May 2017

Tuesday 30th May 2017

Okay, confession of a numpty.

Those who read my regular posts will know I'm not new to this game. I am Hoping that by fessing up it'll save some other poor sod several evenings of head scratching.

Post my Stroke at aged 49 I bought my third Bantam, not complete ( 65 D7 ) as therapy and to get my left arm working to pre stroke levels.
Anyhow I digress, The bike was built in the hall, over a period of weeks and a total engine rebuild was undertaken with new bearings, seals and gaskets. New Bones Cdi fitted, new Amal fitted. Its my sixth total engine rebuild on a Bantam.
Post installing the newly re-commissioned engine it'd only ever run badly on tick over, As soon as I opened the throttle it'd back fire VERY badly and bog down.
As the UK distributor for bones, I was fearing the worst. But to confuse me all Bones units are bench tested prior to sale, I have several other units but avoided a knee jerk reaction to swap the unit.
As you all know bad back firing is usually timing or can/could indicate crankcase seals - I ruled out the carb as its brand new, and jetted correctly ( I checked )
Head scratching moments followed, a flurry of emails to mates, Skype calls to those high professors of two stroke engines, I thought perhaps I had a bad main crank seal, or I'd damaged it installing.......
To condense three days of head scratching into a line, and to avoid anyone making the same stupid mistake - remember to put the screw in marked with a red X on the photo below.
I can categorically state it effects the carb, and sucks air in as you open the throttle.
Having sussed out my mistake I am happy to report that for the first time in over 28 years BSA no. 3 had its first successful run out.
Experience can sometimes lead to a degree of over confidence and cause one to rush to hear the engine running.
Thanks to all those mates who chatted, texted and skyped whilst i went evermore round the bend. You know who you are ;-)

Its starts first kick every time now.

Bank Holiday Monday 29th May 2017

emails between Oz and myself, trying to work out why BSA 3 will not start. Ended up putting a timing wheel on the crank, and checking it was 17.5 degrees before TDC. The photo below, It must be something else. Head scratching moment. Lets see what Oz says. 



Sun 27th May 2017

Can't get my head around which bike to take, the Sprint is so responsive, the Jury might be out until the last minute. 

red sprint

Re-commisioned the sprint, fitted the link pipe, and took the following photo. Took the sprint out, enjoyed the moment. 

link pipe

Sat 26th May 2017

Took the Bird to Wells, but not an uneventful day, Ants put Diesel into his big Kwak, had Frenchies, and an ice cream then rode home. 


Friday 25th May 2017

Re-Commisioned the Thunderbird, and prepped for tomorrows ride to the coast. Had a real scare as the exhaust stud was letting gas out. Nervously I got the socket on it, fortunately it screwed back in. 

thunderbird exhaust stud

Thursday 24th May 2017

Took Black Betty to the Abbots Elm, noticed ANOTHER bad scracth on the front mudguard. Need to pay close attention to this bike. But weather was lovely. 

25th may 2017

Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Bike night connington. Met the lead singer of Uriah Heep, Bernie Shaw.

Bernie Shaw and Family

Not heard of them before, but famous in the 70's. May mate Trev brought some paint for Black bessy, and the bike went well. Need to get the Battery sorted. Made it home at 21.45. 

Sunday 21st May 2017

Lovely day at the Cross Keys at Upwood, we even had a run to the Crown pub at Broughton. Had some dissapointment with the baffles being popped out on the B175.

Saturday 20th May 2017

Totally and utterly pissed off, fitted a new tube to the BSA 3 front wheel and it went down again. I need to remove the tyre and actually look at what I am doing wrong. I simply cannot understand it.  I must be nipping the tube, significantly as it goes down immediately. 


Tuesday 16th May 2017

grrrr - ended up damaging the inner tube on the BSA no.3 as i attempted to fit a new front tyre. GRRRRR

Monday 15th May 2017

7pm, fitted Bones Cdi to Simons Bantam, had to bump start it down to the road to get the thing working. Post the bump it starts second kick.  Video below shows Simons bike starting for the first time since 1978 

Sunday 14th May 2017

Drove to the Peterborough show, bought a front brake plate. Then on my return home I took the Thunderbird out, then both bantams. swapped the air filter over, but need to tighten it up. dissapointed to report that I have marked Black Bettys tank. Need to sort this. 

Saturday 13th May 2017

Rex Caunt fuel tap came through the post, replaced the leaking tap on the B175, tried to tighten up the pancake filter on the concentric, but it did not stay in place. I will have to re-think my plans. Took the front tyre off the front wheel, ready for the C-RIB front to be fitted. 

Thursday 11th May 2017

Finally took a look at the B175 fuel tap and it's not shutting off the fuel. I have this evening drained the tank and ordered another 3/8 BSP tap from Rex Caunt. Tempted to try and order a new plunger for the old tap and use it on BSA no.3

Tuesday 9th May 2017

Went to bike night on the Kawasaki, took £10 and biscuits to pay for the mudguard brackets to Jeff. Left before dark as the temperature dropped. 

Sunday 7th May 2017

Well a truly wonderful day, took the B175 up on a trailer to the  Wymondham Windmill - Historic Site, Tearooms & Shops a lovely place about 55mins north of me on the A1, and rode with the british two stroke club on a run organised by Chris Woolley. Rode behind a couple of D1's for 51miles. I could have done with a stop, as it was a little long to be sat on my Bantams very hard seat. But a lovely day. highlight was seeing a lady of 90 jump on a Suzuki, and come to the car park and inform us of her husband having problems on a D1. Video below. Gallery to follow. 

Photos from today.

Saturday 6th May 2017

Well, after a massive effort I managed to get an MoT on the 1965 D7. arrived late, and had a real job with the front wheel. Tyre ordered did not turn up. GRRRR. Matt had to cut the lock off the trailer as the lock was ceased. Knackering Day, but the process to get a log book proceeds. 


Thursday 4th May 2017

quick bimble down the garage, got the 3/8" BSP washers, fitted the fuel tap, and put a liberal amount of fuel in the tank - will leave overnight. Took a look at the Carb, stripped and will replace the main jet. Appears to be jetted correctly.
Fitted the footpeg cover. Slow evening as I am very tired. 

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

would you believe toolstation sell 3/8" fibre washers, hopefully these will seal the fuel tank. for the MoT on Saturday. 

Tuesday 2nd May 2017

PM - 
Cancelled bike night, weather looking grim. Wind picking up. GRRRR.

Bike booked in this Saturday morning for its first MoT in a very long time. 

Monday 1st May 2017

Came back from shopping, and whilst the weather was dry, there was a nip in the air. Completed the wiring and the clutch cable on BSA No. 3. Took the bike out to the top of the close, but it did feel like it was running on choke. Front tyre was rubbing, so ordered my favourite C-RIB x 18@ tyre. 

Hoping to get an MoT on this bike within the next couple of weeks. Then sell it. 


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