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I didn't deliberately set off with the intention of buying so many,I bought my Triumph Sprint 1050 to tour europe, after dipping my toe into Northern Europe ( Normandy ) on a Yamaha XT660x. When I looked at a sports tourer ( 2010 ) it was a toss up between Hondas VFR and the Sprint ST1050. I got caught up in the nostalga and heritate of the Triumph Brand. I bought the Thunderbird from a mate who needed some money quickly to pay a third party. It's not a bike I'd have chosen out of the showroom, but have over the years come to appreciate just what 1600cc's feels like to ride. it's certainly a competent and powerful cruiser, I've taken it as far as Northern Belgium and explored the battlefields of world war one. 

I bought the Kawasaki as a commuter, and winter bike, or to be used when the weather is likely to be too bad for one of the Triumphs. I wish my Triumphs gearboxes were as smooth. todate ( Jan 2016 ) this small, some say underpowered bike has not missed a beat. It's easy to service, parts availability is good, and as it's based on 1980's tech ( being carb ) it's very simple to look after. Annually I change the plugs, oil and filters. Anyone owning this or a GPZ will tell you it's not the smoothest of bikes when ticking over, but I've taken it into North Wales and the south coast and throughly enjoy riding this bike. 

I don't have a general preference for any one over the other, I like them all. I Throughly enjoy riding at speed and bimbling along the fenland B roads at 40mph.

Each year i travel around 18,000 miles between Feb and October. Many of these miles are in Europe, I travel five to six times over the spring and summer months. On my links page you'll see the B & B's and accomodation that i recommend. Mini trip advisor.

My Kawasaki 500 - Winter Hack



This bike is a wonderfully reliable hack, bought for £500 pounds, I've owned it for around four years, and it has only required a regulator rectifier and it's carbs to be balanced. I drop the oil and filter every 6,000 miles. It's often thrown into the garage unwashed yet has never missed a beat. I'm often out testing the GoPro and Drift cameras, having an exposed frame allows the manfrotto arms to be connected easily.

1978 Triumph T140 Bonneville OIF

Bought Jan 2018, always wanted one. UK spec cake tin tank fitted.

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1960 BSA C15 250cc

Bought Jan 2018, only a small step up from the Bantam, but four stroke. Work in progress.

IMG 8479


1966 BSA Bantam D7 3 Speed.

bought as a runner, it was anything but. I spent the next three years transforming the bike from an oily, poor running, unreliable old brit iron, into the machine you see below an early photo. It's now known as Black Betty. Last year it was ridden 1700miles. It has an Australian electronic ignition, new Amal, and stainless wheels from CWC. I own several Bantams, and am slowly restoring / renovating each one. 


history pic bantam

My 1050 Triumph Sprint ST

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 1969 BSA Bantam - Last of the Bantams "Sunset"

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Updated 18th October 2016

Passed its MoT yesterday, took out today 18th Oct, rode to St. Ives and then onto the Houghton Mill tearooms. Wonderful...

Update 8th October 2016 - Engine is fitted to the rolling chasis, Bones CDi has been fitted, and a new loom commisioned. Had some fun sorting the worn frame out around the centre stand, and the bike runs ! I am still hopeful to get an MoT on the bike this year, I will be running it "as is" until funds and circumstances change that allow me to continue. On the short runs along the private road it's certainly very different from the D7.  I do need to sort some nuts and bolts out for the tank, and the centre frame bolt. But good progress is being made. 

Background to the B175

Encouraged by their simplicity, and their affordable price. Over the last couple of years I've bought several Bantams. As Black Betty nears completion I was looking for another project. This came up at the right price, and this is the project for Autumn and Winter 2016.  I've decided that due to the sucess of the D7 and the Bones CDi, I've decided to fit a Bones to the B175. Progress is being made, and the Photo below was taken the day I collected the bike, engineless. The B175 Engine was bought from an Ebay advert and does appear to be in good condition. See the galleries for better pictures. 

b175 coming home


 3rd Bantam "18th June 1965 D7 - Single Switch"

Currently being rebuilt to fund the respray of my B175. This bike, due to the re-registration process that a lot of people ask me about has its dedicated page. You'll find a link on the left. 

IMG 1651

 1951 BSA Bantam D1

Bought because I always wanted one. It's my 2019 project.