If you're here for technical advice. Leave Now. You've found or been directed to the ramblings of a middle-aged biker that over the years has  broken thousands of parts.

I am self taught, often learning to repair my bikes by watching like minded idiots on YouTube.

Like most lads my first ride was to get me to college. My parents helped me with my first commuter motorcycle. A Yamaha RD200DX. How many reading this drivel can remember the iconic smell and sound of an RD racing a Suzuki X7. or the likes ? Our fast two strokes would often leave larger four strokes sat in our clouds of two stroke oil.

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Time moves on.

I currently own several classics. For me one of the most wonderful thing about motorcycling is that it is gender / faith / and politically agnostic.

Once you don a helmet, it matters not your faith, sex or colour, and in this crazy world that is so quick to judge someone who they call god, or whom they love. Jumping on a bike with a mate is the best way to relax and allows only one thing. Focus on the road.

Once stopped, we often share a giggle and a pint with someone who understands what it means to treat everyone equal and share the bond that is motorcycling. 

Over the years I have travelled all roads to Rome. Exploring the Battlefields of Europe, often alone or with friends who share my love of the smooth tarmac, and some history.

Very Recently ( July 2022 ) I have started touring locally on my T140, with Craven Panniers fitted. My first attempt was challenging, as I opted to go camping. Never again. However the bike once fitted with panniers attracted some comments and interest. 

Through Motorcycling I have a significant social media presence, on all major platforms. My belief is that one only gets out what one puts in. My questions asked and actioned may help others dip their toe into Classic Motorcycles. I am happy for anyone to reach out to me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If I can't help you, then I will hopefully know someone who will. 

So, have a poke around, and feel the vibe that still gives me a buzz more than 35yrs on.