Welcome to my very personal Blog and VLOG web site . I am self taught, although have a  tight cadre of friends who share my passion for Classic English Motorcycles.

I suspect that like most lads my first ride was to get me to college. My hard working parents helped me with my first commuter motorcycle. A Yamaha RD200DX. How many reading this can remember the iconic smell and sound of an RD racing a Suzuki X7. or the likes ? Our fast two strokes would often leave larger four strokes sat in our clouds of two stroke oil.


I currently own several classics.

Over the years I have travelled all roads to Rome. Exploring the Battlefields of Europe, often alone or with friends of clubs who share my love of riding, and some history.

I suspect like many people post 2019 My riding was drastically curtailed due to CoViD and the travel restrictions understandbly placed on the whole of Europe.

So for the last few years I have toured locally on my T140, and when necessary I fitted my Craven Rack and Panniers. My first attempt was challenging, as I opted to go camping.

So, please have a poke around, and hopefully you'll feel the vibe that still gives me a buzz more than 35yrs on.