March 2017

Friday 31st March 2017

PM  Sorting through helmets and intercoms, for I have my fingers crossed for a bike ride on Sunday. I have also started to complete the headlamp rim assembly, as the bikes front end now gets focus on the rebuild. As ever hoping next weekend to get the bike onto two wheels. Looking at it now, I think I am being very optimistic. 

AM Bought a Shark S900c motorcycle helmet in the London dealers, got 10% ES discount, and my initial thoughts are that it's a nice helmet. I bought gloss black, it replaces the damaged the Carbon Rs2 Carbon. 

Shark 900C

Thursday 30th March 2017

Assembled the headlight shell onto the fork housing for the 2nd D7. I am hoping to get the forks and wheels on this bike the coming working week. Engine run the following weekend. ...... here's hoping. 

Wednesday 29th March 2017

Ordered a shoulder mount strap and a swivel, as I think a second GoPro looking left or right oblique when pack riding will give a different perspective and add to the moment when editing and finalising a bike video. Ideally I would like to use all my cameras when out filming. Might even investigate powering them from the bike as I ride with discreet cabling. 

Tuesday 28th March 2017

Lovely evening, riding out with chopper 2. Stu rode over to mine and we rode out through St. Ives, towards Cambridge. TBH I/ We had not planned a route. We ended up having dinner at Cambridge services, and then rode to bike night at the Swann. All in all a lovely evening. I need to think about goggles as this morning I have dry eyes. 

Andrew from A&N Audio turned up in his 1930's Three Wheeler BSA Car, and caused much interest, we all giggled like kids as the thing back fired as he got out of the car. Small Album below. Looking forward to the coming summer.  Hurt my left arm as the bike slipped as i parked up at Cambridge services. 

Monday 27th March 2017

Went to take a look at the Nacelle, their must have been some areas that were covered in either oil or a contamenent, and the paint was peeling. I rubbed down and resprayed, but the paint did not appear to key to the surface. Need a rethink. tommorow is another day. 

Sunday 26th March 2017

Sprayed the single switch nacelle in the shed, red oxide initially. Will take a look tommorow. At the behest of many on the BSA Bantam FB page i remixed the video. People wanted to hear the sound of the two stroke. Here's the result. 

Saturday 25th March 2017

The sun was up, and what threatend to the be the hottest day this year twisted my arm to go out on the Motorcycle. I went via all the main roads to Ely, had a cuppa then returned via Earith. The B175 was a lot of fun, it did nip up briefly, albeit I was riding very hard. Some photos and a video below. 




Thursday 23rd March 2017

Just half an hour on the bike this evening, tidying wires, and measuring for a new clutch cable. Sick n tired of suppliers selling shit bits - ferule cable or adjuster. How hard can it be ? wasted money. ,,,grrrrrr, BSA No.3 is about to have its wheels connected.

Wednesday 22nd March 2017

fitted the D7, and tightend some bolts. Need to work my way round the bike as most nuts and bolts are loose. 


Sunday 12th March 2017 - BSA Bantam Meet. 

Well the weather lived up to the last meetings, if not worse. I could not have been more suprised with the bikers that turned up. Their was standing room only at the pub, and I can say the whole day went very well. 

Sunday 12th March 2017

Bantam Meet !!! - Bought some boots for the spring and summer, and have ordered a highly rated GoPro Microphone adapter. It's a damp morning, lets hope that someone turns up. 


Saturday 11th March 2017

refitted the battery to the B175. Did struggle with the battery terminals, and will have to try and get some smaller nuts and bolts to connect. Rode to Upwwod, forgot my tablets then returned when nearly there. TBH the bike is running well, albeit the baffles are loose in the exhaust. Gave it a lose wipe with ACF50. The bike has not faired as well as I had hoped in the damp garage, ACF will need to be sprayed in the winter of 2018.

Friday 10th March 2017

Completed the rebuild of the rear chain sprocket on the engine. Only not having the correct screwdrivers stopped me doing anymore. However as it's the first day back at work it was probably a good thing.

Thursday 9th March 2017

What a lovely day, the sun was out and the Bantam just begged to be ridden, so I set off to St. Ives, had a roll, and then into the Free Church tea rooms to check that the GoPro was working okay. It was, and then returned via rough ground ( splash lane ) Wiped the Bantam over with ACF50 and it looks a lot better. Took the battery off and placed on charge. Called into Verities and they GAVE me some battery terminals for FREE.  Lets see what the next 48hrs bring as the battery is reporting that it's deeply discharged. I will also have to remember that their is no rear bulb in the Bantam. Will pop down later and pop an LED light bulb in. 

Wednesday 8th March 2017

Had an easier day after yesterdays hiccup with the bike. Late last night I spent attempting to rebuild the Final Drive on BSA 3. To no avail - it was far too tight when Matt and I did the final cog nut up. Taking a closer look it appears that the gasket was far too thick and the amount of sealant was way over the top. Consequently I have re-ordered new gaskets and will apply the sealant very sparingly. 

I had hoped to complete the rebuild before returning to work, I'm no longer confident. The next day or two will hopefully see me make headway.


Tuesday 7th March 2017

Well what a day, booked the Thunderbird in for !0am at Pure Triumph, and it took several hours for the bike to be returned. Spent the morning exploring two American airfields. Bitterly dissapointed to be accused of dropping the loan bike whilst out. I cannot recall signing anything about the condition of the bike, just goes to show how some dis-honest person has borrowed the bike and not mentioned dropping it. 





Monday 6th March 2017

Took the thunderbird out for a 7 mile run around the villages, loved every minute. Needs a good clean and some winter fur cleaning off but it's weathered the winter in the garage well. Tomorrow I ride to wellingborough for the tyre fitting. 

IMG 1078

Saturday 4th March 2017

Drove over to Micks, and picked up some D7 rear pegs and chain guard and the nuts and adjusters to finish off the rear wheel on the Bantam. Looking forward to near completion of the build this coming week. 

Friday 3rd March 2017

worked on the loom, got the light switch on the handlebar wired, the rear light and the loom threaded through the mudguard, and marked the wires within the nacelle ready to connect to the switches. have paid Mick via paypal for rear footrests £10 + £3 postage. Will continue to wire up and test the loom over the weekend and put test battery on. 

Thursday 2nd March 2017

Spent the day progressing on D7 No.3  fitted the engine, and continued to work on the loom, Engine took a little encouragement to drop into position, but work is coming along well. Ordered the Amal parts so I can re-condition the Monobloc. I have chocked up the workmate for if I don't I fear it'll collapse. Tommorow I will hopefully sort out the handlebar switch assembly, complete the rear half of the loom, and start putting the nearside engine together.



Wednesday 1st March 2017

A mate took me for brunch to the Riders Cafe - we took a look at their wares, then onto Balderstone where I took a fancy to the Gs1200 ( Again ) dissapointingly I missed a couple of deliveries from the post office. Maurice did good, and theirs another article in the paper.

Good news is that the shrouding turned up for BSA No.3 and re-wiring can start again. Below are a couple of photos from today. 


paper march 

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