Feb 2018

Thursday 1st Feb 2018

Rode to the station, no evidence to say it's getting lighter in the morning, however as I got to Kings Cross it was lighter. Tomorrow I ride to MK - Datacentre. 

Friday 2nd Feb 2018

Rode and met Dan at the Unisys Data Centre, then onto Mcdonalds for lunch, it was cold with a head wind. Quite night in watching movies. 

Saturday 3rd Feb 2018 

Weather shocking, preventing any work on any of the bikes. I am consious that I need at least one BSA working for next weekends meet. I have not been to a 2018 meet on a bsa. GRRRR. Will swap the cable for the 65 D7, wont give me tickover but it'll get me running. 

In the meantime I am ordering some screws to hold the tank plates on. 1/4"BSF x 1/2" 

BSA Petrol Tank

I am hopeful that tomorrow is as dry as predicted and I can get some hours on the bike. 

Sunday 4th Feb 2018

Well up and down the garage by 9am. Lots of work carried out. New battery fitted to the T140. Still could not get it to start, on investigation I found a dead spark plug. Two new ones ordered. Then the carb rubbers looked dangerously worn. New ones ordered. Then i replaced the twist grip on the D7, so that it is ready for this coming Sundays run to Upwood. Then I proceeded to drain the oil from the BSA C15, in prep for the electrex unit being fitted this weekend coming. New plug ordered for the C15 as well. Will need to order some 20/50w oil for the C15. 

Late Sunday evening I posted the following video, members were quick to point out that the chain tensioner is missing. I have made an offer on one advertised on Ebay. Why is it these old bikes take so much looking after. Only just gettting my head around this C15. Have made my mind up to sell two of my Bantams. 

Just a few of the photos I took today. It was so cold, but rain did not arrive until 14:30. Lets hope I have not caught anything. 

Tuesday 6th Feb 2018

Was fortunate enough to work from home, and managed to get a lunch hour out on the C15. Below is a short video of todays efforts.

Wednesday 7th Feb 2018

Spark plugs turned up along with several other items, that'll hopefully mean we turn a corner with both recently aquired bikes. 

Saturday 10th Feb 2018

Well after a week of fretting I managed to start the T140 several times, initally had to put petrol down the plug hole. Needs tweaking for the tickover but an eventful day. 

Started to work on the C15, in the hallway. Work progressing on the Electrex - may need to fabricate some brackets for the coil, cdi and injectors. 

Sunday 11th Jan 2018

BSA Meet at Upwood. Cold and bright and whilst rain was forecast I took the D7 out for the first time. I had forgotten how different it was from the b175

Thursday 15th Feb 2018

Well took an age to change the carb rubbers, most of the time was spent working out how to get to the area. Anyways their sorted, and I have managed to start the bike without too much drama. I then worked on the electex , and the ignition.  Photos below. 

Saturday 17th Feb 2018

Spent the day sorting bikes, first went to meet local judge, who signed my application for a number plate on the 1965 BSA, then onto the T140 750cc Bonnie, and the 250 BSA. New zena diode on the T140, charging problems sorted. Then rest of the day putting new fuel and oil lines on to the 250 BSA. Hoping to start the engine on the BSA next weekend.

Friday 23rd Feb 2018

Spent a very cold day trying to tidy up the garage, in order to find the sump gasket for the C15. As ever it turned up. However could not find the filter. did manage to tidy the garage, and get some bits sorted. Never the less - my idea of using the bantam bits did not work.  GRRR - Tomorrow I hope to sort the wiring out. 

Saturday 24th Feb 2018 

Spent two hours researching the fork headlamp hangers, as I want to move into the wiring part of the bike. GRRRRR

Well a very cold day, made better by the fact I have removed the forks, and completed most of the wiring for the electrex ignition system. I hope to complete tomorrow and get the bike ready for starting it's engine next weekend. Several small parts needed.

1. Front seat bracket.

2. Battery compartment fettle and make a strap

3. Replace the rear brake switch

All told a pleasent day. really need to start thinking about the loom, and the existing wiring as found on the Bantam.

Sunday 25th Feb 2018 

Slow going today, bright but barely above freezing. Mainly wiring, and getting my head around the loom that has been started on the bike. Connected several earths to frame, and evben dry fitted a small 21v battery. Relocated the horn, and the Cdi from yesterday. Need to break into the current loom as the horn wire to pos is at the front. 12v bulb fitted to the rear, for testing the brake light switch. Hopefully this coming week will see several important parts turn up.  Lets hope I can get some time on the bike this coming weekend. Still too dark to work on the bike after work. Late afternoon I used Simons Sonic Cleaner on the C15 monobloc.

Monday 26th Feb 2018

Spent the evening working out the wiring, and researching parts. confidence is growing that I'll be able to get the bike running this weekend. As ever AMAL are slow to despatch.

Tuesday 27th Feb 2018

Spent any spare time reading up on fuses for Motorcycling looms, and working out the weekends wiring diagrams. The sump parts have arrived and the new Amal grips have arrived. 




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