February 2020

Saturday 1st Feb 2020

Rode the Kawasaki to Upwood, and the long way home via the old A1. Lovely sunny but wind was high and leg gave me little warnings. 

Sunday 2nd Feb 2020

Went to Steves to look at a T100T motorcycle 1967. However there was a lot wrong with the machine for me. It had not been run for a long time, needed assembly. We then stopped at the sailors for a coke and gather our thoughts. In the afternoon I finished the confluence area of the loom. Need warmer drier weather to complete. Its a little windy at the moment. No doubt that the D1 is nearling assembly completion. Fuel line was connected, need to sort out the bolts under the fuel tank. 

d1 fuel tank

Bolt 5/16 x 3 1/4 BSF N/A 21-5676

So a single nut and bolt under the tank. I will sort this and the tank will be secure. Several small jobs to do to complete the bike as a rolling restoration. 

Monday 3rd Feb 2020

Collected my rebuilt clutch from Andy. Cannot wait to fit it. Then get it off the ramp. 

Tuesday 4th Feb 2020

Afternoon. Failed to rebuild clutch due to centre nut not fitting. Dam I will have to rethink. 20tpi CEI thats what I thought I had bought. Back to the drawing board. 

Wed 5th Feb 2020

Ordered two variants of the nut from Dragnfly. If these dont work I need some help. Please let me sort this.

Thurs 6th Feb 2020

Made very good progress on the C15 clutch. Hope to complete it tomorrow. Lovely cloud free afternoon at the lockup

Friday 7th  2020

Disaster clutch not completed

Saturday 8th Feb  2020

Clutch spring lost, preventing the completion. Sorted the electrical gremlins out on the C15, and will order clutch parts Monday. Bought a Norton Motorcycle. Wrong bank details. Will sort on Monday.

Monday 10th Feb 2020 

Sorted the money transfer out for the Norton. Better still booked for delivery this coming Friday £110. Also Ordered the parts for the C15 Clutch. Bad weather is due in so, we will have to store the Norton on Friday and hopefully get the clutch at least sorted for the coming week. Weather reports are of unsettled weather. Typical.

Friday 14th Feb 2020

Well it arrived at 4pm, and with a slight tickle of the carbs it started. Took several photos, and have ordered a new headlamp rim. Initial thoughts is that it needs a good clean, polish and the old girl will look good. 

IMG_5143_result.JPG IMG_5148_result.JPG IMG_5149_result.JPG

IMG_5150_result.JPG IMG_5151_result.JPG IMG_5153_result.JPG

IMG_5154_result.JPG IMG_5159_result.JPG IMG_5160_result.JPG

IMG_5161_result.JPG IMG_5162_result.JPG IMG_5163_result.JPG

IMG_5164_result.JPG IMG_5165_result.JPG IMG_5166_result.JPG

IMG_5167_result.JPG IMG_5169_result.JPG IMG_5170_result.JPG

IMG_5171_result.JPG IMG_5172_result.JPG IMG_5173_result.JPG

Friday 21st Feb 2020 

Took the Norton out, I expected the thing to be shaky - but as smooth as the Triumph. I was impressed. However the ticover was very fast. I need to investigate - hope its a cable issue but suspect its a little more - perhaps the springs on the advance cam. I have ordered a Pazon system. Rode on the Norton then the Triumph to Ants. Bike Went well, However the Gearbox is opposite to the Triumph. 

Saturday 22nd Feb 2020  

Took the Norton out again, however the tickover needs to be looked at. I was suprised out how tidy the wiring is on the Norton. Rode round the villages then spent the morning with Ella, Patrick and Bodjo at the Garages. Have ordered a Bar End mirror and Podtronics regulator rectifier. 


Sunday 23 Feb 2020

Had a close look at the wiring on the Norton, wrote a short paper sent to simon, and it seems as though fitting the podtronics will be relatively easy. Too a series of photos and am a lot more confident in fitting this unit myself.  Had a good conversation about fitting the Pazone electronic ignition. 

Tuesday 22 Feb 2020

Pazon Ignition system arrived. Went to WMCC 

Wednesday 23 Feb 2020

Ordered Norton Tools - for the fitting of the Pazon, and a mount plate for the Podtronics.