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Sunday 31st July - Cadwell Park - Lincolnshire Wolds. 

Well not often I can write that I've travelled on roads in England that I have not ridden before, but the Lincolnshire wolds were marvellous. Althogh the Roads south of Spalding suffered bad subsidance, the roads north as we entered the wolds were lovely. As I rode to Cadwell park I made a note to return to explore the areas i saw today, for valleys rivers and pubs all looked lovely. Below are a few photos from today. Very memorable bonny from Grimbsy at the BBMF viewing area. 

Saturday 30th July 2016

Washed the Tbird in prep for the weekends run to see the racing. Popped over to the corss keys pub, to check the booking of the second BSA meet. removed the pannier plates from the TBird, looks a lot nicer. I'll have to safely store all the bits from the plates on Sunday when I return from Cadwell Park. 

triumph thunderbird 1600 outside the cross keys upwood

Friday 29th July 2016

Rode the Kwak to work, rode to the Mill teashop and sat awhile with ?Steve Bellis. Decided to ride to the Racing at Donnington.

Wednesday 27th July 2016

Got the bike out with the good intention of riding to Stilton, but alas, didn't feel very well. 

Tuesday 26th July 2016

Bike night, umed and errd, then decided to take the Bantam. Lovely evening, again the bike didnt miss a beat. Met chopper 2 at the pub. Lovely bikes. 


Saturday 23rd July 2016

Spent the day in Brentwood Essex, having exchanged phone numbers with a gentlenman. Classic example of ones heart ruling logic. I thought these engines had larger bore exhaust ports. Turns out that instead of buying two complete engines I have bought two bottom ends. 

Wednesday 20th July 2016

Rode to Stilton to pay my subs, it rained heavily, but the roads dried out quickly as the temperature quickly rose to 27degrees.  I left the pub late, having had a cup of tea with Kev Cade. All in all a very likeable evening, earlier the rear light assembly turned up. Pleased with the quality, so I will fit to the BSA over the coming weekend. 

Tuesday 19th July 2016

Great night down at the Swann, met up with some old friends. Throughly enjoyed the evening, lots of bikes. Very busy. Blissful. 

Sunday 17th July 2016 - 1st Regional Meeting.

Well after a few worried moments. I rode to the cross keys, and lo and behold there were bikes. Better still a few more members than I could possibly of hoped for. Even a couple from Kings Lynn. Top bannana, the Rep co-ordinator brought a banner over, and it will certainly be used at future meetings. 

Saturday 16th July 2016

Rode the Bantam 12 miles, and cleaned her up before tommorows meet. 

Friday 15th July 2016

Lovely evening, so took the Kwak out, and made 5.5 litres 33:1 fuel up ready for the Bantam meet on Sunday. Putting the rear rack back onto the BSA for carrying kit to Upwood. Missing founders day due to Sunday. But hey. Dare not say too much but might have a D14/4 engine to restore this coming winter. 

Wednesday 13th July 2016

Lovely evening at Stilton, BSA did not miss a beat, so many faces. Such nice bikes. Came back in the dark. Bantam did not miss a beat.  wonderful.

Tuesday 12th July 2016

Rain prevented yet another bike night, the weather has been so bad recently that riding or even working outside is proving difficult. On a good note my new gloves arrived RST Brown Cruz Gloves. 



Monday Evening - Bought Special Front End - BSA Bantam

Still trying to identify the front end, but this will form part of a BSA Bantam rebuild over the coming winter. 

Monday 11th July 2016 - Sad Day. 

Said goodbye to my Uncle Les. A true biker, owner of Ariel, Triumphs and Panthers, the latter having a sidecar fitted. Below is a photo of Les on a 1935 Triumph Tiger 80, his brother Tom is on the back, taken in 1955, Scarcroft. West Yorkshire.

Les Tiger80 1955 Scarcroft


Friday - Sunday 10th July 2016 - Exploring Peak District.

Explored areas of the peak district whilst working my way North. Just a few of the photos, and lots of ideas. TBird did prove difficult on the curves. Will need shorter bars for touring. 

Wednesday 6th July 2016

Bought some wheel hangers, from Ebay this morning. Slowly getting the second bantam parts ready for this coming winter. 5GBP

bottom hangers

PM - fitted the top box plate to the TBird, and removed the Sena from the RSR2 for fitting onto the Open Face helmet. 

Tuesday 5th July 2016

Bike night, lovely weather lots of bikes out this evening. Bantam ran lovely need to just double check the head bolts and the exhaust nut. Might be blowing have re-arranged the garage to get access to the TBird as I prep for my trip north.

Monday 4th July 2016 

Bought some handlebar clamps and bolts from Ebay 11.80, weather looks good, so will be going out on the Kawasaki this evening. Evening - rode into town on the Kwak, then got the folding bike out and pumped the tyres up. Might cycle to work. 


Sunday 3rd July 2016

Lovely morning, rode out in the fens on the Kawasaki, later in the day Dan took some pictures of me on the BSA.

700 use this 2

700 web use this 1

Saturday 2nd July 2016 

Memorial ride to the American cemetry. Stuart met me at 09:30 and we rode to Cambridge Services. Coach, Jo, Ants, and Steve met us, and after an incredibly long time we set off for the cemetry. I wont be going again as it simply took too much time. We didn't hang around for the ceremony. Stuart and I rode to the Harley dealership in Newmarket. Lots of nice bikes, but none that bit me. Dissapointing video ( boring ) managed to salvage a few photos. Very samey though. Won't be repeating the experience.

Friday 1st. July 2016

Kawasaki MoT day - rode to work, in light rain. Used the new open face helmet. Bike passed with two advisories. Worn rear tyre valve and near to legal front tyre. Always enjoy riding this bike. Wonderful ride back in the Summer sun. This evening I am riding to Folkeworth to a house warming Party. Jo and Ants. Ordering a new front tyre. Link here. 

 Just bought a new front tyre, which I will "bank" until I feel I need to swap the worn tyre out. 

Michelin Pilot Street Front TL 110/70-17 54S Motorcycle/Bike Tyre 1107017 - total including postage ( free ) £49.50

had a great ride out to Jo and Ants house warming party, spent the evening looking at Ants collection of bike, and listening to the many plans being made to Europe and the USA on bikes. 


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