April 2016 - Death of the Green Godess

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Friday 29th April 2016

went to take a closer look at the Bantam. List of items to be replaced. This list is not exhaustive.

Headlight £30.00 
pilot bulb £3.00
bulb £5.00
wipac light switch £25.00
chrome headlight surround £20.00 
nacelle clamp £20.00 
footrest rubbers £12.00
footrests ( bent ) £25.00 
rear brake lever £25.00
nacelle surround £35.00
Forks £120.00
fork oil £8.00
misc bolts £15.00
front mudguard £40.00
paint ( black ) £30.00
fork sanction x 1 £50.00
front wheel £70.00

Estimated total £533.00

forks 1


Tuesday 26th April 2016

Death Of A Bantam - Tuesday 26th April 

Knocked off whilst riding to bike night. Photos will follow. 

Monday 25th April 2016

early part of the evening I spent an hour wrestling with an Avon Sportsmaters slight issue that needed sorting out......


Later on put a final coat on the barel of the second D7 engine. Will proceed to build if the weather doesn't let me go to bike night.

painting head


Sunday 23rd April 2016

Plauged from yesterdays activity. Pissing blood, and toothache. go figure. Anyways had another go at seperating the D3 cases, and they are coming appart, collected the D7 head and barrel - sparyed up the barrel. Will start to assemble on Monday evening. Looking forward to building the D7 up. 



Saturday 23rd April 2016 - Stafford Bike Show. 

Stayed overnight in a lovely B&B set off at 9am and qued for what seemed like an age, bought some stainless steel nuts and bolts, and picked up the new paintwork for the Bantam I paid £250 for new tinwork, I am hopeful with the new wheels it'll look lovely. The album below and the video capture the day well. 


Thursday 21st April 2016 - Fustrated !! - Spent £60 on a crankcase removal tool, and struggled to seperate the crank cases. Pulling my bloody hair out. completely at a loss. Many people on the forums are saying knock the dowels out. Will try this on Sunday. Grrrrr. Took the steel bolts out of the Bantam to get some Stainless nuts and bolts this weekend at Stafford. 


Tuesday 18th April 2016 - Glorious weather, and feeling okay, I decided to mount a GoPro 4 on a chest harness and have a ride over to Connington. The resultant video is a little shaky. But what a nice surprise to bump into Mark. Lovely evening. 

Sunday 16th April 2016 - Lovely day, under normal circumstances I would be riding. Repaired the Bantam puncture on the front wheel. Like a clot I punctured the new tube. Must have nicked it with a tyre lever. Anyways fitted another tube, and the larger tyre. It'll allow me to simply swap over the wheel complete. I then tightend several nuts and bolts up. Several were very loose. Later in the afternoon I decided to fit the new nacelle, little did I know what was involved. I must make some time to fully inspect the forks. I saw several faults. 

Thursday 14th April 2016 - Took the D7 head, barrel and side cases down to Jason for cleaning. 

Tuesday 12th April 2016 - Went to bike night on the Kawasaki with Jonathon and Stuart. Was colder than I thought, and a total of four bikes turned up. Will know tommorow if I made the right call to ride a bike this evening. TBH I was so nervous riding against advice that I cannot say I enjoyed the ride. I don't think I'll be riding again pre-op. Bought a D7 Strangler for the carb £18 including postage.  


Sunday 10th April 2016  - Spoken to Jason at Cambridge Aqua blasting and am taking several bits down to be cleaned this evening, hopefully they'll be done for the weekend as I plan to complete the D7 engine rebuild.

Saturday 9th April 2016 - went to the shed, tried to seperate the D3 cases, and failed again. I am going to have to try a different tact. TBH I think for now I going to park the D3 rebuild and concentrate on the D7, which is part complete and merely needs rebuilding.  

Thursday 7th April 2016 - felt a little better, went out to the shed, tried to seperate the D3 engine cases. No such bloody luck - Need to think creatively, they feel like their welded closed. 

Wednesday 6th April 2016 - First entry in a while, I have not been well. Kidney stones and Hospital. Collected two Bantam parts this evening.


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