October 2016

Monday 31st October 2016

Popped into town on the B175, and throughly enjoyed the ride in. Met a couple of gentlemen the elder lived in Spain, and we talked awhile about Bultacos and Montessa's, and my BSA. All in all a lovely reason to jump on one of the older bikes.  Returned to glue the front number plate together, and get Black Bettys number plate ready to mount. Still experiencing problems trying to find neutral. Grrrrr. 


Sent an email to the dating officer about my third BSA ( of four ) and here's his reply. How exciting. 

Hi Dave. D7 $$$$$$$ ( frame number )  left the factory on the 18th June 1965 and was delivered to Water Street Garage, Deal in Kent. It was blue when it left the factory, there shouldn't be any problem getting it registered, so long as the frame number is clear and hasn't been tampered with. 
I hope that helps,

Really looking forward to finding out about my other bantams. Nearly as interesting as researching Grandads wartime exploits.

water street deal kent

Sunday 30th October 2016

having reset the timing and the needle on the B175, and feeling a little better I decided to ride the B175 to the pink pub. Disaster struck almost immediately as the Wipac switch popped off the bike as I rode. I lukily found it 30 mins later by the side of the road. Anyways good ride to the pub.

Saturday 29th October 2016

Another incredibly mild day, drove up to the Classic bike show at the Peterborough Arena. It's first year, and the gate price of £9 was resonable, I bought some SAE20 for the B175 gearbox. Spent the morning talking to the Peterborough TOMCC, and met several of the BSA Lads. All in all a good morning.


Friday 28th October 2016

Popped over to see Andy S, and we spent a wonderful morning talking carbs, polishing and jetting for the B175. I was all fired up, came home lifted the needle up one clip, and as best as I could adjusted the timing on the engine. Short run out and the bike does seem to react better to the new changes. Whilst I was in Whittlesey the rear rack was taken to the powder coaters. £25 I expect to get the call over the next couple of days to collect it. Tommorow is the East of England Classic bike show, if its as mild as today it should be a great day. 

Monday 24th October 2016

Returned home to find Jepson have made three lovely plates for me. Not cheap but they will look great on my classics. new shield for the D7, and new arched plates for the B175

Tuesday 18th October 2016

Weather significantly improved in the afternoon, so much so that I insured the B175 with footman james, 78 compared to 128 quoted by Carol Nash. popped into St. Ives, ordered some new glasses then rode to the tearooms at the Mill building. Bike was fine but did appear to bog down and needed to be dropped a cog to make progress. Checked plug colour and spot on at 33:1, finding neutral is going to take some practice. I'm confident that with a bit of tweaking that the bike will run fine. 

Planning to remove the air filter, as I suspect I'm not sucking enough air. Will report progress. 


Monday 17th October 2016

What a day, early start in the Autumn sun, worked hard to complete the work needed to get the B175 to it's MoT at 3pm.  Barry gave us the tour, and the bike passed with no advisories. Wonderful.

Sunday 16th October 2016

Had a lovely, but very long day at the Stafford showground. Chasing down old nuts and bolts, getting the B175 ready for an MoT. I bought some workshop gloves, alloy tubing, nuts and bolts. New chain for the D7, and severa other bits. Stafford is such a long way, but wonderful to see some old bikes. Prices are certainly on the up. Frighteningly so. 

Saturday 15th October 2016

Wonderful afternoon getting the B175 ready for it's annual test. 

Friday 14th October 2016

"Glued" the shield rear plate onto the B175, had to buy some small clamps to do this easy task. Took the bantam to the roundabout and back, some as. Was without doubt the inline fuel filter that caused the bike to run rough. Starting to enjoy this new bike. ... added a couple of items to the shopping list for Stafford. 

Thursday 13th October 2016

Having fitted the Amal yesterday I decided to give it a run this afternoon. Not an easy thing. Turns out that the inline fuel filter was preventing the engine from running. I have removed the filter and the bike does now appear to run. I will be carrying out further tests tomorrow. 

Wednesday 12th October 2016

Spent the late afternoon fitting new control cables to the concentric, fiddly. Hope I've done it correctly, then drilled and soldered the ignition switch to the side panel. Early evening the sheild shaped number plate was delivered. Lovely shape. Will have to order one for Betty. B175 is starting to take shape. I am really hopefull that I can MoT the bike this year. 


Monday 10th October 2016

Once my appointments were out of the way I towed the B175 to Whittlesey, and assisted Andy in getting the stand sorted. In fact assisted is a erm ... not quite right. I filmed him repairing my stand. Here's the video. Returned home to find the new Amal had been delivered, promptly fitted it. Will finish it as soon as possible. Really hopeful that I can get an MoT on the bike this year. 

Sunday 9th October 2016


Rode with Stuart, through the Raverlys, and up the old A1, then over the B660, stopped for tea at the Race Horse Catworth. Then home via the A14. Started to remove the major parts from the B175, in readiness for the welding tomorrow at Andy's. Onwards and upwards. 


Saturday 8th October 2016

Tounched base with a mate, and he's offered to weld the worn area on the frame. Fingers crossed, as It's proving to be a challenge in getting the bike to stay on the centre stand. I have also purchased some pop rivets and the correct bolts to refit the side panel. Hopefully this coming week will see the bike nearly fit for MoT....famous last words......



Friday 7th October 2016

Ordered the pancack S&B filter for the B175.


Rode to Cambridge on the Kwak, as reliable as ever. Chased the number plate, dissapointed to report that it "appears" to have been lost in the post. I am told that I will get it this coming week. Amal also reported that I will receive the new carb this week. Could be that the bike is MoT'd this coming weekend. .... 

Thursday 6th October 2016

Had a look at the failed speedo on the D7, and turned out to be the speedo gearbox. Took the speedo off and compared with the B175. Swapped the washer off, and the D7 worked a treat. Interested to note the massive difference in performance between the D7 and the B model. Spent the early evening putting the new seat cover onto the seat pan, tough job. Looks great. Sunset is slowly being restored into a running Bantam. Should be ready to put through it's MoT as soon as the rear plate and the carb turn up. 

Tuesday 4th October 2016

Cut the foam, and placed over the seat pan. for the moment I have missplaced the new cover. The old clips are in the shed on the left side. Rode to bike night, cold(ish) speedo stopped working on the way home. Lovely to get out, and spend £2.50 all night ! 

Monday 3rd October 2016

Taken the BSA Bantam seat pan off the B175, and will progress the rebuild later this week. Popped into St. Ives on the Kwak, and noticed the drive chain was very loose. Will need to sort ASAP.


Sorted the chain, but I don't think the rear wheel is straight. I will have to check again at the weekend. I painted the seat panel with hammered finish, checked again late this evening and the pan is nearly dry. I will tackle the re-seating on Wednesday. 

Saturday 1st October 2016

Completed the rear brake light fitment to the B175. Matt and i made changes to the battery box, and the battery that appeared to be too large now fits. i do need to get a D7 internal plate so that the middle plate will fit. 

This afternoon I will be taking off the front mudguard, and fitting the gaitors. Initially these will be held in place with jubilee type clips. Once the gaitors have stretched successfully then I'll use a silica / black tie wrap to secure. Would feel a little more comfortable if they were an inch longer. 


Managed to fit the Gaitors, wasn't easy. One of those jobs that you could easily scrub a knuckle. The secret was to drop the mudguard, and pull them down over the lip with long nose pliers. Also finished the rear brake light. Bike is actually getting close to the MoT stage. This coming week I will rebuild the seat pan, and recover, refoam the same as the D7.  Definately need to order new battery panels, simply cannot get the panel to fit using the original BSA nearside panel.

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