December 2019


Sun 1st December 2019

Simon and Bogdan helped get the D7 running and the T140. T140 was a little lumpy but it worked. Thanks fellas. 


Sat December 7th 2019

Started the Kawasaki Er5 for ten minutes, and sprayed the T140 with ACF 50 before returning the motorcycle to the garage. 


Wed 25th December 2019

Started and rode the D7 around the garage block - the head gasket has gone. New one has arrived. 

Sunday 29th December 2019 

Bogdan and I started both the Bantams up. They both started a lot easier. Re- located the Kawsaki onto the dolly. Most of the cardboard is damp and will need replacing. I also bought 11 litres of fuel, stil need to mix this. 

IMG 4396

Monday 30th December 2019 

Started to collate all the parts of the C15 clutch. As the days get longer i will eventually tackle the rebuild. Tomorrow I would like to start the D1

Tuesday 31st December 2019

A typical damp day, we are going to try and get the D1 started. 



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