Feb 2017 Blog

Tuesday 28th Feb 2017

Speedo cable and monobloc throttle cable turned up this morning, quite like going to collect the post and these envelopes from the postman with bike parts turning up.

Just awaiting the rear light fitting, and the larger shrouding then I can start to rebuild the electrical side of the D7. Would like to think I can get it close to MoT either this Month or early next.  Just need to think about a front brake cable and nipples. I'm sure their are other parts to order. 


Monday 27th Feb 2017

Worked for an hour on the D7 (3) assembled the rear mudguard and the rear number plate holder. Installed the engine mounting bolts and dissapointly the shroud for the handlebar switch is too tight, so I have had to order some more. I will use the shrouding wrongly ordered for the rear light loom. Need to keep my eye open for the following items for this bike

Fuel Cap

Rear Brak Arm 


12v bulbs

Handlebar Grips

Seat & Pan

Rear Foot Pegs


Saturday 25th Feb 2017

Bought a D7 speedo for £35, and Mick Anderson gave me some engine bolts to secure the engine. Hope the brake arm and pedal are in the garage. Getting closer to having all the parts to complete the 3rd D7

Friday 24th Feb 2017

continued on the D7 3 loom and made good progress the dip and horn switch arrived, just need the plastic shrouding to arrive for the handlebar cable. Steady progress was made today. 

Thursday 23rd Feb 2017 

for Bantam 3 V55


Tuesday 21st Feb 2017

Started to build a loom for the 3rd Bantam. Made a trolly up for the frame in the hall. Makes it easier to move around. Ordered a horn and dip switch, all told I think I have enough parts to create a third Bantam.

loom build

FINAL wiring diagram.fw


Mon 13th Feb 2017

Crafted the two camera bracket, need to trim the bolts a little and I'll get there. Last night ordered the loom making material, and late today I confirmed that the LED Brake bulbs worked on the B175.  So I have ordered 10 and the appropiate jiffy bags - I will advertise them on the site. 

Sat 4th Feb 2017

Attended the Shepton show with a Bones unit and had a great day helping out on the stand, however the evening was a different story I ended up having a stroke and being in Yeovil hospital but im making progress I only bought 3x 1/4 whitworth capped screws and some alloy. Onwards and Upwards.

1st Feb 2017

Finished the shopping list for Shepton Show, and received the meeting invite for the evening. Maurices article was published. See below. Goodbye Jan. Come on spring and later days.

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