Jan 2018 

Monday 1st Jan 2018

Took a ride out to Costas, testing cameras side by side. Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worst, and the heavens opened.  I may try again later in the year. 

Tuesday 2nd Jan 2018

Rode to the station, tyres making me nervous, unreasonably so. Must be contaminated with fuel / oil. Will check out the oil level, as it's not showing on the sight glass. 

Wednesday 3rd Jan 2018

Rode to the station, jolly windy it was as well. Topped the oil up - 200ml. Difficult call though as the sight glass is cloudy. I think external temperature did this. Need to keep an eye on it, as I may have overfilled. Note to self, I need to swap the open face helmet for full face.

Saturday 6th Jan 2018

Last minute descision to cadge a lift to Newark to the Classic bike show, I bought a long overdue kneeling mat, and what I was told was the throttle cable. Turns out that this cable is wrong, and I am back to looking at the Carb that is currently fitted to this D7. More testing and riding of the bike will be required. I am confident that this can be sorted. 

2017 - Bantam In The Saddle

7th Jan 2018

Dry and bright day. Decided to take a look at the 3rd Bantam, and see if i could get it to tickover. Removed the carb, and could see the slide, no slack on the cable, and slide adjuster was working just fine. Removed the new carb from Black betty and things got no better, other than a back fire. Spoke to Andy S in Whittlesea, and he suggests checking the cdi and the plug over. Will order new plugs for this coming season to be safe for all of the Bantams. 

Sat 13th Jan 2018

3birdsHDR web

Well came home to try and get black betties twist grip working. Re-fitted the cable, and it screamed its head off. Outer cable too long. Will have to rethink. I have lost the rubber grip, and when refitting the 2nd D7 with the original carb it would not tick over - carb cable too long. Extremley curious. Looks as though I might be going to the first BSA Bantam meet in 2018 on a Jap bike - Grrrr. 

Sunday 14th Jan 2018

Well forecast was correct, dull and dry. Temp hovering just above freezing. Spent a restless night, wondering and planning if I should rob one BSA to make them work. I decided not to, and rode the Kawasaki to the meet. Only three Bantams, Si, Jerry and George. But what a collection of bikes. 

Sunday 21 Jan 2018

Drove to the Springfields bike show, first attempt at using the Gimble in Anger, mainly club stands on display. Didn't buy anything at all. here's the resultant video. 

Monday 22 Jan 2018

Well where does one start. Andy Simpson set off to Holbeach Clough this morning, and I came away with a 1978 T140 and an early C15 BSA. Lovely bikes, and I cannot wait until I return on Saturday to collect them on the trailer with Simon and Ants. Below are a few photos of todays adventures.

Saturday 27th Jan 2018

Collected the two bikes, Trailer towed home lovey, in terrible terrible weather. Matthew helped unload the bikes. Here's the photo Gallery of the bikes arriving home in Cambridge. T140 & C15. 

C15 will hopefully run as smooth as this, it's certainly different territory from the Bantam. 

Sunday 28th Jan 2018

Failed to initially start the T140 and then discovered that the battery was nearly dry. Have ordered a Glass Matt Battery from Amazon MB9U once Jonathon connected the jump leads it started very quickly and easily. I have hurt my leg badly.

Monday 29th Jan 2018

At home researching the parts needed for the C15. Sat wondering which bike to sell. More likely the B175 and the yet to be registered

D7. Shame but I cannot keep all of these bikes. tried to touch base with Electrex World - will try again soon.  






Tuesday 30th Jan 2018

Still off with bad leg as T140 kicked back. Cleaned up the B175 gearbox side in readiness for rebuilding. I also ordered several parts for the BSA C15. 

Went with Simon to the Whittlesea Motorcycle Club. Had a laugh, and bumped into Wayne from the Gauntlet Auto Project. We will have to have a ride in. Lovely evening. 

Wednesday 31st Jan 2018

Several small items turned up, still no call from electrex, fustrating as hell. Leg getting better, Halfords 20/50 is £20 for five litres. Andy simpson recommends it. Got to be good !


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