November 2016

Wednesday 30th November 2016

Sunday 27th November 2016 


PM - Rode into St.Ives, and had a fatboys, then onto Houghton Mill. Lovely day messing with the Bantams. 

Saturday 26th November 2016

A day in the garages fiddling with the B175, sorting a few teething problems out. Bright in the winters sun, video below sums it up well.


Friday 25th November 2016

PM Ordered the manifold studs, choke cable, piston circlips.

AM Wheeled out Black Betty in preperation for it's MoT next week, started after a couple of kicks. Needed to fasten the petrol tank with a temporary bolt. But what a lovely machine to ride. All that'll be needed is a quick clean and bingo. I am quietly confident she'll pass. 

black betty blog banner

PM Late - Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Moved the 1965 D7 engine into the office, plan to start rebuilding it over the next few weeks. 

web only Rebuild 20161123 222154

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

finally the weather breaks, and it dries up a little. Having had a wisdom tooth out yesterday I had written today off. However I felt a lot better, so completed the re-build of the engine, and dam the choke cable snapped. Grrrr. Blanked off the Amal, and took the bike for a test run. The graph below shows how pleased I was with the results, not even full throttle. 

I will order the correct blanking screw. Also removed the Tbird active battery and put that on charge. Cheekily I brought the Bantam Engine into my office and will no doudt stare at it for a few days until I get the parts ready for rebuilding. At least It won't get damp in the shed. 

Bantam Speed


Saturday 19th November 2016

Researching the rebuilding of the early D7 engine, the gallery below shows the front wiring of the Wipac stator. 

Thursday 17th November 2016

Well after Andy took a look at the Piston and Barell, it was decided to try and hone it, and take the sharp edges off the piston. Returned home and started the rebuild, piston rings were tricky but John from next door helped lower it on. I am hopeful that the bike will run again this weekend. 

Wednesday 16th November 2016

Well, it started off okay, but to cut a long story short. I set off to Ely, and the B175 seized on the straight to the Somersham. Picked up by a friendly biker. Loaded my bike into his van and took me home. 

Friday 11th November 2016

Spent the morning trying to seperate the end cone from an exhaust. Could not manage it, so have swapped out the rough looking exhaust. In doing so I noticed that the head was blowing, and rather surprisingly the head bolts were loose. Tightening sorted the problem. This bike uses a metal head gasket. 

I also fitted the recently powder coated rack and have placed an age related top box onto the rack to "test" the look. I am dissapointed to report the down pipe on this bike has been damaged. I have a spare and will replace. GRRRRR


Thursday 10th November 2016

Attempted to get the cone off the bantam exhaust. Simply would not budge. So I am reverting to fitting an exhaust in poor condition to make the Bantam rideable. 

Loss of light stopped play, weather is due to be poor for the next couple of days so we will see. 




Tuesday 8th November 2016

Rode to St. Ives on the Kwak, to collect my glasses. Attempted to remove the cone from the an old exhaust to fit to the B175, failed I will try again on Wednesday. 

Just a bit of PhotoShop below. 


Monday 7th November 2016

Spent a couple of hours messing with FCP, and the split screen masks I created for the 2016 biking video that I am working on.  Here's the result. 


Saturday 5th November 2016 - Wiring Diagram Single Switch

bantammagdynobattery rr

Friday 4th November 2016

Drove over to Micks with John, and bought several parts for the 65 Bantam Project. I hope this weekend, early next week to get a rolling chassis built.  Here's a few of the items I bought. Totalling £135

  • Replacement D7 forks complete
  • Battery Carrier and panels and Bolts
  • Early D7 Nacelle and Headlight mount
  • Lens reflector and chrome surround
  • Left side front footpeg mount
  • Rear speedo Gearbox and Cable
  • Seat Base unit ( solid but fabric damaged )

Thursday 3rd November 2016

b175 number plate

Rode to Huntingdon on the Kwak, uneventful ride, then went to the Garage and fitted the front number plate to the B175. Tommorow I will complete once I have returned from Bedford Bantams. Quite mild. John helped, and he was a great help holding the front wheel whilst I sorted out the number plate. The B175 is a joy to work on, so much learnt whilst I did Betty, that working on the B175 seems to be no challenge at all. Tommorow I start work on the 3rd Bantam....

Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Re rode the route to try and track down the exhaust end cone, no luck. Then drove down to Verities to buy a new brake light for the Kawasaki. £3.95, I thought it was expensive. Removed the battery from the Sprint, as the temperature drops the big bikes are getting sleepy. Tommorow I will remove the Thunderbird battery and gently tidy the garage.  

Tuesday 1st November 2016

Rode to Johnstones the Butchers on the B175, in the drizzle and light rain. Only two things to mention, the choke kept slipping on ( see movie below ) and the fact that I lost the back baffle somewhere along the route. I may try and find it tomorrow. In the afternoon I rode my Kawasaki, met up with Andy Simpson and we rode over to visit Ants in Folkesworth and talked bikes for an hour. The day was damp and dark, so very different from the days before. Perhaps Winter has arrived. I do hope not. 



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