September 2018


Saturday 1st September 2018

I finished the fitting of the exhaust, the nuts holding the radiator trim on, just needs some fuel adding. Annoyingly the water from the radiator overfill sits in the plug holes causing the bike to miss fire until the water has evaporated. 

This afternoon I rode to the Hemingford Classic show, had an enjoyable afternoon on the field, for the first time I printed and laminated a description sheet. Will ammend and put further information on the sheet. 

BSA bantam at the Hemingford show 2018

Sunday 2nd August 2018

Went down the garage after lunch. Checked that nothing was distrubed as the bike was missing on the test run. Removed the tanks and nothing was missing. I then fitted the replacement clutch cable to the T140. I then started looking at the D7 1966. I removed the battery, and then replaced the Horn, for a 6Volt model. However the wiring loom needs replacing - my first attempt and making a new loom. It is certainly on my list to replace. 

I then rode the T140e to Ely, and took the DSLR. had a lovely run. I will not get many evenings like this before the winter sets in. Gallery below shows my results. I then went to the shed and rebuilt part of the clutch side of the D14. All in all a great evening. 

Monday 4th September 2018

Dissapointed to report that I have a fuel leak on the Kawasaki, preventing its use. Fustrating. I will take a look soon. Rode to the Royal Oak in Warboys on the D7. Wow it gets dark so soon, but still warm. 

BSA Bantam, d7 at night

Tuesday 4th September 2018 

put a fuel clamp on the Kawasaki - took to Oldhurst - missing like mad . Time to lift the fuel tank again and check all wires and plugs. GRRR. Will report progress. So today was a mixed bag. This afternoon a myraid of jobs. Kawasaki Er5 fuel leak sorted. Miss fire sorted. Handlebar mirror on the Bantam, sorted. Main jet query on the T140 sorted thanks to Andrew Stimson and TMS in Nottingham. Turns out with peashooters 210 is the correct main jet 200 without. Just to prove Kwak good I rode up to Oldhurst and bought tea for Dan and I - Wimbledon sausages - Pork and Strawberry. Jury out but will report findings later. Tonight in the shed hoping to nearly finish the B175 rebuild. I want to run the engine up Sunday evening.

Hit the buffers down the shed, as I cannot find the clutch centre nut to complete the primary side of the B175. Also the piston clamp bought today was no good at all. GRRRR - back to drawing board. 


Wednesday 5th September 2018 

Well we had every intention to ride east towards somersham. However the weather looked again like closing in from the east. So we rode for fuel. But Ants bike closed down due to me incorrectly messing with the fuel tap.  So we filled with fuel then rode the long way to the Elephant and Castle Pub and chatted awhile.  Rode home in the dark. All in all a lovely night. 

blog pub at night


Saturday 8th September 2018 

Met Simon and the lads from the Whittlesea MCC to rode to Pidley. It rained and I did not stay for long.


Sunday 9th September 2018

Piston in the head and work on the Bantam Engine ( B175 ) continues.


Monday 10th September 2018 

Tried metal polishing the case sides. Bloody hell. It's dirty work. 

Tuesday 11th September 2018

Bantam Engine building again.

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Wednesday 12th September 2018

Trailered the C15 up to Robs and did some welding. What a top bloke. 


Thursday 13th September 2018

Rode to the elms on the T140, getting dark so quickly. 

Friday 14th September 2018

Started to connect the fuel lines to the Kawasaki, lost light. Went into the shed, and continued the rebuild. This time, I insured I had the right PPE. I am hopeful that I can start the engine this weekend. 

Saturday 15th September 2018

Wow what a productive day. Engine fitted to the B175, although I had to take the engine casing off. As the kickstart locked up. Link below to some ideas.

Still quite a lot to do, but making progress and will hopefully have a bike ready to run sometime tommorow. Gallery above should show the recently rebuilt bike.

Starting to think that I should consider getting the frame and bits powder coated.

Just a list of bits to do.

1. Weld Centre Stand

2. Tank bolts

3. Fuel pipe

4. engine bolt bottom rear

5. Choke is not working

6. Bones Cdi - check placement

7. Clean exhaust.

8. Rear rack

9. Refit Air filter

10. Kickstart shim


 Sunday 16th September 2018

completed the rebuild and took the bike to the regional home. Cross Keys Upwood.


It nipped up twice. dissapointed. But will perhaps give this bike lots of short runs. 

resting b175

Monday 17th September 2018

took a look at the piston on the B175. Took five minutes to reveal the damage. 

Articles on Trimming / Ensuring a fit.

Looks as though their is an art to this ring fitting. Need to read the articles below and take it in.

BSA Bantam Specific Ring Gap Forum Chat.

PM 17th September 2018

Rode to the Royal Oak - Warboys, met Brian there one other person came on a Harley then several other bikers, they kept themselves to themselves.  Created a poster for the pub to promote the event. 

bike night poster2 Copy

Lots of small parts arrived the following week, with the aim of working on the bike Friday. Didn't happen

Saturday 22nd September 2018

Spent the day getting the many jobs needed to be done on the C15. I eventually suceeded. Took for a short spin to the Mill at Houghton and through the village a couple of times. Gearbox needs oil and the bike needs to have a front guard fitted.  Incoming weather this coming week should mean the bike riding takes off for at least another week.

Sunday 23rd September 2018

Well the morning was a wash out, although it did not spoil the conversation around the table with the lads from the BSA Bantam meet. 

Monday 24th September 2018

Rode early evening to the Royal Oak, and had a pint - went on the C15, and enjoyed meeting up with Ants and Joanne. 

Tuesday 25th September 2018

Planning to go to Whittlesea MCC with Simon. Need to return Andy's tools to him. 

Friday September 2018

Saturday September 2018

Sunday 30 September 2018

Rode to the Sand and Bike Show in Leighton Buzzard, saw some fantastic bikes, and met a lovely lady riding an HRD. Rode back and took more snaps. TBH wrong bike to ride down the A1. Never again. 



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