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Hello, welcome to my Blog / VLOG and Diary. It's updated daily. I've been riding for over 30 years. Latterly my interest has turned towards the Classic Motorcycles of yesterday.

My 1952 BSA Bantam 

Norton Workshop Aug 2021

I'm not a natural to the mechanical side of the biking. I am self taught, surrounding my self with good council, good friends, and people who enjoy the talking the same words.

Fastback Sunset

Once the weather in the UK allows I am riding one of my bikes nearly every evening. Typically meeting non riding friends or riding within a group. 

T140 for social media black

Whilst I own several larger motorcycles, I do ride smaller bikes. Often carrying camera equipment as I do also enjoy Photography. 

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Once a month I meet with friends at the Ramsey Classic Bike Meet. I started this two years ago at the Cross Keys Upwood. Hailey and Twiggy closed the pub, so I moved the meet location to Ramsey. 

I have toured Europe and ridden most if not all of the roads between here and the Italian Alps.

IMG 8566

These days I am as happy riding one of my bike on the B roads of England and Wales. Exploring and meeting new friends. 

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If you'd like to say hello or invite me for a ride then please reach out using the form on this website.

signed web

When the weathers kind enough I am riding one of my bikes. I have a few.  When it's not I am in my Workshop tinkering, servicing and learning.  I have no training.


My Father Jim, taught me the basics. When he rode, he rode scooters. Latterly a Honda Step Through. I will never ever forget those formative years. I have two sons. Neither are interested in riding. 

david working in workshop

On my website you will find many links to my ongoing projects, my blog and some useful links ( for me ) to aid research. 

Shed Of Life 700 front page

My website is a collection of ramblings ( my blog link is on the left ) and a few of my Photographs taken over the last few years. 

You can use the contact form on this website to contact me. I welcome all correspondence from friends old and new. I believe strangers are merely friends that i have not yet been introduced to. 

Dave. Nov 2020. Sat taking the view from Broughton in Cambridgeshire.taking5

One of my short runs to a bench close to my home. I do have to cross the A141 at Wyton and on slower old bikes this can be a challange. However when i do so, it opens up some wonderful B roads. 

I currently own nine running motorcycles, and many more still to be recommisioned. Only a few are shown on this page. I started riding at 15. And showed an interest from around the age of 10.

Two BSA's - My 51 D1. My T140 Triumph. All Queing up for servicing.
three bikes garage

My Brother and I used to push an engineless Honda step through round the woods opposite my parents house. I realise how lucky I am these days to own several classics, and to have made hundreds of friends locally and internationally through motorcycling. 

My 1969 Norton JPN Fastback. Prior to new cam and gearbox rebuild.Dave Cloughs 1969 Norton Fastback
Oddly I own more engines than motorcycles. If I am not riding I spend my free time maintaining my motorcycles, reading and drinking coffee. Over the years I have ridden in most of the European Countries. 

Me Somewhere between Davos and the Stelvio Pass. Ducati Panigale. 
Ducati Panigale frontpage

I wasn't a natural to motorcycling as Dad had a scooter.  I started riding because I could not afford a car. I needed to get to college on a route that was not easily done on public transport. The rest as they say is history.  

Me riding black Betty. My 1966 BSA Bantam. 
dave  clough on black betty his 1966 D7 Bantam

I do not claim to be an expert, or particularly knowledgeable on any of the bikes I own. As such my ramblings in this blog are not to be trusted. I have over the years learnt the hard way. I have come to recognise that many of the posts on the internet from those that proport to be experts are nothing more than people that only a few years ago would have been locked away, unable to damage motorcycles or people. 

My 1969 B175 Bantam. In my opinion the most practical Bantam I own.

B175 frontpage
I think it's probably to do with the fact I'm self taught and want to know the things going to work reliably and correctly before I make the bike look pretty.

t140 front page

If the weathers nice, and by that I mean dry and the roads are not salt laden or wet then I'll be bimbling between pubs and coffee shops on one of my bikes. Often with friends, Often alone, as Motorcycling can only ever be a solitary experience. 

my bonnie in US Spec

My favourite bike, is probably the cheapest bike I have ever bought, see below. It is a 1958 BSA C15 250cc. Ideal for bimbling along the B roads of East Anglia. Seen here parked outside my local Post Office. 

BSA C15 Dave Clough

When I am not riding my classics. I enjoy riding my small Kawsaki Er5, bought may years ago as a commuter. This wonderful bike sits outside all day and never grumbles. 

er5 autmun colours

in the sun 
My Two Triumphs - 1600cc Thunderbird, and below my European tourer, my Sprint ST 1050.

my ST

If your interested in Bikes. Then why not reach out and use the "say hello to Dave" link on the page links to your left.