June 2020

Monday 1st June 2020 

stayed up late, and watched 15mins of this


D1 - carb swap and tidying of wires. rode it around the estate, and then down by the Mill, read the Roadholder magazine and rode back. Tidied the wires. Looks as though the fault was with the carb. from FER10D

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Well spent the day on the D7. popping back and to the garage, then met Simon and Ants at the elephant castle and then rode by the way of wisto to pick up a wine box caught the unpainted D1 with the sunset behind it. I will have to tighten all the bolts on this bike tomorrow as it seemed to shake itself to bits. 

signed web

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

changed the fuel tap cork on the D1 and sorted a lot of loose parts into containers in the garage. Changed some of the nuts around on the rear guard and made and info poster for the d1 tax disk. 
Still have to sort exhaust he'd leak but weather changing and spitting started.

Thursday 4th June 2020

Rode down the Hunts rowing club on the B175 - D1 needs an exhaust gasket. Had plenty of laughs and a few beers. Gallery below as ever the B175 was lovely to ride. 

Saturday 6th June 2020

Jets arrived direct from AMAL for the D7 engine currently fitted to the D1

Sunday 7th June 2020

Fitted the new jets to the Carb ( which is on the D7 engine, in the D1 ) but guess what.... it had new jets fitted already. Trying to work out why I have no rear light on the B175

Monday 8th June 2020

Experimenting with clips, in Premiere. 

Tuesday 9th June 2020 - Incoming Bad Weather 

Set off to Ants, had to turn back as the fuel pipe starved the engine. Corrected and reset off. D1 went lovely. Tried to get a spark from Ants speedtwin failed. Rode home then went down to the river to meet up with the scooter lads. All in all a lovely afternoon and evening on the bike. 

Wednesday 10th June 2020

Mixed two stroke up at 30:1 I don't mind a little smoke. Lets see how we get on. Rain, as predicted has arrived. Does not look as though I will get much riding in for the next several days. 


Saturday 13th June 2020

Took the T140 round the country roads, loved it until i discovered a fuel tank leak in the near seat leading edge, with the history of the repair. 

t140 leak found

Sunday 14h  June 2020

Bantam Run out with seven mates - video and photos below. 

Monday 15th June 2020 

D1 down the mill then and evening run with camera and tripod 

d1 mill june 2020


taking five


Tuesday 16th June 2020

Er5 out and about - Laura and I bitten like mad, whilst sheltering from the rain in a local barn. 


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Wednesday 17th 2020

T140 Export tank arrives. 

Thursday 18th June 2020 

Ordered new export seat from TMS 

Friday 19th June 2020

Took the cake tin and seat off the T140. 

Saturday 20th June 2020

Broke one of the BAP taps off the tank - grr ordered a new set from TMS - Will arrive with the seat. 

Sunday 21st June 2020

Rode the Er5 out towards Chatteris, then into Broughton and sat in a field for a while. 

Monday 22nd June 2020

Fitted the intercom and gopro to the frank thomas open face. First results are below. Tomorrow i will work out how to site the microphone on the D1. 


Rode Pugly and met Nik. Lovely evening. 

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Rode over to Niks, on the Kwak, sat in the garden and talked holidays. 

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Took Laura out on the Kawasaki - used the GoPro on a selfie stick. Results are below. Striking red hair in the last of the sunlight. I need to sort my visor out. Hopefully summer jacket will be here within the next day or two. Its hitting 30 degrees. 

Thursday 25th June 2020

Once the temps have dipped a little, I am experimenting with audio ( Rodeo ) microphone placement and a wind sock to try to better capture the audio of a motorcycle. I have sorted the placement of the microphone on the D1, so this will be the first motorcycle i tackle this experiment on. I am consious that the exhaust note of a two stroke is not as pleasent ( IMO) as a four stroke. 


Rode my D1 hybrid down to the Huntingdon riverside park, and met up with the scooter club. My turn next week to buy the beers. Lovely evening, I had an unresonable pop at someone in shorts on the scooter then the rest turned up. Fitted the intercom to the Frank Thomas open face. Recorded for the first time with a glove mounted GoPro. Not bad. but again only another option once filming. Bantam ran well. I need to sell it before it lets me down. Last few days have been incredibly hot preventing any work other than clearing the garden of number 13. 

Saturday 27th June 2020

Attempted to fit the US tank and seat to the T140. Failed took a lot more effort than I thought. Will revist later in the week. Rode out with Simon to the green man and managed to get a pint !! a right result. 

t140 us tank rough fit

Sunday 28th June 2020

Rode to Ely for a coffee with simon with his newly rebuilt 650 Bonnie. Lovely run. called in to have a cola with Nik, and rode home. I rode the ER5, say what you want about this bike it was lovely and smooth and no kickstart. For the first time i fitted the  Sena to the open face and simon reported no loss of signal re wind interferance. 


Monday 29th June 2020

revisited the seat on the T140, making slow progress. But some work needed on the brackets. Will swap them over in the morning. 

Tuesday 30th June 2020




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