Feb 2019

Friday 1st Feb 2019

DDB 12++ is the last generation of the D1 engine with the larger pitch to the studs and the larger barrel went in a frame supplied to Imperial motors Bedford on the 12/11/1954.
+++42 YD is one of the later first generation motors with the narrow stud pitch and the small fin barrel shipped in frame YD1 44436 went to Coleman depot liverpool on the 1/11/1950

so would probably have been in a 51 registered bike.


Saturday 2nd Feb 2019

Somerset show cancelled due to snow. So spent a small fortune on the internet getting all the parts i need to proceed rebuilding the D1. Next thing to do is to take the 54 engine appart. 


Sunday 3rd Feb 2019

Spent the evening in the shed, stripping down the Bantam D1's engine to check for wear etc. 

Wednesday 6th Feb 2019

first attempt at the decoke of the D1 fishtail - need a camera to see inside the thing as I dont think the issue is carbon. Left outside for a couple of hours to see if it is carbonated. Lots of parts arriving both here and upwood. Will report progress.

Sunday 10th Feb 2019

My second meet at The Jolly Sailor, absoloute wash out. However around 15 bikers turned up. Three bikes, Lloyd and his mate, and a Gentleman on his Matchless G3. See Photos below. I have also ammended the March poster to show that the poster is referring to Cambs. In the afternoon I used matts van to move some of the last bits out of the garage. In the evening I went and used the gunk on the D1 

Friday 15th Feb 2019

Well a mixed day, rode the C15 out for a couple of hours, then jumped on the B175 but had a rear puncture. Rescued then trailered it back, then took the Er5 to the MoT. Barry passed it without any hesitation. Long day, time for a beer.

Saturday 16th Feb 2019

Had arranged to meet Simon enroute to the old barn at Waden, however he could not start his bike, so I rode alone for over 50 miles on the C15. The fork yoke bolts worked very loose causing the forkes to shake when the front brake was applied. Soon sorted it out. Day was warm, but damp. Lovely ride. Will drop the oil as soon as I have light nights. Agreen to swap my rear wheel C15 for some work on the rigid. Still have to work out the rear brake arm mount point.  and the oil tank mounts. One thing I have to do is sort out the speedo orientation and the light to indicate i have lights on. Yesterday I bought a tomtom rider 40. Having spoken to tom tom they will activate the maps once bought. 

Route - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WHg66qUvoU-6hyBN-TvS_sLcuM4Dx3cM&usp=sharing

Sunday 17th Feb 2019

Not so much riding today - but rode home first thing, then took a good look at the C15 forks - tightened them up on the top nut. I then removed the wheel on the B175 for Nick to take to Steves, I then decided to take a closer look at the rear wheel on the D1 as the rear brake was seized solid, and this needs to be able to move under its own steam soon to give me chance to put the other bikes onto the lift. A good day Spannering - missing the chain adjusters from the rear wheel, which is a shame as their expensive. 

Thursday 21st Feb 2019

Mild night so went to the Garage ( new ) and continued the dry fit of various parts. Brake switch will be required, had an hour lit by the large LED light. Then removed an awful bodge job of washers. Will cut some tube to replace the dozen or so washers. 



Saturday 23rd Feb 2019

Well the weather initially was not as nice as predicted. It was still foggy when Ants arrived at the Wyton Roundabout. nether the less we rode to the Ferryboat at holywell, and sat and had coffees. We then rode to Ely, and Ants bought several hand tools. I will deliver them this coming week. All in all a great day. Sunday was spent emptying the Garage, and working out why the Kickstart will not engage on the C15. Suspect prawl AGAIN. Will take the opportunity to put the BSA Star on the engine side, and fit the Oil feed pipe to the head. 

Sunday 24th Feb 2019

New Portrait. Took a hundred, and a lot of PhotoShop. 



Wednesday 27th Feb 2019

Well a really long day, and after yesterdays bad news I focused on the day being really nice. Firstly I collected the D1 rear mudguard B175 rear from Steves, then fitted, then went back for the Er5 rear, fitted. Had a disaster forgot to attach the brake arm, and its snapped off. New one ordered from Ebay. Should be here in a few days. One step forward, one step back. Should be here by the weekend. 

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