Jan 2017 Blog

Sunday 29th Jan 2017

Went to the pink pub on the B175, and gave the Chinese camera a good work out. The results are below. No complaints from the bike or camera. 

Saturday 28th Jan 2017

Went to see Simon and his wonderful restoration. Simply stunning. Simon was also interested in purchasing a Bones Unit.

Sunday 15th Jan 2017

BSA Meet Cross Keys Upwood, heavy rain. GRRRRR, haylet contacted me to say it was 1030. Sod that, too early. Went down for 11 and there was a lad on a D7, and Andy in the van. During the morning lots turned up. George, Simon the BSa lot from St. Ives, tell you what lovely morning. I had only one glitch and that was the fuel tap earlier in the morning. Fuel everywhere. Might have to drain the tank and get it sorted as Black Betty is not insured at the moment. Slow puncture on the B175 rear tyre will need sorting for the spring. Off to see Mum on Sat so this weekend perhaps not. 

jan meet 2017

Saturday 14th Jan 2017

Rode B175 in prep for meeting in Upwood, happy to report bike went well. I do however need to look at the front brake cable. it does appear tight, and I fear front cable maybe binding.

Thursday 12th Jan 2017

Spent a while testing the external microphone on the GOPRO's. I am gutted to report that it does not work. I will be googling adapter lead. I believe this is the reason it is not working. 

Wednesday 11th Jan 2017

Went to St. Ives on the B175 , no problems. I then went out as last night I went to the BSA Owners meet, and Trevor was asking about how I mount my cameras on the bike. Anyway, small video below, to show the options on mounting cameras.

Monday 9th Jan 2017

Lots of third party interest in the bike meet this coming Sunday, and I have ordered two tubes of silicon exhaust seal, hoping I can join the seal on the B175 exhaust. Will start watching the weather tommorow nervously. 

s l1600 

Sunday 8th Jan 2017

Fitted the new control levers, and the new clutch cable. Much better feel to the bike, also tightened the head down, and took the bike out for a run. No issuses experienced. 

Saturday 7th Jan 2017

Took Andy S to newark in the Focus, and purchased some new control levers for the B175 ( £15.95) and a three part loading ramp. I should have bought one of these years ago. Keen later tommorow morning to fit the new clutch cable and sort the head gasket out.

Thursday 5th Jan 2017

Clutch cable ( £21 ) arrived from JJ, jury is still out on the fit, I'll hopefully get a chance on Saturday morning to trail. On the same day it's the Newark Classic bike show.

3rd Jan 2017

Ordered a clutch cable for the B175, 108cm inner, 97cm outer. Launched the yearly "2016" video, although I am not 100% happy with the Quo soundtrack, might be a little heavy on the older Bantam audience. I have cut a lower 720p edition, feaful of the 400mb+ file size. I have decided to use my video camera a little more, too many from the "cockpit" angles. Think I'll take a closer look at the chineese camera, and selfie stick, and avoid the word ERM. Onwards and upwards.

2nd Jan 2017

Briefly started the B175, only to discover the head is blowing post the rebuid. My aim for starting the B was the removal of the clutch cable. I will ring JJ Cables in the morning to order a couple.  Later today, I will be contuing the edit of the 2016 video.

PM - Continue to edit the highlights of 2016, starting to look good, have created a new library, and gallery for Germany 2016, and gigabytes of GoPro video are being copied. I cannot find any images of the bike being damaged in Calais. Shame, although the massive Mac is chewing through the HD Video. experimenting with wireless mikes on the GoPro 4's whilst the video is copying. 

1st Jan 2017

Spotted this, and thought it looks like an idea to work on. I will try and make far more compact.  


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