May 2020

Friday 1st May 2020

Started to strip the T140 forks off ready for the new gaitors. I need a 7/16th ( 11mm ) across the head nut to to remove the captive nut on the top of the forks. Swine of a job as most of it has to be removed. prior to getting a rather simple job done. As ever nothing is easy on these classic bikes. Inspection of the caliper was confusing as so little piston is showing. Lets hope i have the right idea ordering new seals and pistons. 

Saturday 2nd May 2020

Well what a day. Managed to remove the forks on the T140. But...... split one of the new gaitors, so had to re-order a set. Took the B175 out and then only went and discovered that the igntion keys had dropped out on the way home. Took the old barrel out and have ordered another. What a day. 


Sunday 3rd May 2020 

Took Nik a card, and returned simon his fork puller. Very light drizzle. All went well, but the B175 nipped up briefly didnt repeat the error, it seems to happen when the engine has been registering over 60 for a few mins then you throttle off.  Tightend up the rear foot peg and the carb. Carb we deffo loose. I was suprised that there was fibre washers that has disintergrated on the carb studs. Bike as per previous post needs a new ignition barrel. 

Sunday late Afternoon

Spun the C15 around on the ramp. Had a close look at the gearbox. No sign of the spring or pin from the kickstart Pawl. Cleaned up the lifting deck with wd40 degreaser. Took the ignition system off the C15 and fitted to the B175. I need to fit a battery to the C15 at some point. Nothing works on the b175 without a battery. If I am keeping this bike it might be worth making a better lol for it. 

Monday 4th May 2020

Spent the morning wondering why the bush was spinning in the case. I need to take a look at the layshaft corrosion, as this maybe the cause. 

Also, need to think about the larger top hat for the later clutch. I am a little fustrated with the constant need for parts. 

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Mixed up some more two stroke petrol @33:1 - needed to look at the C15 bushes and hoping the case itself is not worn. 

Friday 8th May 2020

Completed the Fork Gaitor fitting to the T140 what a bloody job. I then proceeded to rebuild the bike. I do hope the front brake repair kit comes soon ( £54 ) Rode over to Nikki, and sat in the hot sun before riding back. I am still getting an awful rattle off the horn against the tank bracing bar. Took the following picture below, it's been highly acclaimed. 

T140 approaching storm

Saturday 9th May 2020

As planned I took the T140 out to Ants and Jo and rode in the best May weather. Bike behaved lovely. tank rattle asside. I filmed using the Manfrotto Magic Arm and a GoPro 5 Black. Results are below. I have fitted the carb tuning pro kit to tackle the carb balancing on the T140. I am hoping to get enough time to sort the tank rattle out for once and all. All in all, I am pleased with the T140. 

t140 9th june 2020

Sundays List Of Things To Do. 

1. Tank Brace

2. Carb Balance

3. Horn Placement 

4. Tighten Handlebars

5. Investigate a camera bracket for the front headlight assembly. 

6. Rocker Cover HEX Heads for to stop the minor leak 

7. Identify Where the oil leak / drip is coming from


Sunday 10th May 2020

Well it was a bike filled day. Started by finding the right pipe for the carbtune pro kit, and cutting and fitting. Unfortunately it was too cold for starting the bike. I then had a coffee with Boggy, and then went to Ants and helped with the SpeedTwin. Unfortunately after taking a look at the loom as fitted, we decided to order a new one. The regulator rectifier was incorrect for a three phase alternator as currently fitted. 

Returned home to look at the horn as fitted to my T140. I will take some metal out of the bracing plate. Hopefully this will stop the horn vibrating. Also the seat and the filling was pretty confirmed as being knackered. £138 will sort this out. I am slowly working my way through these small but important jobs. Gallery below show some of the above research and workings. 

Monday 11th May 2020

Checked the balance of the the carbs on the T140. Very close no adjustment needed. 

Altered and painted the tank brace bar. Will re-fit later in the week. 

boggy spraying


Wednesday 13th May 2020

Refitted the Tank Brace Bar, and took the T140 for a short spin. I then set the tickover on the T140. Took another nice picture of this old brit below. 

Thursday 14th May 2020

Took the B175 out to the mill this evening. Lovely sunny, but cold evening. Took some photos in Beers Garage @Houghton. Results were good. 

Sunday 17th May 2020

Well what a day ! I went to get the T140 and the battery was flat, despite this it started. I met Simon, and a few miles further up the road Brian. We then rode to Wadenhoe. In fantastic weather. Battery circuit was tested for charging, and Amp leakage was tested. No faults found. I then removed the battery and put onto the Optimate battery and will charge it overnight. Then check the volts after leaving it standing for 24hrs. 

