November 2017

Wed 1st November 2017

Ordered new oil, plugs, filter for the Kawasaki ER5. Hopefully here for next weekend. 

Sat 4th November 2017

Rode the Bantam B175 to Upwood, CDI running with no battery. 

Sun 5th November 2017 - BSA Bantam Meet Upwood. 

Lovely weather, the forecast was right. Lots for friends, and nearby clubs turned out to support one of the last meets this year. 

On returning home I upgraded the fuel line on the B175, and did a dry fit of the pannier brackets to the B175. Ideally need to fabricate some spacers, and dry fit to the rack. 

I then fitted the strangler to the Mikuni Carb, albeit I am still struggling to get the tickover correct. I lifted the needle to the top mark. Bike seems to run better, although the tickover is too high. 

Sat 11th November 2017

Rain did not arrive as predicted, so took the opportunity to change the spark plugs on the ER5, and in doing so, I split the fuel lines. I replaced the braided hose from Verities. Took a little starting, but she ran eventually. I have not tested the grips yet. I am giving the glue time to set. Tomorrow, I hope to complete the oil and filter change. Getting to the plugs a nightmare. 


Sunday 11th November 

Spent the last part of the morning completing the servicing the Kawasaki, all went well. The bike took just over 3 litres of 10/40 mineral. Tightened the chain, and that'll hopefully see the bike good for the coming cold winter. 

IMG 4596

IMG 4598

11th November 2017 PM - Late afternoon. 

Decided that I should test the Kawasaki having done so much work on the bike, took a ride to the Memorial in Huntingdon, Oxford hand grips work well enough. Takes a few minutes to warm up. All plumbing checked and no leaks. 

IMG 4623

IMG 4608

IMG 4615

12th November 2017 - PM 

Collected a replacement single bike trailer from South Cambridgeshire, it'll make the driveway clearer, and easy to handle the rescue trailer.  it is my plan to give the old single bike trailer to Jason in Leeds this coming weekend. 

14th November 2017 - Mini Review - Oxford Heated Grips

Well after only a few days, I thought I'd write a mini review regarding my experience of the Oxford heated grips. 

1. Their extremley easy to fit, albeit in my case the petrol tank had to be removed. 

2. I broke one of the small screws holding the control panel to the backing plate, this has not effected the use of the unit

3. The grips themselves are larger than the originals, and this takes some getting use to. Do not become complaicent with this, it effects your clutch operation.

4. The cables are very long on the unit, and several extra tie wraps are required to tidy the unit up.

5. The connectors on the Oxford loom are poor, so i used insulating tape to ensure they are waterproof. 

oxford heated grips

Sunday 19th November 2017

AM - took a look at the Bantams, rewired the Bantam B175, and put the battery back in. I need to sort the battery screws and plates out, anyways identified the correct cabling which is good, ironically it'll help wire the bike up post being stripped. 

I then took the 65 D7 and photographed it in preperation for apply for the log book. Hopefully George will sign it when we next meet. 

23621233 1506694552760942 6624807359685404215 n

I then tried to inflate a tyre using carb cleaner as per the many YouTube videos. 

Tuesday 21st November 2017

I managed to completely inflate the trailer wheel, and checked the battery on the B175. Have ordered a new tyre inflator for the compressor as the end clip has been damaged.

Thursday 23rd November 2017

hopefully I have had a eurica moment, roofing square bolts and nuts seem to cure my battery clamp screws. In the morning I plan to shave a bit from them, Will post the photos. Need to better sort the markings out of the wiring. 

Friday 24th November 2017

Well the Sun, and good weather arrived as forecast, so late morning the sun came onto the front of the house, and I spent an hour or so grinding down the M5 roofing bolts to replace the battery nuts and bolts, then took all the old connectors off and replaced with decent connectors and used heat shrink. Hopefully this will be the end to the last little bit of wiring. 

battery terminals

Once the wiring was finished, I took the bike down to the old mill in Houghton. No problems were encountered. 

Saturday 25th November 2017

Dragged the trailer upto Leeds for Jason, with the old Fiesta. All went well. 

Sunday 26th November 2017

BSA Meet Upwood. Rode to the pub from home, nearly had a crash with a Waitrose delivery wagon. Driver simply stopped and turned right into a local drive. 

Only half a dozen bikes turned up. But a lovely bike from Rutland. Jerry on the other Bantam, and myself. T160, Brian on the A7, and a GS and one other bike.

Several different effects being tried and played with over the winter, as I try and master multi camera edits, and avoid holding shots / camera angles for less than 4 seconds. for those interested. Take a look at the BBC, and others and you'll notice they rarely hold the same shot for more than four seconds. I'll of hopefully got my head around continuity, and using the three GoPros to capture different angles this summer. Anyways, here goes..

Tues 28th November 2017

Rode the Kawasaki to the station, cold. Really cold. 

Wednesday 29th November 2017

Okay, so here's the evidence. I think perhaps it's too cold for using the bike for getting to work. I'll talk to the directors about dress code, and perhaps invest in biking trousers. 

kawak winter station



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