Dave's Blog - August 2016 - Sprint Rises.

Sunday 28th August 2016

Arrived Ellenz after a ride through Belgium into Germany, riding alongside the Mosel, simply wonderful. Sat typing this as I drink one of Marias Becks. It's about 32 degrees. Due to clear tomorrow. 

Saturday 27th August 2016

Sprint lost the connection betweeen the link pipe and the exhaust, limped to the first B&B in belgium. 209 miles without an exhaust. GRRR

Thursday 25th August 2016

Looking at the wipac switch and wiring - starting to think about the bespoke loom. 

Wednesday 24th August 2016


Fitted new small end bearing then matt and I fitted the barel, and head onto the engine in the B175.

new-top-end web

started to look at the electrical ancilliary items, brake light switch, and horn switch. I then adjusted the chain on the Sprint. Ready for Germany. 

b175 head

Tuesday 23rd August 2016

Carried out an oil change on the ST, then helped Matt re-fit the front wheel to the XT, we then used the remaining daylight to start the removal of the small end on the B175. The bearnig proved very difficult to remove. I will hopefully complete the removal, and re-fit on Wednesday evening. 

Monday 22nd August - MoT Sprint.

Took the Sprint for an MoT, advisory on the chain, needs adjusting. Also fitted the Givi Rack, and the old top box to aid carrying things whilst the car is off the road. Looking forward to Germany. Link on the bottom of the link page. tommorow is Amazon Prime deliver it's an oil and filter change. Never done one on the sprint. Should be interesting. 3.2litres of semi going into the engine. 

Sunday 21st August- Change of Bike.

Rolled the Thunderbird out to put the rear pannier racks on, only to become worried that the rear tyre was a little too worn for a 2000 mile trip. Have decided to get the Sprint MoT's and sorted on Monday. Talk about last minute.com

Saturday 20th August - B175 / XTR Update. 

Removed the front wheel of the XTR and will deliver tomorrow, the B175 parts have arrived, and I used the engine bolts to fit the engine into the frame. removed the alternator side, and confirmed the nut is good. I will pop the bike onto the lift on Sunday, time permitting and take a close look, but will be ordering a bones cdi to the bike. I did try and remove the clutch side but whilst it moved enough to leak oil it wouldnt shift. I will take a look later this weekend. Removed the headlight to see the remnants of the loom, and the two switches. I will be making my own loom for this bike once the bones unit is fitted. I am guessing but it'll be a couple of weeks to get here from Australia.

Tuesday 16th August 2016 - Parts ordered. 

Having not had internet for several days I have ordered the obvious missing parts for the B175. 

I am still trying to make my mind up on the make of CDi that I'll be fitting. I am tempted with the electrex, just to be different. Bones Cdi on the D7 works faultlessly so I can't understand why I am thinking of another make. 


Thursday 11th August 2016 - Collection of the B175

Collected the B175 from Micks this evening. Photos below, lovely projec for the winter of 2016, MoT Spring 2017. 

b175 1

b175 2

Tuesday 9th August 2016 - Bike Night. 

Nights are drawing in, but went to pub on the bantam, short video below, as it awaits garaging for the night. 

Sunday 7th August 2016

Boat trip that never was, and fish and chips at Wells. Hot day, Thunderbird performed lovely. Width of the handlebars made filtering in the heavy trafffic difficult. Rode to Holt, but I had missed the sailing to the seal colony. then rode to the muckleborough collection, although didn't go in. Rode to Wells for fish and chips then home. All in all a long but enjoyable day.


Saturday 6th Aug 2016

Stilton Bike Show ! - took the sprint and helped out for a couple of hours. 


Friday 5th August 2016

Collected the B175 head and barrel lovely condition, I've been offered a B175 rolling chasis for £600. I'm sleeping on it. B175 is starting to take shape. Thinking that I'll sell the D14/4 and the bits of the D7 as it's getting out of hand. It'll also clear the garage out. Maybe I have the bantam bug.

Wednesday 3rd August 2016

Washed the bike, and thankfully the lazy fuel gauge woke up, rode over to Stilton, had a laugh. Met up with Jo and Ants who had just returned from France, Jo with a fractured elbow. we had a chat, and I've agreed to help out at the bike show for a couple of hours. Riding back in total darkness was a jolt, the headlight is next to useless. 

Tuesday 2nd August 2016

Although it rained heavily during the day, at home time the roads were 75% dry, and with an ambient temperature of 23 degrees I wheeled the sprint out. 

Sat with the BSA Owners club, and talked. Then rode the Sprint home. Stopped briefly as a Moped rider was giving a lift to a friend who had no helmet on.  

A Stunning sunset caught my eye, and I rode from Wyton to Abbots Ripton and the photo below was taken on my Samsung S6 phone. 

Sun setting over Abbots Ripton  

Monday 1st August 2016

Decided the ST1050 had been under the sheets too long, fitted the battery, and started her up. Garage took some sorting out. Must plan some time to sort it out pre op. Hoping to be able to go to bike night on my Sprint tommorow. We will see. .... ... ..

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