Tickover has dropped off the bike yet again. I must check where the oil is dripping from - I think I have done 150miles since the oil change. Fuel consumption is concerning me a little. Having said that I have been as far as I can remember on the T140 today, and I still have fuel left. 

Andy Stimpson has talked at length with me, and I may have to take the fuse out of the bike when it is parked up. I need to think about a new seat, and a few other bits for this bike. It a really nice bike when running. What are my main gripes about the T140 

1. Fuelling - Seem rich 

2. Running at 30mph

3. Seat is almost lacking any foam. I really need to address this, I think it should be much more comfortable than this. 

For now the T140 is serving me well. Lets hope the Norton is not much longer. 

Monday 18th / Tuesday 19th May 2020

Took the battery off the T140 put on charge for 24hours and left resting for 24hrs.  13.19volts at full charge. 13.09 volts 12 hours later. On checking on the afternoon of the 20th May the volts read.

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Went out on the T140, St. Ives to visit a friend. Day was hot. High 20's rechecked the air screws, and adjusted the tickover. Bike IMO is still snatchy at low revs and running rich. Tank seems to have crept forward as well. GRRR. Sounds as though we have a plan coming together for Saturday.

Thursday 21 May 2020

Took the B175 out in the afternoon, and then the T140 later. Sorted a lose electrical cable out under its seat. Ordered new choke slides as the rubbers on mine looked perished. Possible cause of rich running. 

Friday 22nd May 2020

Rode the Er5 to toolstation. Took the trailer to Nikki at Upwood. Insured all seven bikes for 259.80 in the morning I'm riding out with Simon and Brian on the T140. Will take logbook to get updated in the morning as my bike does not have historic status. 

Saturday 23rd May 2020

Rode out with Simon and Brian, B660 over to Kimbolton, Grafham and stopped at Stukley Shell petrol station. Ordered a new rear tyre. Spoke to the Norton Man. Bike on the bench. Applied for historic status on the bantam. 

Sunday 24th May 2020

Rode to Upwood on the Kwak. Then took the B175 out in the early evening.  Checked the head bolts on the T140, and the volts 13 after not being used for 24hrs. Gallery of My evening run below. 


Rode my B175 some miles today. Rode it to Niks to put a washing machine in for her, then rode through Ramsey to Ants at Folkesworth. Then Ants followed me to Sawtry on his badly misfiring Norton then he headed home. I then cleared the Triumph out of Bogdans garage and put it back into mine. 

I do need to organise my garage a little better. Life takes many turns and directions. This is the start of another chapter in my motorcycling. Yesterday I heard from the Norton man. I am hopeful that I will get it back soon. The good weather will hopefully mean I can clear my garage out and prep the space for the Norton. 

I cannot practically sell any of my bikes with Corona Virus lurking. Although Ants disagrees.  

Tuesday 26th May 2020

Well, took the D1 out for its first road test. Not so good. Can only get two of three gears. Will pop my D7 engine into the D1 frame. Get a little more performance. Video / Post mortem on Youtube. New choke bits came for my T140.

Wednesday 27th May 2020

Moved the rebuilt D7 engine from the shed to the Fiesta ready for engaging into the D1. I am very suprised at the jetting variants across the different flavours of D7. I am hoping to get some time later today to do the engine swap. 

Late Afternoon

D7 engine fitted to the D1

D7 Carb robbed from the 66 D7

connected everything up and it backfires, have sent an email off to bones for advice. Might be that i need to fit a d7 bones unit. I have the correct rotor. This is not a bad job, we will see. 

Thursday 28th May 2020

Well what a day, swapeed the CDi for my D7 and and it still backfires. I am struggling to why, but much enjoyment. rode it down the Mill, then to my friend Lauras house for a Stella early evening. 

Friday 29th May 2020

After my meetings I popped to the garage, and spent an hour and half swapping the T140 choke slide internals. See photo below. Theirs certainly a difference. Later in the day I tried to take the D1 to the Mill. It would not start at all. I then fitted the new Cy Thread on the carb of the B175 that i had borrowed for D1 project. As ever it was utterly reliable and I spent an hour talking to petrol heads. Took a photo outside Mick Grants mansion. I am planning to ride to the Desert Rat memorial. I am head scratching to whats going on with the D7 engine in the D1  0 god does that even make sense ?

Saturday 30th May 2020 

Took the T140 to the 7th Armoured memorial. Wonderful run out with Simon and Brian. Lots of laughs. Photos below. 

Sunday 31st May 2020

B175 - Rode to Niks, had bacon butties, then Petes to review his wiring, then home. Then popped to Lauras then home. A full day commuting around the shire on Patina. Sat looking at rebuilding the D1 engine. Will rely heavily on my friends knowledge of this bike.


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