December 2018

Saturday 1st December 2018

Damp wet morning, with the promise that it'll be better tomorrow. I noticed the Iceni are meeting at the Silver Ball, and I've decided to go on the C15. I decided to fit the top box, and blimey was it a jopb or waht. used the vice to bend some brackets and some old rubber to create a non slip surface for the bracket to connect to. Really looking forward to riding to the meet. 

Sunday 2nd December 2018

Silver Ball Cafe Royston. Well it was a wet road, very sunny day. I rode the c15 to the silver ball. Took my time, and stopped at the Costa at Caxton. then onto have breakfast with the Widows Sons. See photos below. 


On returning home I swapped the clutch lever over. I then need to sort the other side out. I will have to take a close look at the throttle body, as its sticking only when on the handlebar. I will be interested to work out the problem. I also need advice on the timing of the bike.  Rear light on the B175 is no longer working. Need to investigate. 

Wednesday 5th December 2018

Wet !!! - really wet. 

Saturday 8th December 2018

Rode towards Godmanchester looking for Photo opportunities, I didn't find that many.



I have ordered new levers as the replacement Bantam lever causes the inner cable to rub.


Sunday 9th December 2018

My morning started off wet. However by 11 the sun came out and I headed over to George in Ramsey, took several photos of his D1, to aid me sorting my bike out. I then rode back collecting my keys from Upwood, calling in at the Jolly Sailor Paul the landlord seemed well pleased to welcome our small band to his pub. Next meeting the 2nd Sunday in Jan.  Below is a gallery of the weekend.


Thursday 13th December 2018

Brought the C15 into the hall and fitted new levers - much better, I do need to sort out correct control cables. 

Friday 14th December 2018

Took the day off work and took the BSA B175 out for a run, very pleasing results, although it nipped up once very briefly. Well the thermals were donned, and I’ve been out and about continuing to run my B175 in. It easily Past it’s recorded GPS speed of 62mph on two short bursts but varying it’s speed tremendously to avoid a nip up again. Still on 20:1 not brave enough to back off just yet. This morning work continued on my 51 D1 have to say popped to shop on my 250 BSA due to larger top box. Early morning I had a couple of flakes of snow.

broughton b175

64.8mph - Still running her in. New four stroke Amal, Bones Cdi, and new rod and piston from Rex pre the recent re bore it went well past 70 on GPS. Getting there slowly roughly 230 miles in since re-bore. Slowly does it - I'll lift the head in another 100 miles and take out the extra alloy gasket.


I have a George Todd head for it somewhere. Might even get the dremel out in the dark weeks of winter - of course i will bore you all to death with my exploits. 


speed map

Saturday 15th December 2018

Speedo Woes - cable placement seems hard. I do need to investigate if I have a bigger problem with the gearbox. 

Saturday 22nd December 2018

Just thought i would post this pre restoration video of a D1 - 1951 plunger mudguard as purchased. I am using the local blacksmith to cut sections out and replace with new steel. This'll be done between Christmas and New Year. Wanted to show how good he is and how one can salvage what appears to be a rotten guard. These guards in good condition fetch close to £320 !!!!!! (1948-53)

Monday 24th December 2018

Changed to the coils on the Kawasaki Er5, dissapointed to report that the HT Lead was not long enough. But changed the coils, and the caps. Took for a test run into Huntingdon. No Miss fire. Later in the afternoon I took the c15 out on my favourite route. and went home by going along a slightly longer route. 

C15 sunset with title


25th December 2018 

Man Flu strikes, despite this made a start on the highlight movie of 2018, then because it was bugging me I sorted the wiring out on the D1 headlamp shell. I now have a plan on how to wire the bike. Ordered some W clips, and Brake lever return spring. 

26th December 2018

Full blown cold. Despite this spent over 12 hours editing the video. I do need to refine the mixes, but have spent time learning some shortcuts. Next year I must focus on more video, several months I have very little video. Shame, but must concentrate on getting different angles. 

27th December 2018

Again, all day video editing, completed bar the infilm titling, and mastering the cross fade on the audio tracks. It's nearly 28mins long pre the opening statement - 30mins. 

28th December 2018

W Clips and brake pedal spring arrived today, still too poorly to go and attempt a fit.