Jan 2020

Wednesday 1st Jan 2020

3 Degrees, well wrapped up. I went to the lockup and worked a little while on the D1. Secured the seat, and came across a problem on the red / black wire output the volts were fine at tick over but dropped to 4.5v on running speed. Have sent a query to the lads in Oz. 

Thursday 2nd Jan 2020

Collected the rear mudguard from Nikki. Will dry fit to aid the installation of the loom.

Saturday 4th Jan 2020

Fitted the rear mudguard. Left the rear bracket off the guard, and did not trim the nuts and bolts. 


Sunday 5th Jan 2020

Met up with george and yorkie at the jolly sailor pub. Lovely breakfast. Watched in envy as the lads arrived and rode off on their bikes. Cant wait to get back on mine. 


Monday 6th Jan 2020

Started to wire up the D1 Loom, its going to be easy, but routing the cables will need some clever thinking. Bought a glass fibre battery that'll hopefully be okay for the D1

Tuesday 7th Jan 2020 

Managed to track down some front mudguard stays at Bantam Johns. £35 incl postage.

Saturday 11th Jan 2020

New Stainless brake rod arrived for the B175. Fitted only to find that the arm had worn away. Managed to get a new one for £10 incl delivery from Howard at Bournemouth Bantams. 


Monday 13th Jan 2020 

Added all the bikes except the C15 to the Carol Nash Insurance. £100 for the three. T140 and two Bantams.

Tuesday 14th Jan 2020

Continued to lay the loom on the D1.


Thursday 16th Jan 2020

Laid the Blue cable on the loom, this being the switched live for the rear lights. Great night at the Elm, planning the Easter Egg Run 29th March 2020

17012020 elm 

Friday 17th Jan 2020 

Fitted the replacement brake arm on the B175 in anticipation of tomorrows first run since the accident. 

b175 brake arm

 Just bit the bullet, and bought clutch replacements. I am getting fed up seeing the C15 on the ramp. Besides we are on a mission to get to the bottom of the slow / poor top end. 


 c15 clutch centre

Saturday 18th January 2020

Well it had to happen, I rode with Simon on the B175 to Pidly, Somersham, Then onto Chatteris, back via Ramsey Fortfoot. Stopped at Nikki's for a cuppa, then home. It was cold. Very cold. 

Sunday 19th January 2020

Awoke to see the temps below freezing, actually minus 2. Had a cuppa with Bogdan, then rode via the Elm to the Duck pond at the Ravelys then onto Upwood for a cuppa. Returning home via the main roads, due to the prevalent frost / ice. Spent the afternoon with Bogdan, adjusted the chain tension on the B175 and fitted a top box. Then several hours fitting the horrible valance mudguard. Still needs some adjustment, and rejigging. We will measure many times and drill once. 

Thursday 23rd Jan 2020

Drove in the old Fiesta to Andys at Whittlesea. Caught up and had a chat, then took him for breakfast. 

Friday 24th Jan 2020

Spent the morning making headway on the loom, then changed the rear number plate for the correct one. Took the Kawasaki to Dorset Close. 

PM - bought a butane soldering iron for garage area. Saw one this evening, and it looked good.

Saturday 25th Jan 2020 

Spent the morning at the lockup, sorted the front mudguard, put the stays in the D1 mudguard, then trimmed some bolts down. tried to think how i could perhaps create from P Clips to carry the wiring inside the rear mudguard. Started to the collect all the clutch parts together. Cold stopped me working. 

Sunday 26th Jan 2020

Had planned to ride to the Connington show, but didnt happen. Met Simon for breakfast, dronve to connington. Then to the Garage. Unfortunately not a good afternoon. I was distracted by almost unwanted help. Never mind. Did force my hand to get the correct clamps for the loom on the rear D1 mudguard. Quick was and change, then off to Niks for dinner. 

Monday 27th Jan 2020

Lots of small clutch parts are arriving for the C15 and Howard mentions that their are clamps on the side of the rear mudguard. Looking forward to Wednesday and getting to the garage to start working on some of the jobs that need doing. I have missed my C15.

Wednesday 29th Jan 2020

Day at the garage, removed the rear wheel, finished off the loom under the mudguard. My butane soldering iron arrived, so over the next few days I will be going up and finishing the front end of the loom. Not long now, and I will be ordering the number rear mudguard. 

Thursday 30th Jan 2020

Spent the morning with Andy Simpson, getting all the parts of the C15 clutch sorted. Had to order new parts from TMS. Their being delivered direct to Andy and I will collect from Andy later this week.

Friday 31st Jan 2020

Rode the B175 to oldhurst and bought a lot of sausages from the butchers. Then rode the bike back to the lockup and completed a little bit of the loom on the D1. Still need to sort out a speedo bulb, and running light. Rain and temperatures prevented further work.

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