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Memories of 2017 

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Hi, welcome to my smallwebsite, I've ridden motorcycles since the age of 17, As i enter my 50's I spend my evenings returning BSA Bantams to running condition.


Once their up and running I then potter around the villages of East Anglia.

red sprint

I'm extremley fortunate to own six motorcycles, and when the weather warms up I travel into Europe,  travelling the roads of France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

The Stelvio Pass Italy

Over the years i've stayed in some wonderful B&B's, tried camping but, I am simply too old and knackered to camp. Theirs not many A or B road between Calais and Italy that I haven't ridden. 

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I'm self taught when it comes to mechanics and electrics mainly through the use of Google and YouTube and of course the many bike forums. When I'm not riding I'm slowly getting my small BSA motorcycles restored.

I am a great believer in that bikes are to be ridden not shown. This goes for classic, as well as modern. last year I did 1700 miles on the D7 (pictured below) Already in 2017 I have clocked up several miles on the B175

Motorcycle Restoration

I'm a little unconventional when it comes to restoration. I totally rebuild the engine, gearbox and all associated moving parts. Often fitting new wheel bearings, control cables. But leave the paint work alone for the first 12/24 months. Not until I'm happy that the Carb, Engine and mechanics / electrics are reliable do I spend out on paintwork. I think it's probably to do with the fact I'm self taught and want to know the things going to work reliably and correctly before I make the bike look pretty.  8
If the weathers nice, and by that I mean dry and the roads are not salt laden or wet then I'll be bimbling between pubs and coffee shops on one of my bikes. Often with friends, Often alone, as Motorcycling can only ever be a solitary experience. 

april 2015