Davids Blog Entries

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Davids Blog Entries.

My Blog is a personal dairy. More often than not about my failings, rather than my successes.  I am self-taught and am not formally trained in any of the techniques that I use. Take that as a friendly warning. Please get professional advice before undertaking some of the work seen on this blog.

This blog is not to be viewed as anything more than the ramblings of a half-wit.

Over the years I've learnt the hard way. None of my tools except for a few specialist service tools are anything special, or expensive. My pillar drill came from Machine Mart, and my Grinders and hand tools from the like of Tool station and Screwfix, my welder from Ebay.

Why Can't I see your latest blogs?

Well it’s all about a little bit of personal security. Along with my Shotguns of course. Typically, I write my blog daily, and as such often talk about what I'll be doing the following day or where I am riding.

I block the current and one previous month’s blog to provide myself and my crazy friends a degree of security. Not everyone on the Internet is friendly, or reads about motorcycling to join in and contribute to this wonderful hobby. 

I Have a Question, How Do I Contact You?

I welcome correspondence, I try to answer the same day. Please use the contact form on the left of this page. 

I have seen your Videos, what do you use to create / film them?

I use GoPro Cameras, I'm fortunate to own several. When filming my favourite mount is the chest mount.  When editing videos, I use Adobe Premiere Pro. I create bespoke overlays using Adobe PhotoShop. 

Camera Settings

I record at 1080p and always with a minimum frame rate of 60

I use branded class 10 cards, and I format them once used on the GoPro cameras not the computer. 


Quad core i7. Twin Apple 23” Cinema screens 32GB RAM.

Manfrotto Magic Arm / Tripod

3 Motor Gimbal


Nikon DSLR