Elm for a Pint. On returning home I met up with Serviceman Phil, and we chatted for an hour. His newly purchased Golden Flash looked lovely. Phill was running her in after a rebuild. 

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 Friday 30th June 2023

After work I collected my T140, then took it out for the mandatory photo. She needs a very good wash. Tomorrow I drive to Banbury, Oxfordhire to collect a new Motorcycle.