November 2020

Sunday 1st November 2020
Well, after a few really rough days I cycled to the garage for ten minutes. Made up a new fuel line for the 66 D7. Albeit did not finish the fitting. I then purchased several compartmented containers from Aldi in Huntingdon. I rode the D7 to home and back and started to fill one of the containers with crimps. I am still hopeful of getting an engine start on the T140 this week with Simon. 

Monday 2nd November 2020
With a runny nose I collected the Bantam Engine from the workshop. During this next lockdown I will rebuild her in the comfort of my office. 

Tuesday 3rd November 2020
Small amount of time at the Garage this evening, sorted the socket storage and the small fuel tank for a chinese pit bike. Popped a fuel line on the tank. Hopefully it will prove useful. Cancelled the Triumph igntion update this evening. 

Wednesday 4th November 2020
Well I was up at 7am, filled 66 BSA - Betty up with two stroke after fitting a new fuel line. Hoping to get to the pub late today. 

Thursday 5th November 2020
Tidied the carb up on the D17 - although the spring is too long. But she runs. I am experimenting with the 626 concentric carb as I quiet fancy having a go at getting that working on the d1/7. Went to Aldi and bought a few more containers.

Saturday 7th November 2020 
Well, spent the morning doing Bacon Butties at the workshop, then onto the carb problems with the D1. Sussed it by fitting the correct carb slide spring. Rode to Lauras and had a coffee. Then back. Was a really nice to ride so late in the year. I hope to be able to do the same tomorrow. 


Sunday 8th November 2020
Got to the workshop for 11am. Had sausages, and took the battery off the B175 for the D7. Took Alec's pit bike to finish off prior to returning. Then in the afternoon, rode the D1 to St. Ives, had a coffee with Laura then went to West End to get some cooker cable. Didn't have a face mask so turned round and came home. 


in the workshop earlier today. 

IMG 2477web

Monday 9th November 2020
Managed to get one panel into the roof. Knackered. Will continue over the coming days. 

Tuesday 10th November 2020
Last light took the D1 to St. Ives for a Coffee. Ran like a dream

Wednesday 11th November 2020
Rode Black Betty into St Ives and back. Flooded her starting her. Took the choke off and she went. Thought I was going to have a heart attack though by the time I got her going. Late evening tided the computer room, and put the engine jig onto the bench as I move towards getting the engine rebuilt.I am amazed at how mild it still is. I do need to get the commando to its winter home. Watching the weather like a hawk. 

Thursday 12th November 2020
Took the Kawasaki out for 40mins, rode to Abbots Ripton and took some pictures of the Kwak in the last of the Autumn colours. Had to use the heated grips on the way home. I am investigating purchasing a heated vest. 

Friday 13th November 2020

Saturday 14th November 2020
Far more challenging than I thought. Managed to Secure one piece of insulation into the roof. I Will cut the remnants into the space later in the week.  

dave clough in the workshop

Sunday 15th November 2020
Well the morning was spent in the workhops. Afternoon was dry and bright, due to heavy rain their was a lot of water still standing. I rode the D1 down to the water front at St. Ives. A cold wind blew, but I loved riding the charismatic D1. Nik helped me repair the D1 BSA Speedo. We agreed a way of sealing the door draft. I will do this during the week. 

D1 by the river stnd web

Monday 16th November 2020
Swapped the throttle cable on the D7 and the kill switch on the D1/D7 found a broken wire on the old Bones kill switch in the body of the switch. Temps have definately dropped. Ordered a replacement Piston for the B175.

Wednesday 18th November 2020
Took the Norton Fastback out. Wow its such a lovely bike to ride. Very easy to start. I need to order some stainless parts for the bike. Learn to polish the tappet covers and cases. Oh, and fix the speedo. I did get the Bantam D1/7 out but weather forced me to pop her away early.


Spent a couple of hours assembling the engine for Patina. Forgot half of my spanners to secure the nuts and bolts. Will continue this build tommorow. Below is this evenings gallery. 

