August 2017


Tuesday 1st August 2017

Well I was determined to see off July, what with the loss of the Thunderbird, so wheeled out the B175, and met Ants, and Jo at the Abbots Ripton pub, the Abbots Elm. Ants was on his 1950 A7, albeit running it in. Jo, on her purple bonnie. 

We rode to Houghton mill, and had a cuppa. I was particularly interested in seeing if I could overlay a GPX file with the Chineese Go-Pro copy. Unfortunately the camera had slipped in the harness. Later the same day I rode to Sallys and helped sort her office out. The video below is the result of the run to Sallys.

Okay, so many people have asked which Chinese go-pro copy I use.

Well here's taking it to the next level. Using a GPS ( GPX ) capture utility on my smartphone. I can blend the GPS data and the video to give a real time update to my location.

Here I have used the free application - DASHWARE.

Please don't ask where the video is filmed. But all tech questions re syncing raw gps data with video are welcome.

The trees on the lane, did cause 3D gps to drop out occasionally, and remember US government currently claims 4 meter RMS (7.8 meter 95% Confidence Interval) horizontal accuracy for civilian (SPS) GPS.

Vertical accuracy is worse. Mind you, that's the minimum. Some devices/locations reliably (95% of the time or better) can get 3 meter accuracy.

Quality of the video is purposely low resolution please do not post location.

2nd August 2017

Bought a GoPro 5 black. Will try tomorrow evening.

3rd August 2017

Went out on the Kwak, to test the GP5, have to say whilst the new microphone is brilliant, far less wind noise. I have to say I am dissapointed to report that the editing software released by GP is crap, the maximum length of the video is 1minute. To that end, after reading a forum racerender3 addresses some of the issues, not all. 

Here are the results. First the GP software / Quick then the racerender3 software. 


Then the racerender3

6th August 2017

Well after the debacle of the Thunderbird I decided to take the Sprint out, what a shocker, the front tyre was nearly flat. Testing continues on the GP5, and the results are below. Still using the race render 3 software to edit the GPS footage, obviously I will have to think about the location of the camera, as it is far too back from the bike, and gives an unrealistic view. 

7th August 2017

Spent the evening trying to wire in the Garmin 350LM unit to the sprint. Trouble was the loom on the sprint was not playing ball and would not give us a live feed. Head unit mounted, but think it's going to take some sorting on Sunday this weekend. Tomorrow is bike night, think I might wheel black betty out. 


8th August 2017

Another night down the garage, found the three pin accessory wire, need to work out the pin out - another night at least to get a switched 12v supply. 

13th August 2017

Took Black Betty out on a run today, around the villages, and used the GoPro 5, need to get used to the settings though as it was a little too high. Really need to sort the control cables out and the chips in the paintwork.

14th August 2017

Had to adjust the chain on the Kawasaki, have ordered a new chain kit. Will hopefully fit this Sunday. 

16th August 2017

Actually found the ignition switched live so slow progress in getting the Garmin Sat Nav fitted to the Sprint. GRRRR

19th August 2017

Attended the Stilton Bike Show with Simon and Jerry. Lovely day, throat sore from all the talking. Mostly shite. 




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20th August 2017

New chain, and rear brake shoes fitted to Kawsaki. Took bike for a spin up to McDonalds Huntingdon. Rides like a different bike.

kwak chain

kwak chain and old one 

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