Davids Jan 2016 Blog.


Sunday 31st Jan 2016

well what a damp day. Went down to the Garage for an hour, whilst not cold it was damp. fitted  fuel clamps to the piping. see below. TBH looks bloody awful, but if it stops the fuel weeping and dripping then it'll do until I can get to the Bath and West this weekend. Put a cover on the bike, and filmed an Intro video for my YouTube Channel. 


Saturday 30th Jan 2016

Well the morning got gradually brighter, I was nervous about the bikes clutch, after all it had slipped since I bought the bike, I need not have feared. It slipped not one bit. Had a run down to St. Ives, down by the riverside, then out on the Kawasaki to visit Jo and Ants new place in Folkesworth. What a lovely plot. TBH I was cold when i returned. Sat sorting my photos out and trying to get some motivation for fitting the SMH-5 to the commuting helmet. Bantam ran well, Kawasaki ran well. Measuring up for new number plates on the BSA - I suspect some bargains to be had at the Bath and West Showground next weekend. 


Friday 29th Jan 2016

New bolt sized up and temporarily fitted to the back of the fuel tank. It will need trimming, wish I had bought some stainless washers at the same time. I will get them at the Somerset show next weekend. Howard from Bournemouth Bantams has offered me via PM on the forum a recently blasted footpeg for £5 plus postage. I also bought a set of rubbers for £8.50 so they'll be here for next weekend. Gosh it's windy. Hopefully dry for tommorow. 

Tuesday 26th Jan 2016

Gawd knows why, but I rode the Kwak to the station this morning, whilst it was dry it was windy. My new budget helmet steams up very quickly, I noticed that the helmet suffers from wind noise, but cannot hear the bikes engine ? Will be fitting one of the SMH5 units to this helmet to allow my phone to stay connected. My Stainless steel nuts and bolts arrived, this will allow me to fix the chrome tank strips and do away with the horrible oversized nut and bolt that have been on the tank since I bought it. Looking forward to the weekend. Let's hope it's a dry one.


Monday 25th Jan 2016

The new clutch cable turned up, had a bit of a mare though as the outer cable was 1" too long, took several attempts with a grinder to ease it off. Once fitted it transformed the bike. I think when I re-order I shall tell them to make the inner a little shorter. I have used about 1/8" on the adjuster the cable is now tight. Rode the Kawasaki to the hospital with the new helmet, which steams up quickly and is noisy at anything above commuting speeds. Very refreshing having a clear visor though. 

clutch adjuster


Sunday 24th Jan 2016

Went to springfields - Spalding bike show, met with Bert and several other members of the Peterborough branch. Bought a new commute helmet for £45, and then drove home. I put engine oil into the newly rebuilt Bantam and took her to the roundabout and back, the new clutch bit, unfortunately I do need several nuts and bolts and will be odering these later this week. I'll also need to call JJ Cables and request the new clutch cable for the coming weekend. All in all a good weekend, with plenty accomplished. 

Saturday 23rd Jan 2016

Well today was very busy, the weather was dry, it had rained overnight and the temp was hovering around +8. Dragged the Bantam out, still on the lift. Sorted the cross threaded tank mounting screw out, then mounted the tank. Need to sort the nut and bolt toward the seat. Not correct. Tightened the head bolts, left purposely loose from the previous weekend. The whole day was spent fitting the new clutch, I won't go into detail here, as you'll see a link on the left dedicated to the clutch, but to give you an idea I started at 9.30 and finished at 15.00hrs. I have to say that my motivation levels were high to finish. All that remains is to top the oil up and take her for a spin. That'll be next weekend. As I'm off to Spalding tommorow. 


Wednesday 20th Jan 2016

Washers have arrived from Rex. At £7.50 their not cheap but with excellent support from Keith I'm confident the clutch will be sorted this weekend. I'm now officially the Cambridgeshire area rep for the BSA Bantam club. Put a little ditto online last night. Thinking of the cross Keys as a meeting place for meets. Will visit the landlord this weekend and arrange something. Perhaps even get some T shirts made up to encourage attendance. Need to arrange a weekend in Somerset for their annual bike show. Perhaps a stand for the BSA Owners club jointed with Bantam Owners at Stilton.

Sunday 17th Jan 2016

Slightly later start, the weather was dry and bright but only hovering about zero degrees. Anyways Matt collected a set of needle files for me, and i cautiously filed a little off the new clutch centre, a small amount of persuation was needed, but it fitted. Alas I could not complete the installation as i didnt realise i needed a needle bearing washer. The head and barel went on easier than i thought, but the old gaskets took plenty of work to get off. Mid afternoon I had completed a part rebuild. I am writing a dedicated article on the clutch mod. They'll be seperate link on the left. This evening i started to look at the sprint servicing costs, and the Thunderbird parts. Spring must be in the air. 

