July 2017


1-2nd July 2017


3rd July 2017 - Long day. 

Thought it would be a good idea that I MoT the sprint incase the TBird does not get sorted. Booked it into Gravely. Only to realise it had two months to go. However the Kawasaki had run out three days previous. In calling round to Trevor to pick up some mild steel, we looked at the front tyre and decided that the front needed changing. So, quick phonecall to Steve in Ramsey sorted the fitting - a Michelin I had in Garage for some time.  Then a brisk ride to Gravely Garage and the MoT was done. Late afternoon I decided to try my hand at welding. All seems good. Video below. 

4th July 2017

B175 ride to Whittlesea MCC - Lovely run, met Simon at 7pm at his, then Jerry on the great Whyte, then Rob at auto retentive, and Chris woolley was waiting.  Slow going, and Simons engine nipped up, but started quickly after that and we had a laugh riding to Coates. See the Gallery below.



9th July 2017

Took a look at some of the new ignition switches I ordered for the BSA Bantam, their no good at all. Wired the wrong way round. Pumped the the tyres up on the B175, and took black betty round the block for a few minutes before putting back in J's Garage. 

13th July 2017

Lovely night out, certainly eventful. Rode to Upwood, ( special mention to Chris Woolley - lovely to see you again matey. Jolly nice to see several bikes waiting, Uneventful ride through Ramsey. Thankfully only had a Brief stop at the Railway crossing. Only half the gang made it through. Jerry, Simon, Chris and I waited for Chris W, Mick and two pots to catch up. Met Rob Roan, Trevor Bullen and John on the flyover as arranged, and had a wonderful hour and a half at the Peterborough Branch of the TOMCC. Much merriment was had. Not least that most of us had bits that had worked loose on the fen-land roads, Jerry's fuel tank. My foot peg, and Rob Roans headlight assembly. Long wait at the Holme crossing, but again many laughs. All told a great night out with mates. Nancy Yuille - Jerry may enjoy seeing some of these photos. x - Lets do something like this again soon. Many thanks to Steve Kilbey Jo Purple Bonnie Alan Barker and the Peterborough TOMCC for making our smelly bikes, and smelly riders ;-) so welcome. See you soon.

17th July 2017

Took Simons Triumph over to Robs on the trailer, Rob managed to get the sump plug off - using a tig welder. Result. called into the Admiral Wells on the way back to Simons. Plug removed. Result.

22nd - 30th July 2017 - Sad Times.

Set off for Germany on the Thunderbird, unfortunately everything was stolen in Monshau. I have of course started to replace everything that was lost.  Really quite sad ending of July 2017. Gutted. Cannot even bear to post those few photos of my bike prior to my loss. 

31st July 2017

Having pumped up my Bantams rear tyre I popped down to Houghton mill on the B175, and of course sat awhile with Steve Bellis. 

In Memory Of My Stolen Bike

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