September 2020


Tuesday 1st September 2020

One year on. Everyday I get stronger. I recently started to cycle to the Garage, and will continue to do so. My wheelchair is now in the loft. Long may it stay there. 

Most of this mornings conversation was around a video of my rising my D1. I posted a few days ago that stemmed around Rhett suggesting that my motorcycle was four stroking. Took the train to London for me to understand why trhis maybe happening. Sort of rang true, with the logic that it floods within a second of tickling. I will investigate. never come across it before. 

Dave Clouhj B175 sunset 2nd sep 2020


Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Up at the crack of dawn spent an hour tidying the garage. Slow progress as I have so many old bike parts. Shelving is up on every wall. I need some more wood to create the shelves for the brackets I have hung. I think I have found a part that will repair the D1 rear wheel. I do however have some coming in the post. Do I wait ? 

Will go back to the garage this evening, to spend another hour clearing the floor. Next I'll have to inventory the parts I have. I think i have enough parts for another bike. Rode the Lins and handed my leather jacket in for the name badge to be applied. 

Late afternoon / Early evening I continued to sort the garage out. I need more wood for the shelves. 


Continued to tidy the garage. Had a brief play on the D1 with an old horn. Thought it might be fun to wire it in for the odd occasion i need to use it. I will fabricate a horn bracket. 

Thursday 3rd September 2020

A day at the garae, putting more shelves up to store the crap i keep. Early evening I rode to the Barley mow, by way of Simons house. Nights are drawing in, and the temps are dropping. Time to think about a winter top. Won't be long before I am putting the big classics away for their winter rest. Just under 1000 miles on the T140. Will soon be time for an oil change. I will do a filter change top hat and spin on. 

Friday 11th September 2020

Spent the afternoon prepping the C15 for transport to the workshop. Then after dinner went out on the D1. Darkness came quickly. 

+++ AWAY Somerset

Saturday 12th September 2020

Collected the Norton. Took the C15 to the work shop. Rode the T140 to Upwood. 

Sunday 13th September 2020

Took the Norton Out. Exhaust Clamp came off and speedo stopped working. Rode the D1/7 down to the river. Will write a report up on the cancelled Ramsey Meet later. 

Monday 14th September 2020

Took the T140 out rode alone, refused to start conked out at simons. think its a kill switch issue. 

Tuesday 15th September 2020

Charged and fitted the battery to the D1. Fitted rubber boot hoses. Spanner has come from BMW for the Norton. I will try later. This evening I am going to attempt to collect the Triumph. I have wheeled out the FER10D. Ordsred some carb studs. Will need the throttle and twist grip for FER sorting. It also needs a good clean. 

Thursday 17th September 2020

Started to fault find the T140. Checked headlamp shell. Took side panels off, and will be following the fault finding guide tomorrow afternoon. Fitted the carb studs to the D7 and loose attachment of the SAE. 

Friday 18th September 2020

Well, not an easy call. But after spending several hours trying to find the electrical fault with the T140 and looking at the state of the loom, and finding the Rita Amp missing bolts. I have ordered a new loom, coils, and leads. Along with a Boyer ignition. I shall start stripping the T140 of top kit to enable the loom to be fitted. The expensive spanner arrived from BMW for the Nortons exhaust fins. I have removed the tail fish exhaust on the D1 and have refitted the short torpedo. Only because of the noise. 

Saturday 19th September 2020

Took an angle grinder to the Norton Spanner, proceeded to tighten the exhausted head bolts. Took the bike for a run. She ran lovely. Have a speedo problem, and I will contiune to investigate. Very erratic. Hoping its a cable. 

Sunday 20th September 2020

Speedo Link restoration.

Tues / Wed 22nd September 2020

So over the last few days I’ve been looking at the  Nortons wiring and trying to work out the root cause of the fuse blowing when I switch on the lights.

I cleaned all the earth points and feeds ( live ) and reworked the wiring to the Lucas switch.

Repaired the foot brake switch and now have lights that work, including a brake light. Jobs still to do are the horn. I am leaving the legacy horn in place and I will fit a newer one behind the battery box. My front brake switch requires calibrating so that’ll see me good for electrics. One thing I’m musing over is the change of glass to blade fuse. Parts for the T140 have arrived I’ll start the strip this weekend and fitting the coming week. I have been using the B175 in preference to the D1 simply to get some miles on her. Gallery of wiring below. 

Friday 25th September 2020

Confirmed no electrical leakage. Lights still work on the Norton. I then swapped the BPFB for the H4 unit. typically for me i lost the bloody h4 connector. Will find at the weekend. Weather is cold and windy. spitting forced me home early. 

Saturday 26th September 2020

New horn arrived. Took a look at the placement of the non working horn. My goodness its impossible to get to without the removal of the wheel and mudguard. I have comissioned the usb endscope camera. 

Monday 28th September 2020

Started to re-wire the loom on the T140. Had to make some cuts in order to fit the new loom through the old frame aperture. Strip off the carb covers, and managed to get the loom front end wired up. Will try and break the back of it tomorrow.  

Tuesday 29th September 2020

Managed with the fading light to get a little more done on the looms. The irony is that having chatted to Simon, and worked hard to feed the wiring its not required for the boyer electronic ignition. Oh well. I will hopefully finish the loom this week, and get onto the Boyer timing assisted by Simon the following week. Further Irony. Triumph will be going to Leeds soon for winter resting. 






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