Jan 2019

Tuesday 1st Jan 2019

Might not be well enough for anything more than a wander down the gargage, but that's what I'm planning todo today. Went down and moved the Kawasaki onto permanent charge by the front of the house in readiness to return to work 

Wednesday 2nd Jan 2019

Spent the morning trying to see if I could get the centre stand tubing, and took the D1 rear to the blacksmith. Was quoted £50, matt took me in the van. Will keep looking for the tubing. I am thinking of commisioning the tube myself. 

Thursday 3rd Jan 2019

Fitted the handlebars to the D1 and Matt and I moved some bits to the new Garage. rode the D7 to the Garage and back again, as I could not secure it confidently. Ordered some new locks from Amazon. £24.99

Saturday 5th Jan 2019

Had posted a meet up to ride to the Admiral Wellsm trouble was that the Holme crossing was closed. Fortunately Andy made it over, I rode via the old A1.  5 degrees ground temp. Photos below.

Sunday 6th Jan 2019

Made some adjustments to the speedo cable, and it works. This morning I fitted new locks to the garage, and scured it best I could. 

Monday 8th Jan 2019

Steel tube arrived, and took it Andy for making into stand spacers for the D1. Annoyingly bad design. 


Saturday 12th Jan 2019

Sorted the replacement speedo, and tried to secure the tank with the top bracket. Speedo works, need a bit more work on securing the tank. 

Sunday 12th Jan 2019

Well what can I say, the bikes totalled 60, and many others came in cars or two up. Gallery below. Splendid.

Sat PM

Moved the ramp into the new garage and mounted the D1 for stand placement. 


Monday 14th Jan 2019

After the dentist, I moved some kit from the old Garage to the new. Errected the shelving and started putting some kit on the shelves. 

Here's a short video of me trying to work out the spacers on the main bar. 

Friday 18th Jan 2019

Continued to move garage, got out briefly on the C15 to the thicket. Actually fell off but okay. Started to make progress on te D1 stand, and the garage is coming along. See below.

Saturday 19th Jan 2019

Rode to Simons on the B175, had a cuppa then onto Nicks.



Sunday 20th Jan 2019

Rode home on the B175, and broke the back of the garage clearance. In the morning took the 65 D7 engine out and its now in the Garage awaiting transfer to the shed. Starting to enjoy riding the B175. I would like to check the timing though, and the oil levels. Really struggling to work out which Bantams to sell and which to keep. Right now I am thinking D1 and B175. Sell the two D7's. Was approached by the camp guard after taking a photo at the front gate. 


Saturday 26th Jan 2019

Run out on the C15 called into see Stuart, and took some pictures of Casemates at Ramsey Forty Foot and Pondersbridge. Lovely day. 


Sunday 27th Jan 2019

Run over to Ants to help with BSA went over via Sawtry and back the same route.


Could not be happier with the C15's running. I do need to look at the throttle as the hand grip is sticking. 

Progress on the D1, albeit small steps D1 engine placed into the frame. 


Wednesday 30th Jan 2019

Well my day ended better than I had hoped, and earlier. What did I do ? Jump on a bike. 

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