Saturday 16th Jan 2016

Started early as I was keen to do a dry fit of the hybryd clutch. Stripped the old one off, took me a while to find the clutch tools. I have created a dedicated drawer for the service tools. anyways managed to get the old one off, and started to dry fit the clutch. After speaking to Keith I was a little more confident. The long steel bar that'll replace the short mushroom rod, and the longer did appear to be be easy enough to fit through the clutch basket end. The temperature was either zero or a little below. I called it a day at 2pm. Confident that tommorow will see the clutch fitted. 

Thursday 14th Jan 2016

Had a good chat with Keith re the rebuild of the clutch, feeling just a little bit more confident. I'm going to try and produce instructions for Harry. With the weather predicted at +3 degrees I'll need to wrap up warm. I'll at least do a dry fit. Wish I had a dry bright workshop. 

Wednesday 13th Jan 2016 

Well it's just about freezing here, and forecast to get colder. I opened the bag, and was surprised at the speed of oxidisation on the cast barrel. Took the heater into the shed, and sprayed it as best as I could. Have found the photos of the clutch cable and will send the order off to JJ Cables. Weather looks to be dry and bright but cold this weekend. Might mean I have to put off the rebuild a week. 

PM Tuesday 12th Jan 2016

Well collected the head and barrel and it looks impressive. The head is alloy, a fact i didn't know. But I think the pictures speak for themselves. I also spoke to Harry re fitting the clutch and feel a little more confident installing the clutch. 



Tuesday 12th Jan 2016

Collecting the head and barrel from Jason this evening. Very interested in seeing the results of Aqua blasting. With both parts being made of steel hopefully they've been sprayed in oil until I can paint them this weekend. 

Sunday Part Two.

Drove up to Newark and collected my Frankenstein clutch, lovely piece of work. Am very excited - hope the weather this coming weekend is good enough to at least do a lose fit. Need to get the clutch cable off to Mr. JJ. Bought a new commuter quality jacket from a dealer who lives in Somersham. Bargain. 60% off. 



Sunday 10th Jan 2016

Newark !!!! - Whilst having my morning tea, I started to research cylinder re-lining. Found this website https://www.pjme.co.uk/acatalog/Contact_Us.html and have sent photos for a quote. This is a long term aspiration as the barels become harder to source. I am presently running on +40. I can run until +60 then I'll need it re-sleeving. I estimate another five years running. I'll probably buy a replacement barrel and have it re-sleeved long before my current one expires. 

Saturday 9th Jan 2016

Rain !! - today is the day we remove the head, barrel and change the front tyre. Changing the tyre first. Well after a significant delay, trying to sort Matts oil change I first changed the tyre, far more of a classic look, then removed the barrel and head and took them down to Cambridge Aqua Blasting to be prepared. Photos below. 

new front tyrehead and barerel removed

Wednesday 6th Jan 2016 

Replacement front tyre has arrived, it looks very narrow when compared to the one currently fitted. The new tyre is  18" x 2.75 replacing the much wider 3.25. Nice to be able to afford a replacement part purely for cosmetic reasons. Onwards and upwards.


Will try and fit it over the weekend. Also the mudguards have arrived.

tin work

Looks like I'll be busy this weekend. Sunday it's Newark and the collection of the new clutch.

Tuesday continued. 

Rang Rex, and ordered a head, barrel, clutch and three parts that are worn - the clutch cup washer, shaft circlip, and clutch basket spring. Delivered to home for under £15. Spoke to Jason at Aqua Blast and I'm meeting him this coming Saturday morning at 11/11.30 to get the head and barrel sorted. Hope it signifies this is end of the clutch issues. Just spoke to JJ Cables they are making the cable for approximately £16. bargain !!

Tuesday 5th Jan 2016

Spoke to Harry, and I'm meeting him at Newark this Sunday to pickup the new clutch. Having spoken to him I am happy that the dreaded slip will have gone forever. Sounds as though the Bantam will finally be sorted. Need to work some timings out in order to get those parts blasted and painted. Busy weekend ahead. 

Monday 4th Jan 2016 PM

Just per-chance I stumbled across a post to do with a Yamaha conversion. Previously I had spoken to Jim Pickering in Kidderminster, but this evening I was put in touch with a chap much closer to home.   I am calling him in the morning, having spoken to a fellow bantamite who had recently purchased a Yamaha conversion from him. Keiths photos are below. 

12493605 10207365471486490 3823583002226733797 o

Monday 4th Jan 2016

Chased the classic front tyre, their hopeful of having it this weekend. I have found a very local aqua blasting company, sounded very genuine and will take work over a weekend. Can't wait to get my barrel and head sorted.  

Saturday 2nd January 2016

USB Charger arrived. The idea being that this is mounted behind the offside tool cover, enabling the charging of phones and cameras from the 12 volt battery. 


Friday 1st January 2016

Finally took the plunge and purchased a leather waistcoat, it'll offer a place to home all the badges. Rain is forecast for tomorrow, have planned to help Matthew finish the service on his car. 

916T4SmyxYL. SL1500

Bought some Simonz Engine Enamel to paint the bikes barrel. Only time will tell if it withstands the heat. 


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