March 2016

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Bank Holiday Monday 28th March 2016

Dissapointed, the puncture repair did NOT hold, so I've got to sort it out tommorow night from work, as it's bike night and the weekend will come again soon. This evening I went out on the Kawasaki - Ramsey right at the abbey, then onto puddock road into Warboys and home. Lovely bike. Needs a good wash. Will ensure that happens this weekend. 

Sunday 27th March 2016

Spent the afternoon sorting out the debacle of the front wheel, yesterday I punctured the tube, so first job was to repair the punture. No worries. Bucket of water etc. Then fitted the old wheel back on. With the thinner tyre etc. Took it out for a bimble round the estate then tidied the garage out. I then hung the 2nd BSA frame from the rafters, and generally tidied the Garage out.

bantam frame 2 in garage

Saturday 26th March 2016

Bought some Bantam parts to finish the engine rebuilds, and create a rolling test rig for the engines. 

Prices - frame with forks and centre stand - £100

  1. D3 barrel, piston, rings, gudgeon pin and clips £40 
  2. Handlebars including throttle £10
  3. Complete exhaust system including down pipe and lock nut and bracket £25
  4. Handlebar clamps and nuts £5
  5. Complete D3 carb and throttle cable £40 

Friday 25th March 2016

Very dissapointing day, My new front wheel has a bad wobble on and needs to be sent back. To say I am angry is an understatement. I spent hours rebuilding it to notice the wobble. I have left a voicemail. I fear for the rear.

On a more positive note the Thunderbird passed with no advisories. Gravely Garage, Barry is the best.  Took a ride out in the Fens, passed chopper 2's ranch on the way home. Gutted.

Tuesday 22nd March 2016

Busy afternoon, early evening.  finished the clutch rebuild on the D7, and have sorted the parts for aqua blasting. barell, and two side cases. I took the D3 race engine to the engineering shop in St. Ives along with the stator to have a bush inserted. Later I started to rebuild the front wheel. Although I took photos, I became confused to how the dust cap fitted, taking my time to avoid damage to the powder coating. 

Monday 21st March 2016

My Wheels have arrived !!! Can't wait to see them this evening. Last night spoke to Mick at Bedford Bantams. Enquired about a rolling frame and a D3 barel. Yeah rolling frame and barrel for the D3 Engine. Another success. Too tired today to do anymore. Tommorow is another day.


Sunday 20th March 2016

Arrived home from Durham weekend away, managed to finished the headlamp nacelle on the Bantam, then took it for a short run around the estate. Going into the shed to investigate the Clutch drum debacle.


Grrrr. After posting a query on the fb bantam pages, I had confirmation of the correct centre to fit. So went out fitted a new primary chain, and started to rebuild the clutch plates and assembly of the basket. 


Late Evening Wed.

Returned to the shed, having printed off a Gearbox rebuild plan. Successfully cleaned all parts, and rebuilt the gearbox. Quite satisfying. Will complete the union of the two halves tommorow. Missed out on a set of lovely front forks on eBay. Never mind. Tommorow the work on rebuilding will continue. hoping to get the brass bush down to the factory to get it set in. 

Wednesday 16th March 2016

Went out to try and undo the last key holding the D3 engine cases together. I failed. Looks as though I'll have to use either an impact screwdriver or drill it out. Gawd help me. I then turned my attention to the D7, and made a right pigs ear of the gearbox. Wasted the sealent, I'll try to rebuild it in the morning. 

Tuesday 15th March 2016

RCR Package arrived with the parts to finish the D7 Engine 2 rebuild. I used the rotar remover to continue the breakdown of the D3 engine. Unfortunately theirs evidence to suggest the crank end where the timing rotor screws in might be damaged. We will see. Hopefully it'll not be a complete write off. 

 engine cracks

Sunday 13th March 2016

Well after a very foggy start I rolled the Sprint out. Blimey the Kawasaki and the Sprint have the same battery. I swapped them over and rode to meet MB at the Cambridge services. I was late as I overshot the services, and arrived late. Gulped full english down and we then rode to Saffron Walden - quick Starbucks then home. Tried again in vain to fit the headlamp nacelle. there must be an easier way. I have tried to remember the route below.

Saturday 12th March 2016

Bikes bikes bikes ! - blimey started off in the shed, taking apart the D3 engine ( it was purchased ceased ) took a lot of time, and took it slowly as the thing had very obviously been stood a while. I am severly hampared by losing my flywheel puller. It's the only thing stopping me seperating my cases. Anyways found some odd repairs to the casing - see photos below. 

Later in the day I attempted to repair the Bantams headlight. What a right job, I all but gave up. If I get chance today, then i'll give it a go.  Stuart called and I took the TBird out, we didn't go far rode to the Swann at connington and then home. Wonderful day. TBird always gives me a big smile. 