Thursday 19th November 2020
Spent the night taking appart the previous nights work. I had forgotten to do the selector cam safety lugs over the bolt heads. Sorted, then made significant progress. Tommorow evening I will finish the primary side, and the Bones / Outer case ( nearside ) If time allows I will fit the new piston after honing the barrel at the workshop. I am feeling a little more confident of an engine start this weekend. 

Friday 20th November 2020
Spent the evening building the B175 engine up. 

Saturday 21 November 2020
Engine complete appart from the barrel. Hoping to get an engine fit sometime over Monday. Went out on the D1 Bantam. 

Copy of DSC 0036finalcapacinno

Copy of DSC 0044finalcapacinno 1

Sunday 22nd November 2020
What a day. Took the Norton to Leeds to rest for the winter. Returned with a propane heater for the workshop and more lighting. Finished the B175 engine build. First time I have used piston ring tool. Only time will tell if it has worked. 

IMG 3036forblog

Monday 23rd November 2020

shed for web

Popped the engine back into Patinas frame. Still some jobs to sort. But managed an engine run. 

Tuesday 24th November 2020
A long night at the garage. Popped the spacer in - rebuilt. Took the front mudguard off, started to fit the gaitors. Had to call it a night, after a long day in London I was knackered. I am missing a few parts. but the gallery below shows progress. Patina, I am confident will leave the garage this weekend. Under her own power...... famous last words. 


Wednesday 25th November 2020
Much accomplished. Used a hot air gun. Fitted the new gaitors, and mudguard. Then made the alloy spacers, fitted and adjusted. Fitted an Amal inline fuel filter, tidied the wiring, still need to sort the battery box area out. still missing a split link. I am confident of it leaving the shed this weekend. Hopefully I will achieve the following tasks. 

1. Split Link 

2. Mudguard Nut and bolt 

3. Trim all long bolts. 

4. Fit SaE connector

5. sort the battery box / straps and tidy the wires. 

6. Rear Wheel Alignment 

7. Check the Centre Stand Assembly

8. Sort the rear brake switch

9. Battery test

10. Zeus or not

Take From the Garage to the Workshop 

Take some gloves. 

small funnel or jug to put gearbox oil in 

Take dremel from potting shed for thread cutting 

TDC tool


Latex / Nitrile Gloves 

Dremel Cutter 

Hacksaw Blade

Latte Sache

Thursday 26th November 2020
Completed the rebuild of the battery box. Added an extra spacer to the box to aid rigidity, and it seems to have worked. Started to tidy and better understand the wiring within the confluence of wires within the battery box. Trimmed some, and will continue to tidy them away. I am awaiting Zeus clips for the left hand side panel. She eventually moved under her own steam. Had to badly bodge the clutch lever. Will sort that over the following days. Its a typical cheap shit wassel cable. I will remeasure and order one from JJ or Carrot cycles. Still need to time the engine and tidy a few bits. Fit battery etc. I am very hopeful that it will leave the shed this coming weekend. 

IMG 3096forblog

 Friday 27th November 2020
Well the chuffing clutch cable does not fit. Had a long chat with my mate Rhett Fisher in Oxford, and it became apparent that I have the wrong levers and fittings. I promptly ordered new ones. The weather has turned quite cold and damp. I decided to tidy the loom in the battery box. Small niggling little jobs now needed post confirmation the gearbox rebuild has proved to be succesful.  

Saturday 28th November 2020
Completed enough of the tasks outstanding to get a road test. It started and ticked over incredibly well. I was chuffed. However the gear selector fell off on the test ! and the fuel line leaked petrol badly. I will fix in the morning. 

Monday 30th November 2020

This evening saw the end of the work on Patina. Simply need to get some tarmac time on her now. Battery needs swapping out. Rather embarrased to say the lack of light to the rear was down to a failed LED Bulb. Swapped to convential and it worked. Thank goodness I didn't spend too long on it. Alec's small Bike is on the Bench now. Onwards. An hour will sort Alecs bike. So pleased to have turned round the Bantam so quickly. 

IMG 3220forblog 




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