March 2019

Saturday 2nd March 2019

Well started to investigate the prawl / lack of kickstart engagement. Stripped the engine down and prawl was marked. But the return spring seemed weak, so new bits ordered. Attempted a dry fit of the Bantam D1 rear mudgaurd then continued to refit the garage, as the old garage was handed back to Richard. I also fitted a new rocker oil line, I was however defeated due to overheating a copper washer. New one ordered from Halfords. 

Sunday 3rd March 2019

Met George at the Pub for a chat re the Bantam Club, and then back to put more shelving up in the garage. I will spend a few hours sorting out the boxes as whilst the garage is definately taking shape I do need to prioritise what I need ready access to. 

Gallery Below of This Weekends Exploits. 

Monday 4th March 2019

Well a cold day, but really nice to ride to the Station on the Er5, with its new rear tyre. In the evening I received the Bantam rear brake arm and fitted it, blimey it was cold in the garage. Madness, but working hard to sort the thing out for this Sundays meet. 


Friday 8th March 2019 

Collected the T140 from dads, and delivered to the workshop. Used the small trailer. Came through some light rain. I will need to deep clean it before riding it. Hope to at least get an engine run this weekend. Bantam for the meet on Sunday - if the weather stays dry. 



Saturday 9th March 2019

A really long day. Firstly collected some sealent from Halfords. Tried to collect the aerosol from BP. No luck. I then started to the C15 gearbox re-assembly. All was going well until i dropped the split pin into the gearbox. Started again. Finished it later than thought. 

Then moved onto the B175, and the speedo and battery box spacers, then decided to use the right switch as an ignition kill button. 

Saturday 16th April 2019

Slightly later start this morning, but I made progress, the hardest part was fabricating the correct lengths of bar for the centre stand and getting the centre stand return spring fitted. But put the engine in, and I am slowly making assembly progress. Tommorow I am hopeful of fitting the rear mudguard and rack, and getting the chain guard aligned. This will crack the back of the dry build. Wrong exhaust tail on the D1, but will purchase one as soon as they start to be manufactured. 

Sunday 17th April 2019

Mid morning start on the D1, and work continued, engine casing back on, carbs messed with. Unfortunately the patten throttle does not work - common problem. Chain fitted, and bones cdi loose fitted.  Hail, and then on the B175 for a pint of Guiness at the old Ferry boat, need to re think the kill switch as I am sure it was arching out. Will remove it from the nacelle switch. 

Wednesday 20th March 2019

Well had a later start, as I waited for the postman, and fortunately the woodruff keys turned up. I first started to install the new tomtom on the kwak, but hit a snag, as the mount was broken. I then went to the garage and started on the D1 rear mudguard. Then onto the centre stand of the B175, then onto the ignition switch, replaced and drilled. All in all a long day, but rewarded by a nice ride in mild weather to Upwood. 


 d1 progress


Saturday 23rd March 2019

Run out with Simon to Addy and working on the D1 - failed to start

Sunday 24th March 2019

Run out on the Bantam, filmed Yorkie and recommisioned the T140 fit the sat nav to kwak

Weekend Gallery

Monday 25th March 2019

Rang Rex, and ordered new seals and gaskets and new main jet for D1 carb, also confirmed that Sterling had the right nuts and bolts in for the T140 

Wednesday 27th March 2019 

Well I rushed home .... and my 1951 runs again for the first time since 1978. Changed the 361 carb that was giving me problems for a better condition 361. She started second kick. Still lots left to do, but giant step forward in this project. It's seen me collect parts for over ten years. This is a dry build to check components pre blast and paint - B/W to save your eyes from 50 shades of green. i'll do 20:1 on the first tank - 25:1 from then - might even get her rolling under her own power this weekend. Then strip for paint.

Friday 29th March 2019

Well a very busy day. I started by getting what I thought was the C15 front metal ready for blasting, but it turned out I was wrong, and wasted an hour cleaning it up. Then onto the removing the rocker box screws from the T140. Then onto the D1, and sorting the nuts and bolts out. 

Rode to Whittlesea, and bought some cleaner. then onto Bike and Trikes for a split link. rode home, then tried the polish. WOW - I will spend tomorrow morning cleaning the bonnie. 

Saturday 30th March 2019

Tried the cleaning products. My weakness let me down. I need to get stronger on the left side. Cleaned the T140, and had lunch at the Admiral Wells. Then went for a localish ride, then came back and talked to Jason. Riding the Sprint St back from Dads in Leeds. Weather looks promising.  Having to take oil and battery up to Leeds. Gallery of Todays ride out on the T140 below. Need to order a D1 clutch cable. 


Sunday 31st March 2019

Collected the Sprint from Leeds, flippin awful A1. But its back home. Photographed Jasons Bike. Spent an hour juggling the bikes in the garage. WIll have to move things around a little. ST is a large bike. Clutch cable on the D1 is a challange. Will remake tomorrow as the nights are a lot lighter. 

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