November 2018


Saturday 3rd November 2018

Rolled the B175 out, and took for two or three short runs. Fitted the correct rear chain, and the chain guard. mixed some more 20:1 two stroke to help the running in. All in all a good afternoons work. Ordered a new pancake filter from Hitchcocks. £20 



 Sunday 4th November 2018

Weather until 10am was not as nice as that forecast, so I called Ants and Jo and cancelled the run to Ely. Had for a long time, but brought home just how crap the side stand was on the B175, and how poor the photos were when the bike was so leened over ( see above photo ) 

With that in mind, and having watched several youtube videos I thought I would give my Ebay welder another run for its money. Below is a video of the process, and the result. 

I then decided having tried a bones new long stand ( 250mm instead of 230mm ) that I would tidy up and take the C15 out for a spin. Simon had after all offered me a cuppa. Who could refuse. Anyways as ever an eventful run. On the way I rode to Upwood old base and decided I would look for the Tank I had spotted some years ago.  I rode round for several minutes and could not find the tank, however I had a bigger problem. The gear leaver decided to slip on the shaft and the only thing i could do was start the bike on the centre stand and keep the revs on whilst I jumped on the bike. I made very slow progress to Simons, however he tightened the clamp on the lever and off I set the long way home. Took the following photos. Have received many kind words since posting them on social media. This week I will have to sort out the non functional headlight. 

Tuesday 6th November 2018

S&B Airfilter arrived for B175, and I have tracked a good gear spline down for the C15. Jason called to say he had washed and ran the sprint. Suggested we take the battery off. This evening riding to Simons and then off in his car to the WMCC. 

Friday 9th November 2018

Well for the first time this year i felt cold on the bike, despite the under fleece on the Buffalo top. Will have to keep an eye on the clutch on the Er5. It is not slipping but does feel very "soft" probably not making much sense. 

Saturday 10th November 2018

Well what a day. Started by sorting the headlamp fitting on the C15.  Used the heat shrink, rather than bullet connectors. Then ground off the legacy fittings on the larger Craven top box. Sorted the light, then started the B175. 

First job was to try and fit the S&B pancake filter, had to take the battery box appart to fit, then removed the carrier from the d7, and put it onto the B175. Not an easy task ( should have been ) anyways fitted it, then onto the exhaust and battery. This all took far too long, by this time the heavens opened. Then to top it all i lost the ignition keys. hot wired the ignition and it started with full choke. Needs quite a lot of choke. Weather was grim by this time. 

b175 web

Looking forward to Sunday, as its the last BSA Meet. 

Sunday 11th November 2018

Woken during the night with rain against the window. The day was not looking good for my last BSA Meet at Upwood. As the time came closer, I decided to go on the C15. I had forgot about the small jobs that the Bantam needed in order to ride a Bantam to the meet. Tank bolt is on order, and the tank centre bolt needs sorting. Oh, and find the ignition key or fit a new switch. Tried the lights and it all seemed good. A very good turnout for the meet, post the meet I rode via Pondersbridge and the Casemate that I have always wanted to photograph. into Whittlesea for the memorial service, then home. Lovely day.  Enjoying using the multiple exposures and compositing them into the image as below.  Had a chat with Andy at the meeting and he should be able to help with turning the centre pin down. Fingers crossed that the Nutley will progress soon. 


Monday 12th November 2018

Well with the click of a finger I've gone and bought another BSA - 1951 Project bike. will sell the green D7 to offset the cost. 

Tuesday 13th November 2018

Well despite the purchase the seller seems reluctant to give me a text / phone contact number. I will have to plan collection another day, later in the week. I am having to get my head round the fitting of the correct mudguards. 

Thursday 15th November 2018

Well the seller came good on the BSA D1 Bantam, it looks a lot better than the photos as advertised. brought it home, and later this evening I bought a front mudguard after being told they are relatively rare. Below is the gallery of the days catch.


Friday 16th November 2018

Took the T140 to Leeds. No worries getting it into Dads Garage. 

Saturday 17th November 2018

Busy morning, Yamaha XL125R strapped on trailer off to hibernate at Nanny Jeans later, Work finished on the re-commissioning of the B175. Took her up the mad mile at 20,30,40 and she passed 50mph easily.

Engine does feel as though its starting to loosen up. Approaching 50 miles on short trips since engine rebuild.

Investigated the C15 speedo not working and the cable had snapped on the gearbox output. New one ordered from fleabay.

Did a dry fit of all the parts on My 51 BSA. I bought a front wheel complete from Mick, and sold the leg shield bracket for not much less than the complete wheel. Just having a bacon butty then off for a spin on my 250 BSA.

I headed through St. Ives, then into Over and back through St. Ives. All in all a wonderful day.  Took the D7 to Chloe, please see this weekends Gallery below Sundays Post. 

Sunday 18th November 2018

Sat having a bacon butty, and I receive a text from Brian, I rushed home, and set off to meet him at Breakdown junction. We rode over to the old barn. Many laughs, lovely afternoon. I do have to sort the levers out as the brake lever is shagged post falling over in the pillar box photo ( see above ) lost the horn during the ride. Not litterally but re-connected it successfully. Bought a second hand centre stand from Fleabay, and have started to watch a rear mudguard listed this evening, looks very good conditon. Bike will need cleaning and all levels checked it has done some mileage. Also need to check the exhaust - it may be leaking from the head end. 


Thursday 29th November 2018

Started the dry build of the D1, and nipped a rear tube up. Managed the front one. Need to start working out some of the bolts and nuts as the thing is not stable. It does not have a stand. I will start by taking a look at the engines next week. 

below is a Gallery of todays work. Hopefully this weekends weather will be better than predicted. Sunday we have to sort the new pub out. 





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