October 2020

Thursday 1st October 2020

A much drier day than they predicted. Completed the fitting of the H4 unit as the light faded, and decided to ride down to the pub to meet Brian and the other lads for a coke. Jury is still out on the H4 upgrade. 


Friday 2nd October 2020

I spent an hour at the workshop to install some shelving, and get some further idea of the task that lay ahead to recomission the 58 BSA.  Barney was home and we agreed a price for the insulation. Hopefully tomorrow I am collecting my 1965 BSA Bantam from Chloe's and putting it into the workshop simply to bug me to do something about it. Weather is wet for the next several days, so workshop will be a god send. 

workshop insulation

My long ago forgotten `1965 D7 BSA Bantam

1965 bantam700px

Saturday 3rd October 2020

Wow - a day at the workshop - lining with insulation. Although we only worked for three and a half hours it was long enough. Rather an awful photo below. Tomorrow I hope to finish as another bike arrives into the workshop on Sunday. Another BSA that has been off the road since 2016. See earlier photos of my 65 BSA. 

Sunday 4th October 2020

Well that was a wet cold afternoon. Moved the 1965 BSA into the shed of life for it to Nag me to do something about it. Engine has been rebuilt and ready to be dropped in. Many thanks to Chloe and Alec for storing it xx and of course Nik for helping me load and unload. !

david shed of life 4th October 2020 700px

Monday 5th October 2020

An evening getting the workshop squared away. Started to sort through some of the containers to get the C15 parts together. Work will hopefully progress this coming weekend. 

Dave Clough Cambridge Workshop

Tuesday 6th October 2020

Late afternoon at the Workshop, had Andy pop over and take a look at the 250 BSA. I had some questions regarding the bushes and the clutch. Andy has taken the cotter pin, and the kickstart mech. Along with the bush. I am slowly getting all the parts together to get my bike back on the road for November. 

andy first visit to workshop

Thursday 9th October 2020

Driving me slowly crazy not being able to find the gearbox inner, and Andy trying to match a bush against a three variant layshaft. Anyways. Dental pain subsiding, I pulled the Garage out and found it. Drove over to the workshop and its certainly a better fit. 

Took more photos that again, as ever leads to more questions.

Saturday 10th October 2020

Well, a wet day. Fustration drove me to go to the Workshop and make some headway on the insulation. I now have a few parts to order, as I am going to try and get the gearbox sorted this coming week.

Sunday 11th October 2020

Crikey, bad luck today. I set off to meet Yorkie and George, and could not select top gear on the B175. Rode back for the Kwak ( roads still wet ) and it would not start the optimate was telling me it had a dead cell. Swapped for one off the solar charger. Anyways went in the car. Had a look at Yorkies bike. Lovely. Then took the B175 to the workshop to join the que. Then went out on the D1 along thicket road.  All in all a long day. 

Monday 12th October 2020

Late night at the workshop. Took the B175 engine out of the bantam. Will hopefully be able to open up the engine over the next few nights and order parts. I have the gasket set. So lets see what can be the issue.  Hung the banner up on the workshop. Whatever next ? I fancy a model shoot in the workshop with my bikes. I am also thinking of taking the D7 and sorting the head gasket and carb issues. Will need the twist throttle, and the cable - plus the 3.5 cuttaway. 

workshop poster


workshop poster 2

Tuesday 13th October 2020

Spent the evening breakingdown the B175 motor to investigate the top gear issue. Filmed the process, and will return over the next few nights to open the engine up. 

b175 left side off

Wednesday 14th October 2020

Well that was an interesting night. Got to strip the Bantam Engine, and discover that my 2nd gear that connects to the top gear ( 4th ) was stripped of all its teeth. Long video below, but now I start the longer job of looking for a replacement gear and replacing all the parts. Listed below are just some of the parts i will replace as a matter of course. 

1. Crank Oil Seals

2. Cup and Circlip ( rear of clutch basket ) 

3. Piston Rings

4. Lock Washer for the Final Drive Cog

5. Final Drive Cog ( worn teeth - shark profile ) 

6. Sump Gasket

7. Oil Dip Stick Gasket

8. Gudgeon Circlips - replace wire clips with stronger plate clips. 

9. Gearbox Oil !!!

10. Gear Selector Shaft Return Spring. 

Friday 16th October 2020

Took the D1 locally to Abotts Ripton in search of Autumn Colours. Got a flat front tyre and rode home cold. 

dave clough d1 bsa bantam


Saturday 17th October 2020

Put some Fluroscent lights into the workshop. Will install the second lot this coming weekend.  Found another cog for my B175 in the Garage. 

david workshop signs oct 2020

Broken B175 Gear Cog. 

18 October 2020 Broken Cog B175

Sunday 19th October 2020

Completed the edit 1 of my engine strip. 

Monday 19th October 2020

Well made some progress on the T140, but very dissapointed to report that i dropped something on the new petrol tank. Gutted. But headway made on the loom so far. I covered the neutral light in cover, hoping to protect them. 

I have to work out how in the long term i can isolate a lot of the cables that are no longer needed. Annoyingly the Norton has a small oil leak from the bottom of the engine. I will get a spanner on the bike over the next day or two. I feel at the moment that whilst progress is being made - it's slow and always seems to be fraught with challenges that are inevitably sorted by throwing money at the problem. 

boyer on t140 dave clough

This evening I am using Simons Sonic Cleaner for the D7 FER Bantam Monobloc Carb. Lets see if we can get an engine run on another bantam. Hopefully later in the week. 


Im afraid the arb cleaning did not happen. I wasn't in te best place after damaging the T140 tank. Plus I watched episode 7 of the Long Way Up. Whilst watching I became very aware of the slow speed they were actually riding. 

I have been quoted £130 to repair the tank. Lets see how we get on. I will have to see if there are any reviews. 

Tuesday 20th October 2020

Very Early start, off to the workshop before the sun was up, and work was started to bring back the imperial spanners and some gloves. Will really have to start splitting the kit up so I have enough to survive to fight at multiple locations. 


Mild evening at the Garage. Fitted the new coils to the T140 and then started to remove the front Rita sensor. Tidied some wiring, and routed the sensor wiring. Re attached the headlamp cover after isolating the unused wires. Stripped the 66 Carb. Filmed it will edit it later.

Wednesday 21st October 2020

Well the Norton needs a good going over after the rebuild - most of the engine nuts are loose. Worked on the T140 rebuilding is slow. But headway is being made. 

Stripped the Carb from the 66 D7 BSA. Here's a short(ish) video i made for my YouTube Chanel. 

Saturday 24th October 2020

Continued the wiring of the T140, and made quite a bit of headway. Albeit was a damp and miserable day. 

Sunday 25th October 2020 - days of days

Clocks changed today ( last night ) weather was brilliant. One last push to get the T140 ready to be timed up. Then onto the D7 66. Replaced the head gasket. redid the wiring for an SAE connector to the battery. Drained the very old and stale fuel from the tank. 

Took the D1 for a run to the entrance of the estate, and some portraits of Matt with his car. Reference photos for the wiring. 

Monday 26th October 2020

Fitted the rebuilt carb to the 1966 D7, then new throttle assembly. Lead is a little long even with a new twist grip. But a lovely run down to the mill. Need to order some parts as I have robbed a slide spring. 

700px black betty at the mill 26th october 2020

Quite satisfied at the end of the day, the first bike I restored worked with little effort. Carb rebuild needs some thought. Perhaps I should have used some sealent on the gaskets. I do also need to sort my carb parts out. 

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