Hello, welcome to my very personal diary of Motorcycling.

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Let me start by admitting that I am fortunate. I work hard, and this enables me to play hard, very hard. My sons are grown up and financially independent. I work in London, and whilst hard work the renumberation allows me to purchase a few toys.  I currently own nine motorcycles. Just a few are shown on this page. I own more engines than motorcycles. Meaning I am ready to drop one into my bikes, should anything go wrong. Neighbours must think I am utterly mad working through the night to tune them up and get them ready for road testing. 

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I wasn't a natural to motorcycling as Dad had a scooter.  I started riding because I could not afford a car. I needed to get to college on a route that was not easily done on public transport. The rest as they say is history. 

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Motorcycle Restoration

I'm a little unconventional when it comes to restoration. I totally rebuild the engine, gearbox and all associated moving parts. Often fitting new wheel bearings, control cables. But leave the paint work alone for the first 12/24 months.

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Not until I'm happy that the Carb, Engine and mechanics / electrics are reliable do I spend out on paintwork.

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I think it's probably to do with the fact I'm self taught and want to know the things going to work reliably and correctly before I make the bike look pretty. 

t140 front page 
If the weathers nice, and by that I mean dry and the roads are not salt laden or wet then I'll be bimbling between pubs and coffee shops on one of my bikes. Often with friends, Often alone, as Motorcycling can only ever be a solitary experience. 

My favourite bike, is probably the cheapest bike I have ever bought, see below. It is a 1958 BSA C15 250cc. Ideal for bimbling along the B roads of East Anglia. Seen here parked outside my local Post Office. 

BSA C15 Frontpage IMG 8189


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