August 2020

Saturday 1st August 2020

Sorted the rocker box gaskets out on the T140. used some awful black loctite sealant. Lets hoped it worked. Tuesday night should see it tested ( white swan ) 

Rode the D1 over to Nicks. Its still in the Kitchen as I type this. Trying to get the tent on the back. 

Sunday 2nd August 2020

Ten of us for Breakfast - 11, but I'm on a fitness regime.  Went form Niks on my D1, and brought back the camping kit for the upcoming adventure. Photo below. Despite the weight the bike did not lose 1mph. Much joveiality at the pub. Ella had got drunk the previous Sunday, and got her boobs out. Wound her up that she was all over social media. She talked to Simon re career and her fustrations of driving to Birmingham every day for 15K !!!! fack. 

Bsa bantam d1 carrying a tent


Had an hour prepping the T140 for the US conversion. Made good headway. Will keep working this week before going on my Hols. 

Monday 3rd August 2020

Completed the US tranformation, rode out with Simon, had a pint in Somersham. chatted about the WMCC a little and the challenges. Bike is a very different beast with the US Kit on. Adjusted the tickover. Bike is transformed. 

Total cost inc post and VAT

New Tank £650
New Taps x2 £80
New US Spec Seat £180
New Handlebars  £40 
New Hydralics £20 
New Fluids £15
New Clutch Cable £25
New Throttle Cable £25
New Washers copper £4
New Tank Mount Horseshoe Rubbers £12

Total ROM £1,051 !!!! Eye Watering. 

US Spec with TSX bars T140 Dave Clough

Tuesday 4th August 2020

Rode out on the T140 to the WMCC - lovely evening, had a go on Waynes electric assisted bike. then on the way home took some pics at the Warboys clock tower. 

Wednesday 5th August 2020

Rode the T140 to meet Nik. Have a pint and rode home. Leeds tomorrow. 

Thursday 6th August 2020

Went down to Bike Superstore couldn't get any gloves, then to squires with dad and jason. Then on the way home a local scooter meet.  Brought a new trailer home then spent the afternoon with toothache x 

Friday 7th August 2020

Left Whittlesea MCC and advertised for a workshop ordered stainless bits for the triumph. Toothache

Saturday 8th August 2020 


Sunday 9th August 2020

Ramsey Classic. Wow. The numbers swelled. I took the T140

Monday 10th August 2020

Took the D1 out at night, had a lovely ride to the workshop and Niks, and Simons. 

dave clough bsa bantam

 Tuesday 11th August 2020

What a day took some bits over to Upwood. I then stopped to get some provisions and the B175 refused to start. Most Unusual. And Again when i left Niks. On taslking to friends its beleived that it was due to the ambient temps. Their is a thing called dieseling when explosions take place within the cylinder. 

Thursday 20th August 2020

Met Simon at the Canberra, then rode the long way to the MoDs meeting at the Barley Mow. As ever a laugh. Simon reported a sticking throttle. T140 Went well. 


Friday 21st August 2020

Rode a bicycle to the Garage, and took the Kawasaki to Upwood. 

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Saturday 22nd August 2020

Rode the D1 over to niks in strong winds, rode home and took a few photos. ordered a new side plate for the C15, and am now again making a list for TMS.

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Sunday 23rd August 2020

Weather was a little better than forecast, called George, and we agreed the gang would meet at the Jolly. Most of the talk was about Yorkie and a potential purchase in Wales of a Thruxton. I then rode 30 miles in blustery wind on the T140. Back, then out with the D1 for exploring later. For now the rain has arrived. 


Tuesday 25th August 2020

Early evening went to investigate the kickstart issue. Here's what I found ! 

Rode out on the T140 Locally, to trial the GoPro Glove camera, and take photos by the river. I really now need to focus on the Audio capture. I will try an external microphone placed around the bike with a wind sock. 


 Video Below  ( Latter Half ) Shows me testing a glove mounted GoPro. Audio is still giving me concerns. Will put some effort into capturing the audio from the pipes. 



Tuesday 25th August 2020

A windy day, prevented safe riding. Spent an hour in the garage, sorting parts out, I really really need to get some containers sorted and start sorting through bits and pieces before the winter sets in. I am making progress. But not enough. I must have a thousand spare bits, and a lot of rubbish to clear out. 

 Wednesday 26th August 2020

Found a great example of video mixed to music. For me its a little bit of a loop video but a good example how the scene is cut to the beat of the music

Late afternoon sorted the D1/7 engine - fitted new primary chain unfortunately the new engine case has a feed on top that leaks. I have ordered another from Ebay. Lets hope its good. Will fit soon. In the Evening Simon and I rode out and stopped and had a coke at the Green man colne. Another excellent night. 

outside green man

Friday 28th August 2020

Gasket and new engine side case day..... So,weather better than i thought. Up very early and fitted another engine case. Fortunately I had a D7 case gasket, as dpesite the other one being fitted only 12 hours early it broke on removal. 

I have used a new gasket sealent to trial Hilomar clear 300 - reviews are okay. I am now nervous as it is not fuel proof. I do not know if petrol will reach the upper seal when i flood the carb. Only time will tell. Rode home, and would like to take it for a spin prior to being totally happy. Added 400ml of 20/50w mineral into the gearbox. 

PM - Went back for an hour and installed some shelving to get bits off the floor.  Making slow progress. 

Hylosil® 300 Series Acetoxy Curing (OEM proven)
Wide operating temperature range -50 to +250ºC
High temperature version available with maximum operating temperature of 350ºC (depends on application)
Permanently flexible
Water and weather resistant
Resistant to automotive fluids (not fuel)
Engineering grade (no fillers or solvent added to reduce cost &/or performance)

Sunday 30th August 2020

Well, a day on the D1. Sorted out some shelving in the garage. Then rode the D1 to Houghton, used a GoPro. See video below. Then found a new place by the river. Lost the kickstart, then knocked up a temp fitting. Rode it from St. Ives through woodhurst where the wheel adjuster came off. I adjusted the wheel and limped home. Another day and a list of jobs.  

Bank Holiday Monday 31st August 2020

Weather was lovely, I wheeled the T140 out and rode to Trevor Bullen's in Needingworth. Discussed Johns DVD, and was informed he'd donated some stuff to me . I then rode home and revived a call from Simon, we arranged to meet at his at 1530. We then rode to George's for Coffee then rode via Doddington to the 141 and home. Later on I took the car to Trevs and collected some stuff donated to me from Johns estate. 





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