Just A Few Of My Friends & People I Admire.

Here's just a few of my friends who I ride with. 


My Dad ( Jim )

dad bio

Dad, encouraged my love of bikes. From his love of riding scooters. Always Lambrettas, to his ability to work with metal. Before retiring he was a fitter with the local council. I did not inherit his welding or metalwork skills. As a teenager I often rode with my dad on his Kawasaki, me on the RD200DX.  Mum and Dad bought me my first large bike at the age of 17. My Hero. 



My Wingman, we can often be seen riding the backroads of Cambridgeshire. Or working on our bikes. Simon is a MUCH older than me and can remember the bikes in their heyday. We have recently fitted intercoms and will be jabbering  whilst riding. We tend to favour the B660 stopping for a pint at the green man. 



An extremely knowledgeable chap. a very pleasant  man. Very experienced with old britsh and early motorcycles.  He does on occasion join Simon and I on the larger bikes. 



George and I met via the Whittlesea Motorcycle Club, and throughout the year we ride our smaller BSAs to a pub or coffee shop. George also owns an AJS motorcycle.



Without doubt George's Wingman. Usually found following George on his large Royal Enfield. Always up for a crack. Yorkie has recently bought a Triumph Thruxton. 



My brother and fellow biker. We have ridden together only a few times. We will one day ride over the paths we walked as boys in the Dales. 



Lives some distance away, but a fountain of knowledge on many bikes. Alan encouraged and helped me massively when I bought my first Bantam.  



We go back a number of years. Tuesday night is Pub night with Trev, and the rest of the BSA lads. Truly an old school Engineer, and good friend to so many people. Not afraid to push his large BSA at a pace.  Trev is the chairman of the local BSA. 



My mate who now lives in France. We used to ride regularly. Ants would often be found riding with Simon and me, has many classic bikes, we will no doubt ride together again. Probably in France once CV-19 is sorted. 


People I Admire

Sam Lovegrove - fantastic, likeable engineer based in rudruth. Alan Milyard - home brewed engineer - from the flying milyard to many other fantastic projects. 


Guy Martin - Road racer, likeable character and maker of easy to watch TV Bike programmes. 

guy martin

John McGuiness - Road Racer, thoroughly likeable chap on and off camera.

John McGuinness

Sammy Miller - Ex racer, preserves the heritage of so many motorcycles.  This mans enthusiasm for two wheels has led me to enter him here. I have yet to visit his museum. 

sammy miller

Edward Turner - Famous designer who worked with all the major makes of British bikes. 

edward turner

James Edward Langsdown - Inventor of Norton. 

james lansdowne

Carroll Shelby - Engine Tuner. My favourite car the GT40 


The three major players in the Japanese Motorcycle Industry. I have omitted Suzuki. I have only ever owned one Suzuki and always felt that the three Jap producers in the order I have placed them have featured very heavily in my life of riding. 

Soichiro Honda - His Surname says it all. 

Soichiro Honda

Torakusu Yamaha

Torakusu yamaha 

Shozo Kawasaki 

Shozo Kawasaki

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