Friday 11th March 2016 

Almost white out. Woodruff keys have arrived from Rex, along with the carb studs for the head on the second bantam engine. The replacement front number plate has arrived. Could not have been pacakged any better, but the thing is again of poor finish. It's made very well but the internal number plate is miss-aligned. TBH I dont know what to do about it. Grrrrr. picking up the courage to go to the shed. .. 10am - an hour in the shed. All parts came off easily enough. Only slight concern was that the piston had now clips and theirs only a brass bush no needle bearing. Will order one up. Piston is being posted to Rex this afternoon.

Late Afternoon

Posted the Bantam E2 Piston, and then returned to complete the tear down of the bike, gloop everywhere, not a gasket in sight ! - However only evidence of replacement required was the main crankshaft bearins. Perished is not the word. Making a list of parts that I need, but tbh it's currently not that long, or expensive. 

Click this link to see the gallery that covers the tear down. 

Thursday 10th March 2016

Found a local plastic coating company that I'm going to visit in the next day or two. Sandy Plastic coating - Nena the lady on the phone is going to show me a few examples of their work in the coming days. 

Wednesday 9th March 2016

Posted a photo of the piston from Engine two, does sound as though it's the orignal. I'm going to have to post the piston to Rex Caunt and he'll find some rings for it. Guessing they'll be around £13.

Tuesday 8th March 2016

Had an hour in the shed late this afternoon, continued to strip the D7 Engine, not great surprises however the central clutch boss was very tight and I needed to use the clutch puller to remove it. The cog on the crank will need some persuassion as it too is solid. I have ordered a second hand brass hat bush. To replace the bodged one found this evening. 

Monday 7th March 2016

A tale of two engines, this evening as planned I went into the shed and started to look at engine 2 ( d7 ) and started to take the engine appart, a little surprised to find that the engine whilst complete every nut and bolt was loose, thats to say some were only finger tight. Very obviously this engine was put together as a dry fit. Every nut, bolt, washer and seal will need to be checked. Thankfully I have only come across one cheese headed screw that was the wrong size. Crank end had a missing wodddruff key, and the clutch centre spline shaft is stuck on but I am fairly confident that the engine is good. I'll start a spreadsheet to track parts and costs. Now Engine 4 arrived early, and whilst it's seized I don't believe it's terminal I will, when time allow remove the electrical and magnetic components and flood the cases with oil. I am far too busy too spend too long on this engine.  Third part, the replacement Indian number plate has arrived. I didn't have enough time to look at it. Fingers crossed. 



Saturday 5th March 2016

Bought a D7 head £7 and a D1/D3 Head £7 so both engines are now starting to get their bits. Went out on the Kawasaki, biy was it cold. Had lunch in the mill at Brampton and rode back in the light rain. Had an afternoon in the Shed making a support bracket for the engine stand. I will make further brackets but it's certainly a lot better held. Discovered that Engine 2 will need a strip down, as it has no piston rings ! see photo below. I suppose it's kicked me into action as I should not have trusted the statement that it merely needs gaskets. At least I have a summer evenings project. Sat thinking though, how will i fire it up to test ?? need some sort of frame... to hold a temp tank etc. 

Friday 4th March 2016

Wonderfull sunny day, finished early today, and put the new head gasket on, took the bike for a spin, then nipped out on the Kawasaki and filled up my fuel containers. Have NOT mixed the oil into the bike just yet as I'm going to go for a slightly higher ratio as the bike is sorted now mechanically speaking. Have put several offers on parts for the D3 engine seen in the Gallery below. 

Thursday 3rd March 2016

 Bought another BSA Bantam Engine D3 - £100 including delivery. I'll post details here. It's been pulled out of a barn and will need total rebuild. But for the price i'll be putting it on a shelf for long term storage and ROI. I have no intention of putting this engine to use.......  Rex Caunt gaskets turned up. So have enough to rebuild the engine in the Bantam this weekend. Turns out that the engine I bought in bits is actually a 1957 D3 1957 D3 Battery Electrics with swinging arm frame.

Wednesday 2nd March 2016

Ordered two head and two base gaskets incase I damage the set received yesterday.  I'm also bidding and watching two BSA Engines. One's seized seller wants £100+postage. I have offered £80 plus postage. I am also watching a D1 plunger frame, with an idea regarding the wheels and D7 engine I have. 


Tues 1st March 2016

Bournemouth Bantams parcel arrived with the clutch engine side, and the gaskets I requested, looks as though I'll be doing the head this Saturday.

Desperate to avoid overtightening the head I found the following torque guides. At least now I can buy a wrench within safe parameters.


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