June 2019

9th June 2019

Taken of me by Eliza. 



10th June 2019

Ramsey Classic on the C15 over 150 bikes, and lovely weather. What a turnaround after being in Leeds, and looking after Dad and Jason. 

15th June 2019

Lovely day spent spannering, Bob and his wife took the Kawasaki 500 round the garage compound. I fitted a new chain to the ER, and will have to switch the link for a clip. 

17th June 2019

Rode on the C15 with Simon to the ferry boat pub. Lovely evening, but I do have a terrible noise coming from the clutch. Will strip ASAP.


19th June 2019

HCR Plugging three shows 


21st June 2019 

So I spent all night stripping my favourite BSA clutch apart and couldn’t find anything wrong. Sat on the Victoria line and started looking at the pictures taken last night before losing light. I think the black streaking could indicate that the Cush rubbers have disintegrated. Most of the bike is nearly 70 years old. Hoping to undo the three screws and take a look.


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