December 2020 - I start to notice the temperature dropping. 

Tuesday 1st December 2020

Patina was brought home on the trailer. I fitted new fuel lines to Alec's mini moto. Only thin missing from it is a fuel cap. Work now starts on the C15. 

Wednesday 2nd December 2020

D1 Engine brought into the office for assesment from the Garden Shed. 

IMG 3372 result

IMG 3373 result

Thursday 3rd December 2020

Shed Life. Fitted one large panel to the roof of the workshop, and used some part bits to cover a corner. One more sheet and some off cuts will finish the job. But I am going to have to sort the flooring out. Nothing done to the bike. 

IMG 3252

New Levers for the B175 - Patina arrived this morning. The Gudgeon pin removal tool arrived. Very chinese looking. Will try on an old pin and piston later. 

Spent the Evening Watching this chap strip his C15. I am uploading three of four highly relevant series so that I can watch where Youtube is blocked ;-)

Friday 4th December 2020

Dropped Patinas front mudguard off at the workshop, collected the oversized cotter pin and Kickstart mech from Andy Stimpson. I am rather excited about the levers that will allow me to remove the incorrect ones from my B175. Tommorow I start working out the gearbox rebuild for my C15. Rupert Ratios book will be copied and the clusters checked. 


5th December 2020

Well how do i reflect on yesterdays actions? i started patina, and took her out. she was not running correctly. Spitting and back firing. Then i dropped the bike on leaves and water and broke three of my left ribs. I am today very sore. Matt reports that Patina has not suffered any damage. 


10th December 2020

Went to inspect the Pat. Wiapc switch damaged, new one ordered. Headlamp rim, bent but I am undecided. Sore will plan.

IMG 3358 result

IMG 3359 result

11th December 2020

Recovered the correct levers and some spanners. Spanners were recovered to help me open up the BSA Bantam D1. I have started to lay out the parts for the C15 gearbox. Lets hope i can move it forward. 

12th December 2020

went to the workshop despite the pain from broken ribs. To count the gears on the main and lay shafts. I now have the figures, and wil spend the next few days working out if i have close ratio / trial or standard gearbox.

IMG 3388 result

As I sit here on the 13th I have become aware of a kickstart pawl retaining

IMG 3385 result

washer. Again I will have to slowly work through the scematics and see what the correct fitting is. Yesterday I was trying to figure out how its placement actually works. 

IMG 3382 result

Tuesday 15th December 2020 

Used the sonic cleaner - and after 50minutes and some poking it came free. I am now plunger free, and will clean up the NoS plunger and add it to the list of parts to rebuild. 

Thursday 17th December 2020

Well. fitted the new control levers, which i am told their appropiate for the year the control cables are too long. As such I need to measure the inner and outer cables and get some new cables on order.  One step forward, and two back. 

Saturday 19th December 2020

Spent the morning pouring over the Rupert Ratio gearbox configs. Seems as though I might have a couple of cogs that are wrong in my Gearbox. Going to go back and recount 

59 |C15


Mine M


Mine L

1st Gear





2nd Gear





3rd Gear





4th Gear





 Wednesday 23rd December 2020

132892749 3585201938243516 3877558979682414880 n

 Washer / Shim has arrived for the kickstart pawl. I will go this evening to complete the gearbox / offside of the BSA. Photos will follow. Everything crossed. 

A Long day, firstly got the inner cover on, then could not get the cam plate pin in. Had to remove. Clean and rebuild. I then proceeded to put the thing back together again. But utimately managed to put 99% of the offside back together again. Kickstart spring may need future attention. I am hoping tomorrow to get back to my workshop. Put the foot pegs on, and start looking at the clutch. Will need to secure the chain.  But I am going to bed a happier bunny. 

c15 with right offside nearly complete

Friday 25th December 2020 

Took the Kawasaki ER5 out - manged 4 miles. Re did the two mile route after forgetting to record the journey. I then used dashware to overlay the GPS data, I then re-imported the footage into Premiere Pro and added the soundtrack. result is below. 

Saturday 26th December 2020

Took the D1 out for a trip to the Mill, to look at the floodwaters. I am in desperate need of some split links for the Bantam.  Bike went well. 

D1 flood waters 26 dec 2020

Sunday 27th December 2020

Rode the D1 to Upwood, lovely bright day. GoPro played up on the way back. Filming cut short. Below is the short Video I shot. Experiencing clutch slip. Also speedo seems widly inaccurate. 


Monday 28th December 2020

Blimey it was cold today, i didnt venture far. Only to sort the control cable issue with the bantam, and I adjusted the timing on the B175. 

Tuesday 29th December 2020

VM 24 Carb came. I am going to have to blank off the two stroke oil feed nipple. Perhaps i will invest in a metric tap and die set. i will then plug with a bolt and washer. 

Wednesday 30th December 2020

A Very cold morning never the less, i went to the Garage, and changed the clutch cable on the B175. Adjusted the locking nut. Unfortunately I do not have a drive train on the B175. I am waiting for the split link to arrive tomorrow. I will fit the chain. Unfortunately I am going to have to order / adjust the existing cable. I will order the nipple and bits later this week. Weather is simply not very pleasent to work at the damp garage. I do very much enjoy walking and tinkering with the bikes located at the Garage. 

Thursday 31st December 2020

Last day of the year. Off to the Workshop to start looking at the clutch on the C15. Split link arrived last night, so should be able to sort the chain out on the B175. However I am still struggling to sort a front brake cable. GRRR. 



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